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  1. Remember the Furlough scheme is only a maximum of £2500 per month per employee, not 80% of their salary
  2. The rumours that Jai Field is signing for Leeds are still floating around, would be a great signing
  3. It’s as far from ‘simple as’ as can be. I suspect the clubs, players and people running the comp will be a bit more pragmatic about it all
  4. I'd rather not put them on here as they weren't even vaguely finished (we decided pretty early on to not progress with the pitch) but I can send them on DM if you want
  5. Id have to look over the brief again but a lot of it was about usability on different formats
  6. I do like the main font choice though
  7. Our initial ideas were vastly different to what theyve gone with
  8. The SM graphics aren’t great IMO look a bit low rent to me.
  9. See above they were stipulated in the brief, probably because those colours have been Used for a while.
  10. We were up for pitching to do the branding work on this but the ridiculous timescales and the fact they wanted the work doing upfront before any selection process occured meant we pulled out as we felt our resources would have been stretched with a chance of no payment for the work. But on the colours - they were stipulated to not be changed in the brief.
  11. You probably wouldn't see one on the field with Ward though ? That is just a quip, I hope Ward stays with us and finally realises his dream of captaining the side for a long period of time, unless Toronto offer him a deal he can't refuse I think Ward would want to stay and captain the Leeds side.
  12. not wanted means he’s not wanted, not that they can’t match another clubs offer.
  13. There’s absolutely nothing to suggest Ward ‘isn’t wanted’ by Leeds at all.
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