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  1. Kevin Sinfield has just been on National TV discussing the WC and mental health, a really good interview. Maybe try be positive for once?
  2. I’m no fan of Ricky Gervais’ work (well bar The Office and Extras) but he’s gone up in my estimation with that message
  3. I think Leeds might surprise a few people but we won’t be winning any trophies bar an easy CC draw 5th is my prediction but with some good performances throughout the year - and id be more than happy with that after the last 2 years
  4. So, where do you stand on players diving to the floor to get out of being trapped in their own in goal, happens nearly every game.
  5. Here it is, the last ticket available! Edited to add, that's gone now too! well done to all involved, great to see a sell out, gutted I won't be there.
  6. Nope never tried it, what does it do?
  7. I could have written that myself! I'm on a bit of a break with the Booze, I do it every so often have a few month off, think I can be moderate then within a few months I'm just back to where I was - Like you I'm not aggressive not a horrible drunk in fact I tend to fall asleep more than anything so don't cause much bother, but as I get older (early 40s now) I can't remember things from the night before, even if it hasn't been a a particularly heavy night and it takes me so long to recover that I feel that I'm just wasting my spare time. I do drink at home but nothing really to excess, I am and if I have Brandy in because I will get into the habit of having a 'home measure' every night, I don't get drunk or anything but it does become a habit, if it isn't in the house I don't miss it though. I have a really good social life but when you stand back and look at it the amount of booze that we all drink is really really too much and not healthy at all and it does get to the point where the anxiety.hangovers are affecting both my private and work life, so it really is time to do something about I think. I haven't had a drink for a week now and I know I can easily go the month or even two months without as I've done it plenty times before and I've always felt great so I'm not sure why I ever go back to drinking. So I'm not going to put a time limit on it this time and just try and stay off the booze for as long as possible, a couple of my mates have recently quit the booze and all my other friends have been really encouraging to them which has helped, although in their instances I'm mot sure the booze was the main problem it's the other stuff they did alongside it if you know what I mean, but the Booze was obviously the catalyst so the first thing to cut out. It's a real shame because I do love a nice glass of Wine with food and a nice Brandy on an evening but it's plainly obvious to me that I am not good at moderating it at all so it feels like best all round to just cut it out.
  8. Headingley try to mitigate this by selling 2 pint pots (well plastic 'glasses') but I get the feeling people just drink them as quick as a pint so it doesn't help although I suspect it's quite good for Leeds' match day takings
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