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  1. Chorley 62 - 12 Glasgow Apparently a very competitive game for most parts despite the score
  2. Potentially Glasgow, Forth valley, Edinburgh and possibly a return of Aberdeen but yet to be finalised by the SRL
  3. Well it’s that time of year where we wonder what delights Scottish RL is going to deliver. So far it might look like a 4 team set up but SRL are actively on this. Meanwhile Glasgow RL visit Chorley Panthers A today for a pre season friendly KO 2pm Chisnall playing fields
  4. Apparently these two are going head to head this Saturday in Buenos Aires and streamed via the Brazil RL YouTube channel They’ve just played England lions U18 and plan to play El Salvador in Feb in Brisbane (heritage team???) then a team made up of foreign residents and invites later in Feb.
  5. Great to see local SA lads representing their home nation
  6. Aberdeen were all set to play last year but pulled out due to some concerns with the organisation and safety. They are active on social media to an extent but time will tell if they join this year
  7. When the RFL supported central funding for development officers Scotland actually had a blossoming domestic league, and it’s no coincidence when this stopped the league slowly disintegrated. We currently have 3 definite teams in Edinburgh Forth Valley and Glasgow, all run by enthusiastic volunteers who regularly get 20+ down to training, Aberdeen have been long participants of the league but unsure if they will appear in 2024 and Fife struggled last year but hopefully they may be back. Strathmore again a regular participant a union club who did really well in the league have been absent recently, so it’s pretty much in the air at the moment and the SRL are not the best at keeping anyone informed, or promoting the game up here. There is a new structure in place at the top and are keen to get the ‘A’ Team back playing internationals and they have been working hard at the U19 U16 level and Wheelchair Rugby. Edinburgh have always done well, even winning the NERL championship over the border but how long can they last playing in a 3 team league each year, before folk get bored at the lack of games. we need a regular well attended league with the A Team going out and playing the likes of the Ireland Wales A teams Netherlands Czech rep Serbia. 8 plus games a year so it gives an incentive to local players to look at RL as an alternative. I know for a fact many Union players love RL up here and are fed up of the SRU destroying there beloved game. I’ve always thought our clubs linking up with our Cumbrian cousins, creating a pathway for our players and, linking in to all that experience. But we have no cash, the will is there but no means to move forward. As for the other home nations I’d put a lot of effort into Wales and France, established leagues and history, and is the closest thing locally to a strong opposition. Yeah it’s going to take years to build them up but in the long run it would pay off. A missed trick not getting Tonga to play warm ups against Wales and France, maybe just maybe Tonga would have pushed England more. Also bring back Yorkshire Lancashire Cumbria matches
  8. I believe it was taken off the calendar when the WC in France went belly up as it was an integral part of WC qualification
  9. South Africa take on Kenya in 2 internationals starting on 8/11/23 Naka Bulle rugby club Wonderboom then again in 11/11/23 Grizzlies RLC Pretoria S/A team made up of local lads instead of the usual Aussie Heritage players
  10. U16s succumb 66-14 defeat but the U19s lose to a last minute try 22-18
  11. This should be a good game, memory tells me the Czech’s are generally well supported so should be a good crowd, but the Netherlands should do this. It is encouraging to see teams in this area improving, a real growth area for the future, they could do with organising a yearly tournament featuring Ned, Czech, Ger, Serbia, Greece. Could even add a England lions team or a Welsh, France team so to up the level. Include bringing in some coaches from the UK to help the coaches in charge.
  12. To be fair not many local lads living in Scotland are in the squad. RL at this level is difficult to attract such players and since the money from the RL stopped many years ago for development officer, RL in Scotland went down hill. In reality we’re staring from scratch, and relying on heritage players. But we have a new management structure in place moving things forward, it’s just going to take time. in the 19 man squad u19 we have 4 players who play in Scotland
  13. As the Netherlands, Czech rep, Serbia Norway etc continue on their international journey this year. Scotland finally get a game on …… well at U16 and U19 level anyway. The lads travel to Ireland this weekend KO 1230 and 1500hrs respectively, Morton Stadium Dublin. At least our youngster are getting valuable game time
  14. Think the issue with attendances is the public have been starved of international rugby over the years, that their not use to it on a regular basis, and needs re building. we need regular international games, against the top 5 throughout the year not just a end of season kick about. Other sports seem to manage internationals during the regular season, we just need to change the mindset
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