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  1. They didn’t for a very very good reason - TV revenue.
  2. Irresponsible or not that won't stop some clubs being in the because of the lack of fans attending games.
  3. I would imagine any business would run different budgets/plans based on different scenarios, the fact they backloaded the fixture list would suggest they were expecting fans to return.
  4. That wasn't what I was responding to though, the 1,000 fans was simply a pilot scheme to make sure they could run in a safe way, they were never meant to be revenue making.
  5. Corporate Drink Sales Food Sales Merchandise Sales Programme Sales Away Fans tickets Casual Fans Tickets Lottery Tickets All revenue streams that are vital for a clubs income have gone, it will have had a massive impact on this season's finances.
  6. I hate wearing a mask but if it meant i can go to the rugby I would wear one. I think they will possibly say you don’t have to wear one when in your seat/designated standing area but do have to in other parts of the ground and when ordering food/drink that would be a sensible compromise
  7. Personally I’ll be back as soon as we are allowed. I have missed it way more than I thought I would, it’s more than just the game to me, it’s the only time I can truly switch off from everything, for that 2-3 hours everything else going on (running a business, anything going in at home etc) I go to the games on my own and it’s truly the only real ‘me’ time I get, I have missed it greatly.
  8. You said ‘I knew we would have lost due to the way the game was being reffed’ there is no other way to take that other than blaming the ref.
  9. Giants fans always seem to blame the ref, maybe you turned it off before but no comment on the ‘ridiculous’ penalty awarded to the giants for Leeds not having two markers at a restart when leeds specifically said they didn’t need to. Anyway the reason Huddersfield lost is because they just switched off totally in the second half and Leeds upped their game, but if it’s more comforting to you you can blame the ref (which one? as there were two during the game!)
  10. Could have least got their video ratios right for instagram though!
  11. Yes I heard a fair few months Back we would be going with Oxen. To be fair they have shared a 'teaser' on Social Media and I do like the look of some of the stuff on there
  12. Thankfully I'm too busy with actual real work these days:-) However I'm more than happy to help Lee who owns Oxen with his designs Leeds have signed a ten year deal with Oxen, which has gone down like a sandwich with the supporters, however I'll see what they come up with first before writing them off, I hope the off field stuff is good quality
  13. Huddersfield is a fabulous ground when full, probably the best game ive seen live (2003 ccsf) was there and the atmosphere was amazing. conversely one of the most disappointing atmospheres Ive experienced was a sold out Telstra stadium for a SOO game, it was really ‘flat’ give me a packed Headingley any day
  14. Headingley - both as it was and it’s been great seeing it transformed into a modern stadium (bar the western terrace obviously) Leichhardt - great place to watch RL I do actually enjoy the away games at the old stadiums like Cas and Wakefield but they do need sorting out! as for the ‘modern’ stadiums I like KC and even though its now 26 years old the Mcalpine (it will always be that to me) is still uo there with the best especially when full
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