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  1. Looking amazing mate, got a good feeling about Scottish RL, hopefully the momentum carries on over the coming years.
  2. Scotland RL also looking at developing RL X League, planning to enter a couple of teams in this year's WC in Sheffield. Another good development tool in attracting people to the sport https://www.facebook.com/105717041307807/posts/196074598938717/
  3. Hit the preverbial nail on the head, whilst I advocate for a Scottish team to enter the RL we must first build the experience, the legacy & interest. I would be more than happy over the coming 10 years for an established league of our own which may create player pathways for players to move south if they wish to. Playing in England is not the be all and end all. We can build on our links with Newcastle & would be nice to link in with a Cumbrian side
  4. Former Edinburgh Eagles Player, Newcastle & Scotland U19s Fergus Simpson signs for Red Star Belgrade https://www.rlkcrvenazvezda.com/en/2021/04/13/novo-pojacanje/
  5. Apparently Aberdeen planning some exciting announcements in the next 24hrs??
  6. Opening fixtures of the NATIONAL LEAGUE | The 2021 National League will return on Saturday 26th June with Fife Lions Arlfc facing Glasgow Rugby League, Strathmore Silverbacks RL hosting Forth Valley Vikings RL and Edinburgh Eagles Rugby League receive a BYE
  7. Back on topic... Forth Valley planning some exciting announcements in the coming weeks.
  8. Back in the day when I played you could easily pick a players position by the way they looked I was skinny..ish but he'll could I run so winger for me, hooker... short, tough as nuts Props even 2nd row... were beasts massive Loose forward.... big lad but could run and had good feet Scrum half... Even stand off smallest lad on the pitch but could get where water couldn't..nippy wee buggers Centres were good ball handlers, runners with a bit of muscle behind them Full back....who the hell wanted toplay that position is beyond me Back in the today, player
  9. Really pleased to see this happening, small acorns and all that. Hopefully lead to improved international status and hopefully get the World cup over their. Think I'll support Ottawa?
  10. Unfortunately it's the way it is at the moment but no great deal. It's the best we can hope for with next to no funding. Just look at other sports it happens all the time, England RU Vinipola, Sam Underhill all non natives even George North was born in Kings Lynn The Kiwi's have plunderd the Pacific Islands for years.
  11. Nice article on Scottish eligible players in SL https://www.scotlandrl.com/2021/03/25/super-league-preview/
  12. Scotland RL posting loads archived games on their YouTube channel
  13. To be honest, I forgot Spain were in this group with the home nations
  14. I think it's every couple of years but unsure, the 2020 version had relegation to champ B which I don't think is a great idea for promoting the game in the UK
  15. Money the respective organisations don't have, if they used a model similar to SRU Super 6, The SRU give each of the 6 clubs £62,500 for player wages in which each club has to match this. Then the SRU give the clubs a further £75,000 for the head coach and support staff totaling £137,500 from the governing body, if the 3 nation's can find £275,000 that part funds 2 teams from each nation, leaves clubs to find £62,500pa. Possible with the right drive. And I'm positive from a Scotland view, quiet a few Union players would come across
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