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  1. Really pleased to see this happening, small acorns and all that. Hopefully lead to improved international status and hopefully get the World cup over their. Think I'll support Ottawa?
  2. Unfortunately it's the way it is at the moment but no great deal. It's the best we can hope for with next to no funding. Just look at other sports it happens all the time, England RU Vinipola, Sam Underhill all non natives even George North was born in Kings Lynn The Kiwi's have plunderd the Pacific Islands for years.
  3. Nice article on Scottish eligible players in SL https://www.scotlandrl.com/2021/03/25/super-league-preview/
  4. Scotland RL posting loads archived games on their YouTube channel
  5. To be honest, I forgot Spain were in this group with the home nations
  6. I think it's every couple of years but unsure, the 2020 version had relegation to champ B which I don't think is a great idea for promoting the game in the UK
  7. Money the respective organisations don't have, if they used a model similar to SRU Super 6, The SRU give each of the 6 clubs £62,500 for player wages in which each club has to match this. Then the SRU give the clubs a further £75,000 for the head coach and support staff totaling £137,500 from the governing body, if the 3 nation's can find £275,000 that part funds 2 teams from each nation, leaves clubs to find £62,500pa. Possible with the right drive. And I'm positive from a Scotland view, quiet a few Union players would come across
  8. Just a thought, could a Celtic type league work? 2 teams from Scotland, Ireland, Wales even attempt to merge with the French league. Or 3 teams from the 3 nation's 9 team league Negotiate access to the Challenge Cup, Negotiate access to the French Cup so it offers an interesting side note, mid season break offering a development internationals between the nation's, even attempt to bring in a stronger nation just to spice things up Of course funding for such a league would be a major issue and funding travel for teams always poses headache's especially if overseas travel is required.
  9. Love to see Raiders win be great for the game but Widnes wil probably do this. Just hope they give a good game and show RL in a good light for the benefit of the Welsh game Raiders 12 - 42 Widnes
  10. I've said this for years England need a strong France but this fixture has been neglected by the ones on high, relying on the southern hemisphere for bits. I also believe a Knights teams would benefit the home nations playing in the home internationals. You could even look at inviting a PNG, Samoa, Fiji team so to spice things up and offer some publicity stance. We have the talent and the people in the background to really push the game in Wales, Scotland, Ireland but with little or no money it's difficult.
  11. Always thought Dundee would be a great place to get RL going, good uni population, Dundee were quite keen in getting a super 6 RU team up n running but SRU decided not to go down that route.
  12. More positive movement on the RL team front, Aberdeen Warriors are resurrecting for the 2022 season and looking for players etc
  13. Forth Valley accumulating 5 further sponsors over the past 7 days, not sure of the level of sponsorship but still an amazing feat by the team. Hopefully a fixture list will appear soon. No real news on if the other squads will be around for the new season Edinburgh have been posting on FB, Glasgow also on a couple of occasions, but no news from Strathmore or Fife. Hopefully the current situation hasn't forced them to collapse
  14. Scotland RL will hold wheelchair Celtic cup international tournament involving Ireland and Wales June 12th https://www.scotlandrl.com/2021/02/11/the-wheelchair-rugby-league-celtic-cup-returns-to-scotland/
  15. The gift that just keeps giving Forth Valley RL sponsorship announcement https://www.pitchero.com/clubs/forthvalleyvikings/news/callum-stewart-photography-snap-up-sponsorship-2598695.html
  16. Back to Scottish RL scene Forth Valley announce another sponsor Rugby Tots https://www.rugbytots.co.uk/ Hopefully season will get underway soon,
  17. Nice read on Lebanon RL https://www.skysports.com/rugby-league/news/12196/12166571/the-ties-that-bind-lebanon-rugby-league-and-links-to-australia
  18. According to the Lebanese RL he hailed from Zgharta, north Lebanon, but I suspect this may be his family,
  19. I think Lebanon are taking positive steps with a 3 team league planned plus the signing of Michael Cheika as national coach. Being born n bred in Lebanon. Ok there squad is Australian based but we have to take a positive and long term approach to this, its a step in the right direction, Hopefully and I would expect the coaching squad to spend time in Lebanon assisting the domestic squads with training, PR etc so to increase the popularity of the sport.
  20. As far as I'm aware I don't think the team exists anymore (Monklands), last time Salford had any input was in 2014 where players visited Duncanrig secondary in East Kilbride to discuss healthy life style, then a rugby focused exercise group to 250 pupils, then conducted a more specific rugby league focussed training session on the Saturday. Apart from that little else is known
  21. UGYM Fitness announced as second sponsor https://www.pitchero.com/clubs/forthvalleyvikings/news/the-vikings-team-up-with-ugym-2598278.html
  22. Great news for Forth Valley, Love Rugby League coming on board as sponsors https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/love-rugby-league-sponsors-scotlands-newest-club/?utm_content=buffer0eeaf&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer
  23. I really don't think asking supporters to pay for streaming will ever work for the Championship, Div 1. The interest/support is just not there in the numbers required. But I'm sure more informed posters will disagree etc. Just offer 1 game per week from both divisions on YouTube for free. You will get more viewers and increase the potential of match day sponsors coming on board. In the recent Fosroc Super 6 RU in Scotland, they did just this, viewers for live games ranged from 4k up to 9k with highlights of all the weeks matches ranging from 3K to 10k. With the right coverage it can work and it gets RL out there free. Thus showing potential broadcasting companies the potential
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