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  1. Just now, gingerjon said:

    I'm not really answering the question here but I've just had a look at the British Social Attitudes survey. In 1987, when Schofield was just about a regular on TV but starting out, some 75% of the country believed that consenting relationships between people of the same sex were "always" (64%) or "mostly" (11%) wrong.

    The first attempt to repeal Section 28 happened less than twenty years ago and it failed. The current Prime Minister was cracking gay jokes that would not be acceptable today within the past decade.

    How many people writing on this thread (or reading it but not commenting) would be totally fine with their son screwing his latest boyfriend in their house? Genuinely, totally, absolutely fine.

    It is a big deal. It's getting much, much less of a deal. For my sons' generation it hardly seems to matter at all in many ways. But even there, that's not universal. A few of them wore rainbow laces last year. And there were some (all boys it sadly must be said) who were angry enough to complain about that.

    This is an important point. He has said he really wanted to be a Childrens TV presenter. 

    Would have been utterly unthinkable in the 80s. And why now?

    Because the tabloids we're about to out him.

    Personally, I was unaware he was married to a woman. I'd have been more surprised if he'd come out as straight.

  2. 4 hours ago, THE RED ROOSTER said:

    Leigh Centurions v Sheffield Eagles
    Toulouse Olympique v Oldham
    Featherstone Rovers v Halifax
    London Broncos v Whitehaven
    Swinton Lions v Dewsbury Rams
    Widnes Vikings v Batley Bulldogs
    York City Knights v Bradford Bulls

    I am going for a couple of upsets in this round. Halifax to win at Fev Rovers and Bradford to win at York. IMO both Fax and Bulls being better teams than most givem credit for - including some of thir own fans.

    If your wondering,  I never tip the Broncos to win - even if they were playing Brisbane Girls School for the Blind. if I tipped a win the curse of the Rooster would strike and they would find a way to lose...

    Wouldn't Timbuktu/Mogadishu Girls School for the blind be a better analogy? At least Brisbane would have a bloody good idea of what game they were supposed to be playing.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Bulliac said:

    2637 to be exact, which is 'decent' given the circumstances.

    I think the figure for Odsal last season was around 3400 or so. Given that the Bulls were probably the slightly better side overall (I may be biased, but they were definitely equally as good) the performance was important to hopefully bring some lost sheep back into the fold.

    Yes. Given more local and better supported opposition, better weather, and a few wins under their belt, there is the potential for more...

  4. 33 minutes ago, GUBRATS said:

    Just getting used to a bigger ball would take ages , and as you say , no real need for aerobic fitness in gridiron , they wouldn't last ten minutes , and would take a long time to get it 

    It's a bit like saying Usain Bolt, Greg Rutherford and Mo Farah are all world class athletes. Yes they are. But that doesn't necessarily translate.

    I see US football as the 100 m, RU as summat technical like long jump, or pole vault, and RL as the 5000 metres.

    If asked to switch would they give it a bloody good go? Of course. They are all super fit and used to working hard. They'd probably be better than your average honest trier.

    Are they all dedicated, committed athletes? Well yes of course. Would they give their all out of professional pride and will to win? Absolutely. But it isn't that simple...

  5. 1 hour ago, Dunbar said:

    I have gone for Huddersfield as the result of the round and Jake Trueman as the best individual performance I saw in the round.

    Ditto. In the race to slate Toronto's performance, which wasn't good, a truly fine display from Trueman has gone a bit under the radar. He would have caused much better sides a heap of problems.

    On that form he could lead Cas to a very good season indeed,

  6. 1 hour ago, ShropshireBull said:

    Championship shaping up nicely to watch via OurLeague from Spain. Next week the playoff teams are clear of eachother until the 16th when Leigh face York and Widnes face a Broncos side who Bradford pushed all the way. Curious anyone got a line on how many were at the Bradford game, if they are as competitive as that and sniffing the playoffs may help keep the numbers up. 

    "Over 2500" according to Bulls FB page.

  7. 5 minutes ago, SL17 said:

    He took his wage knowing it was coming from slot machines. Now his bank account is full of betting debts, he wants to turn a new leaf,

    Yes, but, he wasn't always a muslim. Turning over a new leaf is the very essence of conversion to any faith.

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  8. 1 minute ago, aj1908 said:

    If love for someone to ask him a direct question on how he feels about gays.

    That would be most interesting 

    If he has Love the sinner hate the sin as his mantra, then that would be fine with me. If anyone religious uses their faith to help others and deeply reflect on their failings and resolve to improve as a human being as a mantra then I am OK with it. Whatever faith.

    If they use their faith to belittle, intimidate, bully, condemn or incite violence against anyone else then that is not OK with me.


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  9. 9 minutes ago, aj1908 said:

    Lol yes.

    Money Bill williams certainly knows how to make it rain dollars 

    Yes but there is skilful means. He has refused to wear gambling sponsorship. He did so quite reasonably, and didn't accompany it with a declaration that everyone who did was off to Hell. In many ways he is a good model for his religion. Makes a stand, and a point, without demanding or condemning others. Perhaps that is why the money flows?

    Who am I to guess what he thinks?

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  10. 41 minutes ago, aj1908 said:

    Ok let's see how long the outrage lasts.

    Is every super league player.now going to be asked if he is homophobic as well?

    I Guarantee you he isn't the only one that will be 

    And, by way of contrast, if every SL player was melded up to some sort of infallible mind scan as to whether they had had thoughts of a same sex nature.

    I guarantee they wouldn't be alone.

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  11. 2 hours ago, Gates1 said:

    Cas could be missing: 

    Feki, Blair, Watts, Moors, Smith, Mcmeeken, JSL, Foster,  Milner.

    So it's a lump job on Toronto for me!

    Unbelievable injury list for game 1.   Cas need to have a serious look at the training programme and ability of the Strengh and conditioning team.  Most of the injuries occurred in training!

    Ouch! You have NINE players out for game 1? Serious Questions need asking particularly if they are out of game injuries.

    Toronto for me given that list.

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