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  1. Ryan Carr will be back in England as soon as there’s a super League head coach job up for grabs .
  2. R.I.P scoff true Fev supporter
  3. Gareth hock


    Tyrer hates Fev and we hate him he’s a absolute toilet of a man .
  4. Gareth hock


    I agree the squad we had last year should have made the-super 8s easy . He tryed playing Thackeray at FB a few times and that didn’t work out either .
  5. Gareth hock


    Playing Brierley at fullback and leaving McNally out is ridiculous.
  6. Like I said where did I refer to the incident with the ref ? In that sentence I was referencing the incident where one of the players got a drink thrown on him .
  7. Is it a shared gate in the playoffs or does all the money go to the home team ?
  8. When did I say anything about that having something to do with the incident outside the changing room
  9. Do you think that’s down to all the chopping and changing and signing of big name players ?
  10. Like the way they play they are in the championship they are hardly Melbourne Storm . They did it yesterday to try and get a reaction and sadly for Fev they got one and will now probably get another fine . imagine if Fev win at leigh next week away from home and decided to go round the stadium and did what Toulouse did I don’t think it will go down too well .
  11. What do you want a medal ? #superfan
  12. Cory Aston must have a very good agent .
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