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  1. Maybe this will be the catalyst for a more meaningful International scene throughout the year?
  2. For future WC's & development of the game in an important commercial country then USA to win but I think in reality Cook Islands will get this
  3. PNG will be up for this, its going to be hot, humid and physical. In a weird way I hope the Kumals turn us over. Hopefully lead to a change in management & it would be great for PNG RL. Dump GB & bring back regular England internationals
  4. For me France, needs work but the structure is there to push on. Secondly Wales, 2 semi pro clubs already, a reasonable domestic set up, rugby in there genes and a great RL history. If we could get a strong Wales France we get meaningful games, at the moment England have to rely on Aus/NZ tours which are few n far between. If the Valencia project kicks off then maybe Spain could be interesting, If the Greeks sort their un forced mess of government issues, these guys could be serious contenders. Of course Serbia has a long history of RL, though very slow burners at moment.
  5. Really good game, Greece surprised me though faulted in the last 20mins. Felt Scotland were scrappy at times & gave some senseless penalties away. Greece will easily beat Serbia & be an interesting addition to the WC. I just hope both sides get plenty of games in between now and the WC
  6. Pools look good, can see Greece definitely joining this not sure about USA Cook Islands. If many heritage players join the ranks then Cook Island. But for the sake of future WC then USA. IRL now need to make sure pool 2-4 teams get as many games in as possible to build skill levels & fitness so to avoid the inevitable cricket scores. But for sure RL are in the right track with the format. How many will automatically qualify for 2025? Top 2 As a Scotland fan England, Lebanon, Ireland would be great for qualifying & for interest/development for the game in Scotland & Ireland but not the most exciting group for tournament
  7. A previous poster hit the nail on the head SRL need a base to develop from & the central belt fits that bill, & choose 1 stadium to play from. SRL development officers are busy this week visiting schools promoting the game so on the ground its moving forward. OK who wants to watch a bunch of non born Scots play but due to the hectic history of RL here we're back a square one but hopefully moving forward. The U19's have been training & playing regularly so have the U16s. So fingers crossed stability remains & SRL can build a niche market. Though regular international matches are a must
  8. This could well be the way forward for Scottish RL. Tying up with Newcastle & maybe a Cumbrian team for player pathway even a border development team or also tying up with Glasgow & Edinburgh?
  9. 300 is an OK crowd for the game, though the organisation should have pushed it more. There are 4 clubs in Scotland Glasgow (re formed last year) Edinburgh who are doing great things in the NE England league Strathmore Silver backs (Forfar) & Fife lions. Definitely no funding coming from the English set up this was stopped a few years ago, then we had 8/9 teams playing, once it was pulled everything slowly collapsed. RL is such a minor sport in Scotland, with Shinty more popular but the players are there I know many union players who love the game and played it to keep up there fitness for the Union season. It just needs investment like any other country. Funding a Glasgow & Edinburgh team in the English set up would do wonders. Even a basic Celtic league could work involving teams from Ireland & Wales. Scotland do have a promising U19 U16 set up & development officers are visiting schools on a regular basis. If international rugby is going to work we need teams like Scotland Ireland Wales to fire up the interest. A regular international calendar would help and home nation's with an England knights team is a must.
  10. No disrespect to London but would attendance figures be better if they took a chance on staging it in Manchester/Leeds or even in the North East/West maybe more Scots would be persuaded to turn up?
  11. Yeah loads of stuff on social media but no live stream, I just feel Scottish RL never do the hard ground work in promoting themselves.
  12. Exciting news coming out of Spain, further Super league development match + potential new Spanish team which could enter the 3rd tier of British RL https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/valencia-set-stage-grand-final-20721898
  13. Match now moved to Xativa about 40 miles south of Valencia.
  14. I know the SRU have links with Newcastle RU can't see why SRL couldn't do the same in developing players. Recently the U16s played Ireland at Newcastle so maybe? Just need a few more teams to appear & a meaningful league but even if Glasgow joined the NE league along with Edinburgh would do wonders for player development.
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