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  1. It’s classed as an away game for Scotland I know I’m pushing it but that area of Yorkshire has strong Scottish routes due to mining, many Scots moved their in the 80’s not that I’m saying they have any interest in a Scotland RL side, At least Scotland are playing an international that’s progress
  2. 24th October at Featherstone Scotland v Jamaica 3pm
  3. England Community Lion 48 Scotland U20’s 22 Good run out for the Young Scottish team and a great experience to build on
  4. Couldn’t make the game but apparently it was good with a decent crowd, Scotland RL FB page has some highlights
  5. Scotland u20 37-30 Ireland u20 Scotland now travel to Leigh to face England community lions next Saturday
  6. Scotland U20’s to play Ireland at Dalkeith RU 4/9/21 12pm Then England Community lions at Leigh miners 11/9/21 12pm
  7. I reckon the Scotland Jamaica match could pull a decent crowd in featherstone, probably more than in Scotland and technically nearby Doncaster is still in Scotland https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2760467/amp/Doncaster-technically-Scotland-signed-900-years-ago-never-formally-given-back.html
  8. Great article and confirms their intention to run 2 teams, one in the Scottish League and another in NERL In relation to TV, YouTube could be looked into, Fosroc super 6 utilise this last year getting 2k+ for live games and much more for highlights, not that I’m suggesting RL will get this but the idea is there. Also there are plenty of colleges/Universities with media programs which could be linked into to provide coverage. And give a platform to grow But all in all a great article and positive words about the future of RL
  9. Totally agree mate just putting Rl in context in relation to the question
  10. We have many extremes in play Edinburgh streets ahead of others Strathmore Aberdeen and some what fife who have been playing RL for sometime though Strathmore are primarily a union club and relative newcomers Glasgow and newsboys Forth. All players struggle with family life work etc making getting a team together hard at times even to training. Issue is there’s no cash in Scottish RL it’s all done on goodwill. A few years back England RL helped fund development officers and RL did bloom with upto 9 teams in 2 conferences but this was canned by England RL and the game suffered since. Shinty and Curling get more cash than RL. Not sure if lottery money has been sort or even if Scottish government Sport Scotland have been approached, though I’m sure the cancellation of the WC won’t help I’m guessing Scottish RL would have got some financial benefits from it
  11. Despite the result what a great effort and Idea to finish the season. Well done all and here’s to a stronger season next year. Hopefully start with a nines tournament end with the Barbarians match
  12. https://www.facebook.com/edinburgheaglesRL/videos/195233192655634/ Edinburgh v Scottish Barbarians live link
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