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  1. When he’s not injured which isn’t very often .
  2. Gareth hock

    No PR

    If it becomes I closed shop for the foreseeable that’s me finished with this sport .
  3. Admiral taverns have shut the junction for good and are refusing to sell it to any one else who wants to keep it as a pub. There plans are to rip it down . If you could click the link below and sign the petition cheers . https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/save-the-junction?bucket=&source=whatsapp-share-button&utm_campaign=&utm_source=whatsapp&share=8e6565f7-1bbc-4ebb-a6b3-97d4c4ee4916
  4. Martyn Ridyard that’s a surprising one and I wouldn’t have king that high as likeable as he was he was are second best hooker last season behind Jones .
  5. It looks like Carey’s preferred to Gaz at the minute I can’t understand why though .
  6. Why has Luke not been able to keep a starting spot so far ? Because what I have seen of Tom and Luke (obviously just Tom on Tv and more of Luke in real life ) Luke is the better player .
  7. Let’s hope we never make super league !
  8. Maybe they didn’t want the pitch completely ruining impacting on further home fixtures .
  9. Good lad is keal was a good hooker for us shame he came to Fev when they was dishing out daft wages and had to go when they didn’t make the super 8s .
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