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  1. To be fair wakefield got a knock on go for them when Handley hadn’t touched it after a high kick. And they got away with a strip which should have been play on to leeds in the second half. the ref wasn’t the reason Wakefield lost cut out the errors and theyll give themselves a better chance. Conversely if leeds cut out the daft penalties and they win in normal time
  2. I don’t think that decision was that controversial, it was a strip on the floor after the ref had called held
  3. At leeds all season ticket holders have been guaranteed 1 game out of a possible 2 (before restrictions lift in 21stJune) However I have been allocated the first game (Hull) but the email states I may yet get allocated a ticket for the 2nd game, which would be rather annoying for someone who only got allocated the 2nd game. I think I’ve read 7,500 ST holders have entered the ballot with 8,000 spots available. I’m hoping because im sad and go on my own i might get a shot at a second ticket ;-)
  4. Check what out?. It’s up to you to back up your claims. with your use of ‘Men’ seems you have an issue with Trans Women?
  5. Who's told you that? let alone told you that enough times that it's made you tired?
  6. I'll be honest I'm not shocked, it does seem that in todays society if you say it's rallying against 'woke' or whatever nonsense buzzword people use that it's OK to be a dick or support dickish behaviour.
  7. Ive never been as cold in a house as i was in Sydney, no insulation, tin roof, no double glazing and no heating, and the heat was stifling in Sumner and this was a 2 bedroom house that is probably worth $1million plus at the moment! Ive absolutely no regrets about moving there, it was a hell of a life experience but it does make me chuckle when people say we must be mad to move back, when most of them have never lived away from home :-)
  8. That’s only your reality though, not everyone thinks the same aa you. Also how di you know Australia is the ‘best country on Earth?) you must be extremely well travelled.
  9. I can 100% guarantee you that Wakefield will not beat Leeds this week.
  10. What’s ridiculous is you just dismissing how much homesickness can affect a person and their mental wellbeing.
  11. I lived in Sydney for 3 years (it was meant to be permanent) we Lived in a beautiful suburb close to Balmain, nice house, very good jobs etc, guess what I ended up pretty much depressed because I missed friends family and Yorkshire. People seem to assume Australia is some sort of heaven on earth, but it really isn’t especially when you are isolated and not close to loved ones.
  12. Easy to write on an internet forum. Have you ever been at the other side of the world and been homesick? I can tell you it isn’t pleasant.
  13. Oh I agree Leeds need Gale fit to be in any chance of getting near the playoffs, however any fit halves would help.
  14. But the issue we are having is all of our options at 6 or 7 are injured, thats quite an unusual circumstance and any team would struggle to win consistently in that situation.
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