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  1. Agree, I don't think they have a league. Saluzzo roosters were doing really well post covid in the French regionals,but I believe have gone back to playing union. National team relying on Australian heritage players, which makes them a strong (ish) team like Lebanon. I'm not having a go cos Scotland have relied on heritage players in the past but there has to be a line drawn somewhere. I always felt sad for France at the last WC getting beat by an 'Australian' Lebanon team (IMO)
  2. What would be interesting, if Scottish clubs could affiliate with the likes of Newcastle, Workington, Whitehaven, Barrow creating a pathway for players. Plus representative games against, Scotland (league players) Vs Cumbria and North East/Durham Tyne n Wear. Scotland RU I believe have close links with Newcastle Falcons so why not RL. I guess time will tell, but it all needs funding, put in the right place. Again I think Scotland need a good WC, well advertised up here, pushed with the Scottish Government, if the NationalFootball team or RU team make a major tournament it's plastered everywhere, but as far I can see Scotland making the RL WC has had little coverage. But fingers crossed this will change over the coming months. Behind the scenes I'm sure Scotland RL are working hard with what they have available to them since funding from England RL was pulled.
  3. (I believe) Up to a point the English RFL invested in Scotland RL but pulled funding a while ago which led to a decline in RL up here. It's all done on good will now, not sure if sport Scotland invest or the Government. McEwans help sponsor the league and nation team but I don't think it involves money either. So I think we still only have 1 development officer and a few volunteers. I just hope we have a good world cup, Scotland RL push the local media etc to build interest, try and get a mention on TV etc and the people of Newcastle come out to support us. It would make a massive difference to the sport up here. RU is getting a bit of a bashing up here due to mis management of funds etc so if we can get just a small slice of business it would make massive differences. I know RU players do like a bit of RL, and amateur level clubs are really struggling with disproportionate funding, most of it going to Glasgow, Edinburgh and the super 6, we don't need many players to take up RL or even persuade a couple of clubs to start up a team. But a positive world cup would hopefully make things easier
  4. Edinburgh Eagles play in the NE league and did pretty well, and I think Glasgow had plans to do the same
  5. No not in Aberdeen but Dundee have a wheelchair team so potential is there plus it's a university city.
  6. Agree, Aberdeen has been used successfully with RU so no reason why RL could give it ago, the central belt could do with a team (Hamilton) Borders and Ayrshire, but as always Scotland RL get no money from the Scottish Government (I don't think so)so it's always difficult. But I'm really hoping the world cup will spark interest (pending a decent performance from Scotland) A tie up with Newcastle RL could be useful or the Cumbrian clubs for future development purposes
  7. Rugby league in Scotland is always a tough sell, a very very very minor sport, more people play curling than RL but the potential is there and I know many RU players who love it and did play it out of the RU season We could do with another central belt team, Ayrshire and Borders but money is virtually non existent for Scotland RL
  8. New team announced by Scotland RL Forth Valley Vikings based in Tillicoultry Will join Edinburgh Eagles, Strathmore Silverbacks, Glasgow, Fife Lions. Small but positive steps
  9. New team announced by Scotland RL Forth Valley Vikings based in Tillicoultry Will join Edinburgh Eagles, Strathmore Silverbacks, Glasgow, Fife Lions. Small but positive steps
  10. Total shambles only having 1 official international window, makes International RL meaningless, then have a cheek to tout a possible England v Exiles which ain't an international. Yeah it states other internationals can be arranged at other times but I'm sure our precious SL clubs will buy that idea
  11. There was some talk of Australia biding for the WC but that all went quiet, which is a shame. I think we need to bring back the old 4 nations matches or even increase it to 6 so to keep the top level games in the public eye, Meanwhile improve the tier 2 teams with a regular international scene. England RL last played in 2018 England RU have played 20 or so international matches (excluding WC) since 2019! For the WC to grow we need the top international countries to show some interest and provide a strong international scene at the top level
  12. 1 idea is holding the 2025 WC in various cities like the euro champs in football. Personally potentially a winning idea in spreading the word of RL. Only if the money and advertising is done correctly. For me France Serbia Russia Canada/USA all great destinations to hold games in 2025 https://www.rugbyleagueplanet.com/2019/10/22/rlwc2025-to-go-back-to-tender-report/
  13. Back to the actual post, it's a great win for RL, it's on council TV easily accessible to the majority, J Davies, I like him he loves the sport and enthusiastic in his commentary Small ray of light in RLs debacle of other areas of the sport
  14. Why don't they just concentrate on developing a top class Canadian league or get in with the USA with a Toronto set up and a North America league, could even include a Jamaican team. Could really improve the game there Long term get the World cup to North America
  15. So since the disappointment of SL kicking Toronto out, Ottawa deferring to 2022?? & Canada struggling in the World cup qualifiers, what's the state of play with RL in Canada and is there a plan to move forward?
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