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  1. I gave an example of a game I attended which was billed as a 90s retro round where they did literally sweet FA. The topic seems to have really upset a few wigan fans, havng read the fand forum on another popular website it seems s lot of Wigan fans agree with the sentiment that they aren’t doing enough. Many clubs do need to improve the experience, but it seems (admittedly as an outsider) that the match day experience isn’t the only issue st the Wigan club, the whole operation seems to have gone a bit stale.
  2. York totally dominant so far, Leeds need to get a hold of the game quickly
  3. Pah, that’s easy compared to kicking a ball Always enjoy watching the Women’s game, think this Leeds York game will be a cracker
  4. Wigan need to learn something from someone, if you’re happy with your club declining that’s fine. Forget Leeds if it annoys you so much, but, maybe look at how Hull KR are going about their business on and off the field, it’s the exact opposite of Wigan.
  5. Coming across really well commentating on the Womens game, I think there’s a future for both him and Kevin Brown in the media
  6. The idea that football is harder to play than Rugby is absolutely laughable. In fact I’d say one of the reason Football is so popular is the fact that it is easier to play.
  7. No need to strawman, I didn’t say the fans were ‘######’ did I. Im not revelling in Wigans issues, far from it, A strong Wigan side on and off the field is a massive asset to the whole game.
  8. Who said anything was first class elsewhere. Ive been to pretty much every away ground this year (bar Catalan) not one club does anything amazingly well, and I appreciate Covid has impacted game day but Wigans is as I say dire. Dont take it personally (unless you are responsible for it) Take the 90s game V Leeds a few weeks back, a perfect game to celebrate the freat Wigan sides and clashes with Leeds in the 90s, what did we get? A rubbish Oasis tribute band, that was it, it was pathetic. Wigan is the best known name in British RL, but they are failing to market themselves properly and the dwindling crowds show that. Bury your head in the sand if you want but Wigan as s club have a lot of issues to fix up, and they seemed to think a poor rebrand was going to the heavy lifting, it never was they need to do more.
  9. There was definitely more than 300 Leeds fans. I was there too, I’m sorry but the Wigan fans were like they were in a library all game, don’t take it as an insult they literally had nothing to cheer about. Wigan need to sort their Match day experience out as a matter of urgency as it is absolutely dire.
  10. Leeds were still only playing with one half back, no leeds fan thinks were a GF winning side, we have however recruited very well for next year and hopefully our half back issues of this year will be behind us. One thing this Leeds side has is a massive willingness to work hard for each other, that has been missing for a few years at leeds, if Leeds are as poor as you say, maybe Warrington fans should be looking in the mirror because we beat you at home and you only managed to beat us with a drop goal at Headingley
  11. This is true, it was obviously Agars game plan that’s why we had a big bench. The olan will have been take the chances (Wigan are a very good defensive side) and then defend the lead. Mind you we were so poor in attack it nearly backfired
  12. So do I, however that article included the dreaded words... "a unique twist."
  13. I think but could be wrong but it was because Parcell ‘dragged’ him and that’s not allowed? very harsh though
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