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  1. Merrin IMO deserves a spot rather than Hurrell. But i will say Hurrell is entertaining and Im glad we have him, even with the errors.
  2. Hurrell shouldn’t be in the DT but Handley has been outstanding all season, only just missed out on top try scorer in a team that has struggled all season he has really matured into a great winger and player
  3. I know they’re not rolling in cash but that’s a really low production video for a professional sports club to put out IMO.
  4. I’m from Cleckheaton, it’s been really nice to see the town turn around and not go downhill like a lot of the surrounding towns. And of Course they make Lions Midget Gems here.
  5. Leeds maybe playing some youngsters, Corey Johnson will get some game time, Merrin also probably out with a broken rib. not expecting a win for Leeds but hopefully a good performance to send JJB and Ablett off
  6. No I’m mentioning Whino’s because we did have fans calling for McDermotts head even throughout a very successful period. I fully understand the reservations about Agar, I have some myself but what I won’t do is write him off before he’s had a full off season and before next season starts, he came in at a very difficult time this season and managed to get the team playing like a team again he deserves a shot IMO
  7. He's gelling well with the team and management and it really is a safety first appointment We are going through a massive transition and have had enough disruption for the last 18 months, but he's on a hiding to nothing, many fans have already written him and the team off, mind you this is a supporter base that had a thread on SS.com wanting Mcdermott out all the way through his time at the Rhinos, even when he was winning trophies left right and centre.
  8. Yes but I wouldn't underestimate how bad the team was before Furner got sacked, coming in and taking over at that point was a difficult job for any coach, he did what he was required to do, not get the team relegated, he will have a full off season and maybe some new players before the start of next season. Look at the points difference since Agar came n it has improved dramatically. I don't think Agar is the man to get us winning silverware but i don't think that's the plan for next season anyway Agar seems a great bloke with a vast knowledge f RL and Ive never heard anyone he's cached say a bad word about him, I really hope he proves some of the doubters wrong. He must be mad though because after every loss there will be calls for Agar out but the Leeds 'faithful'
  9. Well replacing McDermott was nothing to do with Sinfield seeing as though he wasn’t at the club, Furner was a mistake no doubt but it takes good management to realise it and rectify the situation. we’ve signed Merrin, Hurrel, Ava, Lui and Martin who have all been good signings We have also shipped out a decent amount of deadwood in the last 18 months
  10. Many Leeds fans are having a right old moan about this (we don't get called the Whinos for nothing!) but I think its the right choice for now. We have had so much upheaval in the last 18 months I think we need a bit of stability, next year is another rebuild year IMO and getting a coach in changing things up now will not help. A lot of fans can't see the bigger picture and want a top class coach to come in, but when does that happen in SL? overseas coaches are usually assistant coaches and yes you can get lucky with decent ones like Holbrooke, but you can get unlucky and they get found out like we did with Furner. Who are these world class coaches that are going to come in and coach a SL side at present? We had our most successful period when we employed a young British coach, I'm not saying Agar is the guy to take us back up there but he might well be the guy who can set us on course to.
  11. leeds playing like they’re on their holidays, unsurprisingly Hastings the difference between the 2 sides
  12. Can’t wait to finally go to a game without feeling anxious! I obviously want us to win but I’ll take a good entertaining game and won’t be to disappointed to see Salford take it and have a good crack at the playoffs. Agar on Sky pretty much confirmed he’ll get the Rhinos job - I might be in the minority of Rhinos fans but I think he’s the right choice at the moment, we have had so many changes in the last 18 months I think a bit of stability is what we need
  13. Well you see, the 2nd image to my eye is far more attractive the old mill buildings have history, heritage and have hundreds of years of stories to tell, the top picture looks a mess of modern pre fabricated buildings. Although I do understand the point you make having lived in both countries, the RL fan in Australia is a different breed to the UK ones, but I think that stems from where the sport sits in the sporting landscape of both countries.
  14. Sorry to hear this sad news, I really feel for you and your family. I lost my father far too young, he also died of pneumonia but it was from a complication during treatment for Leukaemia. He was 49. What I will say and it does sound like a cliche but time really does heal, its been 18 years since he died and there’s not a day goes by I don’t think about him but it’s now with a smile on my face rather than sadness. I very rarely get maudling but the only time it happens is Challenge Cup day when I hear abide with me, I’m not a religious person but that song never fails to get me. Stay strong and always remember the good times you had with him.
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