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  1. They would still have to play the Grand Final .
  2. I haven’t seen I a longer clip but that clip that’s doing the rounds is the back end when there getting a good hiding obviously nobody was filming the start . The stewards are only in the ground I can’t say I have ever seen them outside .
  3. I have got no reason to lie I witnessed it .Them lads to me looked like they intentionally came to cause trouble they where waiting outside the bus while the rest of the Widnes fans where still inside the ground applauding there players .
  4. Widnes lads tried starting a fight with a young lad that was by himself then got a good hiding when some Fev fans sore what was going off now it’s Fev fans that are in trouble them lads got what they deserved .
  5. That village team still took more away than the big city team even had at home and managed to give them a battering on the field as well .
  6. What they designed that on clip art .
  7. All these people talking of London been given a spot in superleague are forgetting that it’s now a completely different London that got relegated. They have lost all there top players from that year and are now a mid table championship team . No team should just be given a spot it should just be 11 teams and one promoted the following season .
  8. When he’s not injured which isn’t very often .
  9. If it becomes I closed shop for the foreseeable that’s me finished with this sport .
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