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  1. Wrlfc

    200 club

    Is it still going ?
  2. Tiredness and lack of light .and what if i couldn't spell are you some kind of perfectionist and a school bully type ?
  3. Wilkes has just started training so was allowing him a few training sessions before game ,maudling has played prop many a time .....there will be plenty of rotation so dosen't realy matter .
  4. 1 feildhouse 2 mellor 3 singleton 4 litherland 5 miller 6 doran 7 forber 8 maurdling 9 penky 10 scholey 11 olstrem 12 tickle 13 bairns
  5. Not that he's doing bad job in centres but like olstrum i like perry in forwards also ,great 1st season there .
  6. Dont blame the players they put there body on the lines for our entertainment,one bad tackle they are done for no work carnt support there family ,we dont think of that when there in the field of play ,we dont see them as husband's partners dads sons ,we see them as employees and this must win at all costs ... its the supporters that are letting us down ,these lads are offerd terms on predicted gates ,this is were the problem is coming from not enough through the turnstyles.so im afraid if you dont support it prepare to lose it ....
  7. There are a few which one is the nearest do you have a name of said travellodge ?
  8. Wrlfc


    Im afraid its a no from me !
  9. Wrlfc


    Send that post into the RFL .
  10. Wrlfc


    Best post ive ever read,this is how were all feeling even the players themselves ,the game as gone to soft then they wonder why they carnt grow the game ,they dont ask the people that play the game they just say i no we will change this we will change that ..to ban the shoulder charge was a disgrace with out even consulting the players ,they dont want it banned everybody knows you carnt contact head so the only thing there they should have is a fixed penalty so everybody knows say 6 game ban end off ...bring back the biff or risk losing the sport alltogether.
  11. But sam is a class fullback and if he played today on tv for either side at fullback ,everybody would be saying sign sam forrester ..which everybody did 3 year ago ..he is a brilliant fullback
  12. But he isnt better than sam forrester tho is he .
  13. Why is better than sam ...i dont think so in my humble opinion
  14. Harrison retired due to injury
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