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  1. Strange point to make seeing as though RL was born out of the fact that the players wanted to earn money from playing!
  2. On your second point - I think we will. seeing all the replays going on on youtube, sky BBC etc has really made me feel a bit, emotional about the game if you get what I mean? I’d like to think I won’t take the game and players for granted when this is all done, Rugby League is the thing that takes me away from the normal stresses of day to day life and going to the games is a few hours of the week where It’s ‘my time’. I’m missing it a lot.
  3. I think you have to factor in we were watching highlights. The skills on show of course were great (Kenny, Stirling and Holmes the pick for me) but the play the balls (Far worse than now)and scrums were appalling.
  4. It should by the spirit of the scheme be anyone who would otherwise be made redundant, so in reality, contrary to what I think should happen the football clubs are technically correct.
  5. £375,000, a week!!! Bloody hell I don’t follow football, I honestly didn’t realise it was that out of control. That is obscene
  6. Yes they do, you are indeed correct, lay off clauses do change it.
  7. Yes the employee has to agree to be Furloughed through consultation and the employee sets the terms, i.e Whether they can work for other companies etc.
  8. Your contract may allow you to jump ship, a footballers contract may not
  9. And footballers wages are their biggest outgoings, if the club is in financial trouble they should ask there highest earners if they would take a pay cut until they resume playing. Like a lot of Rugby League clubs have!
  10. Where I agree with you is its not up for you or anyone else to ask to cut your/their wages, however what if they asked you? I am not ‘condemning’ the footballers more the clubs.
  11. This is true, but when sports clubs are in financial trouble who are the first members of 'staff' that they would try and offload? I've absolutely no issue with Premiership clubs using the Furlough system, however I think they should be asking the high paid players to go on the scheme first and foremost (and not top their wages up), they are after all, unable to work. I would have zero sympathy with a Premiership club who was in financial difficulty without first trying to get highly paid players to go on Furlough first.
  12. I actually agree, Im not saying people shouldn’t be doing it, fill your boots. But by making it a ‘thing’ especially a regular weekly occasion, it’s going going to lose whatever meaning it has. there was a thread on my mothers Facebook page and someone tagged me in and asked if my wife appreciated her ‘clap’ (ooo er) and I said that she thought it was a bit daft and the best way to show appreciation was to follow government guidelines (my post was more of a knowing nod to what my wife is like - quite matter of fact) and there were a few replies that basically implied she was ungrateful!
  13. Can't answer for Robin, but personally, I'm not sure it's negativity, I wouldn't say people are wrong for doing the clapping thing, I do think if it's carried on every week it will just turn into a 'virtue signalling' (sorry to use that phrase as I hate it but couldn't think of another) thing. It's just not my kind of thing to be honest, it seems like it's done for people to feel better about themselves rather than for actually appreciating the people it's for, but I will say that's just the cynic in me and I'm sure the intent is indeed sincere.
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