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  1. This is ridiculous. The tackle was mistimed, but innocuous against a player that Chisholm expects to be his teammate this season. He apologised immediately and that should have been the end of the matter. The RFL are a bunch of jobsworths.
  2. We really don't know what the future holds in terms of dual reg. Leeds have to decide whether championship is a better standard for their players than SL reserve grade in 2020. According to their squad shirt numbers you would expect their fringe squad players to include :- Sutcliffe, McClelland, Albert, C.Smith, C. Johnson. A fully fit 'Fev' thirteen might include:- 1) Hall 2) Blackmore 3) Minns (when fit) 4) Sutcliffe (DR) 5) Carey 6) Joufrett /McClelland (DR) 7) Chisholm 8)Albert (DR) 9)Parata 10) Susino (The next Brad Day) 11) Day 12) C. Smith (DR) 13) Lockwood With players fighting for sub spots:- C.Johnson (DR) Hardcastle Davies Ferres Ferguson Cooper Bussey Sweeting Beckett Render Worthington (loan) With London looking to rebuild, I expect Toulouse and Leigh to be our main competitors. Come on Fev.
  3. John Gilbert was in my original thirteen ?
  4. I was referring to Deryck, Don was too early for me. Just a little bit of fun during the quietest time of the year.
  5. I've been shuffling off to Fev for 45 years. My Dad dragged me round to the changing rooms after the game years ago to get the signatures of Charlie Stone, Jimmy Thompson, Keith Bridges, and Vince Farrar , but at that age I was probably more interested in the bottle of pop and the bag of crisps he bought me before the game. In terms of appreciating players after that my favourite starting thirteen would be 1) Chris Bibb 2)Luke Briscoe 3)John Gilbert 4) Steve Evans 5) P. Newlove 6) Steadman 7) D. Fox 8. K. Harrison 9} Clarke. 10) Gibbins 11) P.Smith 12)D. Hobbs 13)B. Tuuta Thats mine whats yours ?
  6. It looks like he has been searching the internet for all the wrong reasons. If so, good riddance.
  7. We will need to be on top form to pull this one off. This is York's last game at home, they will be desperate to win considering their remaining games.
  8. It's interesting to see that Punchard started at hooker for the reserves this week. Perhaps Ryan Carr is considering bringing him off the bench as cover for Cam King and both half backs. Maskill seems very one dimensional. Time is on Punchards side, he looks like he has the talent to make it.
  9. Golding not in Leeds starting 17. Plays for us Sunday, great news. Leigh are building, and will be a difficult challenge.
  10. I would love to see at least one of the three PNG imports make a success of it at Fev this season. Unfortunately, I suspect Ryan Carr considers Alex Sutcliffe as a more complete player that he can 'mould', if Leeds don't show a long term need for him. Teteh needs to up his game or I suspect he maybe joining Watson Boas at Doncaster on loan in the not too distant future. I really hope he proves a point and shows some form for Fev.
  11. Great news. How can you defend against Chisholm. Even he doesn't know what he's going to do.
  12. All team sports thrive from competition for places. The Featherstone board and management team deserve respect for trying to make that happen. Good look to your team, another small town team trying to achieve in the face of Super league.
  13. Always good to bring in competition for places. A natural reaction to last Sunday.
  14. A Fev lad who plays with enthusiasm and pride. Well done Fev.
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