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  1. Yeah I agree with that but am just stating that it’s not going to be as easy as some people think .
  2. We need to all turn out in force against York massive game . Swinton at home isn’t going to be easy though they seem to be playing well at the moment.
  3. Yes you did always rate Walters I can vouch for that I didn’t rate him at all before this season but he’s definitely changed my mind now i am happy to be proved wrong . Hopefully we can get him signed up but it’s looking doubtful from what I have heard . On a side note Carr never seems to keep Ormonroyd on for long he doesn’t ever seem to play many minutes .
  4. It’s funny how Chisholm played the full 80 and was absolutely fine after the game . It must be one of them delayed injuries that comes on a couple of days later .
  5. Surely the RFL have got to do something about the referees performance. I haven’t seen one as bad as that in a long time .
  6. I am definitely looking forward to a good session round York and you have definitely punched above your weight this season Fordie is a cracking young coach .
  7. You absolute tool I would have least waited till after the game unlucky son
  8. It’s absolutely gutting losing to Dewsbury and Barrow at home .
  9. I couple of weeks ago I thought we were certainty’s for the top 5 at least now am not so sure today’s game is massive .
  10. How’s Brooks been doing ? He’s was dire for us and I was surprised Duffy took him to Leigh .
  11. https://www.featherstonerovers.co.uk/news/carr-joins-leeds-rhinos-backroom-team-Ffjgm
  12. Is that when a group of Hull kr fans came to cause trouble started a fight with the stewards then ran on the pitch and Fev got fined ?
  13. To be fair that Puara the PNG hooker played him off park yesterday.
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