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  1. Clark comes on and we instantly look better, Hodgson is just not what we need at 9
  2. We looked scared to do anything but one out rugby, something isn’t right within the squad IMO reminiscent of 2008
  3. Having a game in Yorkshire and Lancashire makes sense, Bolton is a decent stadium close to the big rl clubs and should sell out I don’t see much of an issue, the only other option which I think could have worked was Manchester City’s ground, but it may not have been available or too expensive.
  4. Some fans have short memories this time 2 years ago we were an ankle tap away from winning a world cup (or at least as being as close to as we have for decades) and this time last year we were walloping the Kiwis in a test series.
  5. Tottenham will be an inspired choice for the last game if the series is 1-1 at the time is I can see why they would want the final game at the best stadium
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