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  1. I still don't know what he's on about or what its to do with branding.
  2. I've read that a few times and still not a clue what you're on about?
  3. Anyway I hope IMG make Leigh sort out their Branding - is degsy too tight to pay for a decent Branding Agency?
  4. Will be interesting if any leaked images come out of the new kits!
  5. Id love Castore to get involved with RL (especially with the Rhinos) their gear does look quality - I was in London last week and didn't expect to see a trendy Castore store near Harrods!
  6. Ticket sales for Aus Fiji game at Headingley are looking good, only Cat A left and theyve sold 85% of those, could be close to full capacity
  7. So what do Leigh add to SL if they have no homegrown players and not much of a fan base to draw upon? how many over seas quota players were in your starting 13 tonight?
  8. Hope for? No. how is signing way over the quota of over seas players than allowed in SL decent preparation for SL?
  9. What do Leigh add to SL? How many young Leigh players were in that team and squad this evening?
  10. Congratulations to Leigh, although with the money they’ve spent it would have been ridiculous had they not achieved promotion. Cant say it fills me with excitement Leigh being promoted- again (sorry Leigh fans) but best of luck
  11. Wheelchair Rugby League is our hidden gem, it’s unbelievably good, it’s everything that is good about sport IMO.
  12. A subjective opinion can’t be ‘incorrect’.
  13. You seriously think Leeds fans are jealous of those clubs with new grounds? Honestly, that’s absolute rubbish.
  14. I honestly think you’ll be impressed when you go. As ive said its the whole complex that’s impressive not just the 3 stands. And for all the moaning about the WT, it’s actually a great place to watch a game of RL, as long as it doesn’t rain
  15. The fact there is a juxtaposition of old and new gives it Character IMO, but it’s subjective.
  16. The stadium as whole complex has tonnes of character, plus the design had to be pretty different because of the shared Northstand with the Cricket side.
  17. Its just a way of describing stadiums that don’t have a lot of character, history or individuality, and that’s not really a big criticism, saints and wires stadiums are great and its a real credit to them that they were forward thinking and got them built, Im just glad Leeds decided to rennovate the old stadium rather than move, which I appreciate wasn’t probably an option for some clubs. but with that came comprising in places such as the WT. I really like what Hull KR have managed to do at their stadium aswell
  18. Facilities doesn’t just mean covered stands
  19. And the point is that even with the open terrace its seen as the best purpose built rugby stadium when you add in all the facilities. If take headingley with any of its shortcomings over a identikit stadium anyday of the week. ’best’ is of course subjective
  20. If Leeds could have upgraded the WT they would have.
  21. I pointed this out to the Official Wolves twitter feed when they were moaning about having to stand uncovered. From their very own website.
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