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  1. How many times does he take the ball in absolutely pathetic looks scared
  2. We signed Tyler Hepi someone with some go forward and aggression yet McDermott played Cooper who’s not good enough tries his best but far too small for a prop and good knows how Ferres gets in the team .
  3. He’s lazy and needs to pull his finger out
  4. Gaz will be out for a while he’s broken his hand so could be pickersgill on the wing or hall on the wing with Hellewell to centre.
  5. Probably because this definitely didn’t happen no players where spat on . It’s not all about you like other people said there’s plenty of places to sit in the ground like the main stand
  6. A well earned rest after three games of the season . I think some people just think we turn up and win these sort of games easily .
  7. They would still have to play the Grand Final .
  8. I haven’t seen I a longer clip but that clip that’s doing the rounds is the back end when there getting a good hiding obviously nobody was filming the start . The stewards are only in the ground I can’t say I have ever seen them outside .
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