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  1. It will probably end up been longer it says 9 games initially then both teams may explore it been longer at a later date .
  2. Goulding Briscoe worthington Hardacker Saxton Kain Finn Dickens Ellis Tony Tonks Locky Davies Hepworth
  3. Widnes or Bradford I have heard he’s going to .
  4. It’s better than last seasons monstrosity
  5. Batley going for the Leigh look . That just doesn’t look like a Batley home kit one bit .
  6. They did same last season it seems they go for quantity over quality .
  7. No it won’t go that far back I doubt anyone that played in 1921 is still playing today .
  8. But it’s not a pointless topic is it just because it doesn’t interest you doesn’t mean it’s pointless . If it’s not of interest to you just bypass the topic no need to make a comment just for the sake of it .
  9. Why bother looking and commenting then ?
  10. Ah right fair enough my bad . You’ve got to admit they look similar on that picture though.
  11. I agree but some on here don’t .
  12. Watch what you say about drinking apparently we are just a bunch ###### heads
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