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  1. Theyve just shown the Passi hit, looks like a shoulder to the head, he’ll miss a few for it
  2. I think we have to bear in mind he’s still finding his way back after an horrific injury aswell he will only get better
  3. I think it went forwards but having been sent up as s try that is harsh not to give it
  4. Find me a leeds fan that thinks we are GF contenders? Weve no chance with the injuries we have
  5. Hull are just too big for Leeds I feel, they’re making too many easy metres And were now on another halfback pairing
  6. Myler starts in the halves for Leeds with Broadbent going to full back. Not sure how many different half back partnerships weve had this year! Im no fan of Myler in the halves but this means we can start with Leeming at hooker and let Dwyer play his best role as impact hooker
  7. Leeds didn’t look great against Wakey either! Its a must Win for Hull, Leeds still in it if they lose, not sure wether that will affect performance and if im honest I haven’t got a clue how to call this one, think maybe Hulls pack is too big for Leeds with Tetevano and Oledski missing
  8. Think it’s just down to length of deal and Money, I would imagine we offered him a year on vastly reduced pay so it’s not surprising he chose to leave. Id like to see Broadbent given the number 4 jersey, Him and Newman ate clearly the future for the Rhinos so give them the number to make their own. Still don’t think the Saints fans will warm to him like the Rhinos fans, especially the first time someone waltzes past him to score! Or the first time he drops the ball! Hes copped quite a nasty injury and isn’t a lover of putting in the hard work off the field theyve got a job on getting him playing as a second rower!
  9. Officially announced Hurrell is leaving the Rhinos after turning down a deal Rhyse Martin is staying for another year though
  10. Well i saw it earlier on Twitter from the RFl. Leeds are going to appeal the length of the ban, they've got a chance with them setting a precedent with players like makinson and Bateman getting bans reduced
  11. Yeah unnecessary from Tet! Seems hes got away with it though! Thought all of your guys went well, played with patience as bad as we were in attack we are a tough side to score against! Really pleased for Poaching and hope he gets a shot at head coach long term he’s one of the genuine good guys in the game
  12. Did you manage to catch what started all that off? I missed it Tetevano needs to concentrate on playing rugby he’s been a liability this year, with Bentley joining us were going to playing withh 11 men mist of next years. The problem is refs (because they are human) will be swayed by the player’s history, a few weeks ago against Hudds Tetevano got a yellow for a perfectly legal challenge, but it’s his own fault for getting that reputation
  13. It was, they played the game perfectly really with no panic, look a well drilled side at the moment as results show
  14. Well done wakey who thoroughly deserved the win, we were an ill disciplined mess TBH
  15. All Wakey that half, Leeds just took their chances when they had them
  16. The brief stipulated the colours had to stay similar to the existing branding. IIRC They also said that they would prefer to see the cup in the logo but would welcome alternate options
  17. On the concept above, not sure having 14 in Roman numerals is a great idea we went with using 13 instead
  18. We did some concepts for the branding, went down a totally different route, however when looking at the timescales snd scope of work we simply didn’t think we had enough time and manpower to complete it
  19. The game itself doesn’t need much messing about with in fact constantly changing things is what we should stop doing. Bring back scrums (not traditional contested scrums they were a mess) Im not 100% convinced on the 6 again rule but I was getting a bit annoyed with constant penalties for messing around at the ruck so that alleviates it. People always hark back to the past saying it was better (in the 00s people were saying it was better in the 80s etc) it’s simply people remembering the good and not the bad stuff. Take last weeks Hull Derby that was as good as those games in the 00s
  20. Possibly but Im not convinced it should be in the top level of the sport if that's the level of ambition.
  21. I didn't think I missed scrums but I've changed my mind, I think it does add something different to the game and is worse off for not having them, I thought the shot clock improved them aswell
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