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  1. And all I said who has comparable facilities with the same corporate and hotel. Im not precious, it was a valid question.
  2. I really don’t care where they are held i am just pointing out why it might be held there, not sure why you’re so upset.
  3. I don’t give a monkeys where they are held. Maybe they’ll be at another ground next year? It’s not like they are at Headingley every year as has been eluded to. Why are you upset about where an end of season do is being held?
  4. No im just pointing out why it may be chosen for these things. Not sure why them being held there seems to ‘trigger’ some people, it’s nothing to do with me being a Leeds fan it’s just pointing why headingley is a good place to hold these events.
  5. So they’re not comparable. The hotel doesn’t mean it HAS to be at Headingley but that plus the other facilities make it the best place to hold these things.
  6. Who has comparable facilities? corporate suits, hotel etc?
  7. Where should these events be held? One of the main reasons to rebuild the stadium the way they have was to create extra revenue from the facilities, and they are easily the best in RL (or both codes) in this country.
  8. Morgan Knowles gets a one match ban for Dangerous Contact top trolling from the RFL
  9. Its quite possible to think Tommy Makinson acted like a bit of knob and think that the Leeds fans were out of order, they aren't mutually exclusive.
  10. He's been Leeds' best player all season, very underrated IMO.
  11. They are idiots and want banning. Makinson still looked like a knob riling them up rather than celebrating with his own fans
  12. It’s a bit scandalous how little effort they put into marketing that, it doesn’t even really need to cost a lot of money
  13. It makes it worse that it was the 25th anniversary- surely they should have made more if that, get past players on the pitch do interviews etc etc
  14. Has Tommy Makinson being a right knob at the end of the game been mentioned yet? youve just won your 4th GF in a row, you have 25,000 saints fans at one end, yet he chooses to run to the Leeds fans and taunt them. Classy.
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