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  1. 2 year contracts. They won't be leaving Haven
  2. Jonno off back to Crusaders I heard today.
  3. bruner


    Nail on the head.
  4. bruner


    Dean and Darren would be a fantastic combination. Got a lot of time for the both of them.
  5. Was at the game today. Plenty of effort, but again, discipline one of the main factors that let us down. I don't think its deliberate. I think Barrow's strength and fitness collectively just isn't that of a Champnsionship team. That's why they give so many penalties away.
  6. bruner


    I was always a Cresta fan, and he has been a great servant to Barrow but I think now is the time to move on! The game moves on and maybe a change is what we need!
  7. The correct decision for the club and the player. However I remember watching Jake play for Sheffield against us last year, and he tore us apart in the right centre. Maybe he was low on confidence with being played on the wing and not getting in the team?? You can't blame him for taking the opportunity to sign with Featherstone. As I think most of the current players would if they weren't playing week in week out. It didn't work out for him at Barrow, and I agree with some of the comments on here. But I will wish him all the best. Anyone who takes to the field these days deserves some credit. I was a little bit disappointed with Crestas comments in the paper. I found them a little bit unprofessional and bitter.
  8. bruner

    York at home

    You have solved Barrow's problems. "Pass it to the quick players" !!! Rugby league simply isn't about passing it to the wingers. Yesterday was not too dissimilar to how we have lost most our games this year. York beat us around the ruck in attack and defence. Quick play the balls and dominance in defence. The speed of our play the balls have been painful to watch at times this year. We have a big pack but it is not as mobile as the other packs in the league. Set the platform well and then you will see the likes of tee and Deon getting more of the ball.
  9. bruner


    Any comments on the game?
  10. Surely Jake Carter deserves a shot in there.
  11. bruner

    Forgotten men

    I thought better of you Broady.
  12. bruner

    v Halifax

    Great effort from everyone involved today. I though Jake Carter showed maturity beyond his years and didn't look out of place. It'd be a shame for him to not get a game next week.
  13. bruner

    1895 Cup

    Ryan J injured and Jake Carter Cup Tied. So neither will play on Wed
  14. Cresswell should be in the 19. But he has injured his ankle at training on Thursday.
  15. bruner


    Barrow started slow, but managed to get themselves back into it. A 12-26 defeat to a tough Featherstone team (Which included various Leeds DR) is not to be disgraced. Dan Toal pulled out in the warm up with an illness and Josh Johnson who has been massive had a knock that he couldn't get over. Those 2 players alone were a big miss for Barrow. I don't agree with the previous comments saying the lads didn't seem up for it. There was plenty of effort from everybody. Simply put, the better team won. If you don't want to spend your 'hard earned' cash watching Barrow. Then don't. I'm sure the lads appreciate the fans who stick by them win, lose or draw. I've every confidence that Cresta and his team will do all they can to survive. With bodies coming back over the next few weeks, we will start to see the team pick up some wins. COYR
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