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  1. Edinburgh hit form today beating Cramlington Rockets 38-24 in the NERL semi final play off round

    Meanwhile Scotland withdraw from the up and coming u19 champs in Italy 3/9/22

    Scotland Rugby League cited changes in their coaching staff and a lack of player availability at that age group as the reasons behind their decision not to travel.’


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  2. I would expect the lads have a background in RU purely down to the fact RL is as rare as hens teeth but with internationals etc it’s hoped they will continue to progress with RL

    Most clubs up here rely on RU players, as the season is so short it’s usually over before the RU season/training starts 

    Talking to a good few RU players they do like playing RL the fact is we don’t have the clubs to offer them a regular season but we live in hope 

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  3. Scotland u16 20 - 28 England u16

    massive effort from the lads coming from 24 - 10 down 10 mins into the 2nd considering there’s little or no u16 league games in Scotland this is an encouraging performance, brilliant effort to all involved in the development teams. Players coaches n volunteers 

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  4. Bit of fun but could a commonwealth championship be an interesting option between world cups

    for instance top 6 teams in the current world rankings for example play off in 2 groups of 3 NZ Tonga Aus Eng PNG Fiji 

    top 2 into semi n so on 

    Then have a section 2 of groups for qualifying for the main tournament in 4 years time Cameroon, Canada, Ghana, Malta, Jamaica, Kenya, Nigeria, Samoa, SA, Vanauatu, Sco Ire Wales (you could include Samoa and say wales in the main event)

    Then top 2 from this play off against bottom 2 from the main event to see who joins the main event 

    Just need someone with deep pockets to run it 

    like I said a bit of a fun idea 

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  5. (‘Thanks for the info mate. Do you know if Scotland under 16s are generally Scottish based or are they English with Scottish anscestory? ‘)

    As far as I’m aware all Scottish born and bred or with Scottish nationality, a lot of clubs (laughable I know we only have a handful) have been doing a lot of work with juniors 

    Also as part of a double header Edinburgh take on Jarrow in Rd 10 of NERL KO 15:15pm Dalkeith RFC after the U16s International 

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  6. Edinburgh do have and building a good sustainable set up and their next step is to build a youth set up. 
    Strathmore recently did youth coaching sessions in RL but they are predominantly a Union squad

    Scottish RL just last weekend held an u16 development session but then what, there’s nothing for these kids to go to 

    I could probably get a dozen or so kids together this weekend play a bit of league then say goodbye thanks for turning but there’s absolutely nothing to follow this on, no clubs to go and play for

    I know it’s not fair to constantly bash Scotland RL I’m not privy to any plans they have or have in place but they never release anything they certainly haven’t supported the clubs on Social media but they will post about sending a U19 team to Ireland to play in an international tournament, but where are these guys going after this ??? No clubs to play for, Nigeria can muster 8 teams Ghana 7 teams even put the games on YouTube. Scotland nothing

    There are a lot of Union players out there to tap into, many union clubs have packed in, it just needs some proactive action. We’ve in essence lost  4 teams this season, they say they will be back but will they I just fear for Glasgow and Forth valley now

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  7. Your right since funding from the RL stopped, RL in Scotland has really been a struggle. Fortunately the volunteers do a massive job in keeping it going.

    Im unsure what help Scotland RL give to the likes of Forth Valley etc but I suspect it’s negligible if anything. What is frustrating Scottish RL do development days at u16 u19 level etc which is great but what the hell for when there’s nothing for them to play for, no development league no u19 league, just a bunch of lads playing a few games then they disperse. Recently spending cash on sending a U19 team to Ireland to play some international matches when the money could be spent on the domestic game.

    Also what I’ve noticed especially this year is the total lack of social media coverage the national body gives the league where Wales and Ireland are all over this. 
    we've a WC coming up, bunch of guys representing Scotland but who knows apart from maybe a couple of thousand will even know this, and with  no real domestic league out there to highlight that RL is played here I really don’t see the point anymore. 
    Maybe they expect the WC will be the golden chalice of cash and will see an injection of money into the game. 
    In a recent article pst players bemoaned that the game isn’t what it was, well maybe these guys who drew with NZ should come up and give something back and help with coaching, getting people interested, 

    the total lack of international’s don’t help but I guess it’s down to cash which appears to be scarce. If action isn’t taken soon what scraps of RL Scotland have will just go 


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  8. Edinburgh are back in action this weekend away to Jarrow Vikings 1330pm Monkton Stadium Jarrow

    Sadly due to lack of games and I’ve no doubt little support Aberdeen Warriors have called it a day for 2022 but hope to be back in 2023, basically making this season virtually a non starter now 

    Hopefully Glasgow and Forth carry on with some games 

    Victoria Hogg has been appointed the new chair of Scotland RL hopefully this appointment will spur interest and support for the domestic game, which it badly needs 

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  9. Game day sees 2 unbeaten sides in NERL as Edinburgh head off to play Cramlington Rockets KO 1:30pm Eastfield playing fields Cramlington

    Scottish National league sees Aberdeen v Forth Valley KO 2pm Woodside Sports Complex Aberdeen 

  10. Glasgow 26 - 52 Forth Valley Vikings 

    Vikings make it 2 in a row with Glasgow making progress with every game played, well done to all the players 

    The Vikings travel north to Aberdeen next Saturday to take on the Warriors 

    Warriors taking this last year 84-10 but the Vikings are a year older wiser smarter so should be a good game 

    KO 2pm

    Some highlights of the Eagles Catterick game


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  11. Edinburgh have a free weekend but travel to Newcastle this Thursday to play in the North East League 9’s tournament KO 12:30pm at Kingston Park

    Scottish National League returns this weekend Rd 2 which see’s Glasgow take on Forth Valley at Glasgow club Nethercraigs KO 2pm

    Scotland RL announced new development days for our U16’s on 5th June at Dalkeith rugby club

    Meanwhile recent good turnout for the U19’s and Students prior to a tri nations event in Ireland in June

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