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    I was a huge Dallimore fan during his time at Barrow but can't help but feel he has massively let himself down. Be interested to hear a statement from the club after they announced he left due to family reasons and couldn't travel. Surely they must have known?
  2. I would rest some of the lads carrying knocks and go all our for the Widnes game.
  3. I asked this question last week at the ground and I believe he hasn't been at the club for a while due to work.
  4. Agree with this Morty. Foz was the best player on the pitch.
  5. Not sure I agree on this Steve. Jakes defence is probably the best out of all the half backs.
  6. I don't see this as terrible news at all. Opportunity for Carter and Johnson back together. They look good when they play together.
  7. Couldn't agree more with this. Barrow need some size off the bench. The lads that came on tried hard, but they are back rowers trying to play prop.
  8. I would stick with Carter. He's gone really well in preseason and played well so far.
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