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  1. Redruth play in Nat 2 South. They play teams from Leicester, St. Albans, Guernsey, Canterbury and Bury St Edmunds. Many of them are as far away as Wigan or Warrington. Their closest team is Barnstaple which is 100 miles. Roughly the distance from Salford to Hull. So not really a derby.
  2. Aren't you aware that alternate home and away fixtures are a long-observed, inviolable RL tradition? You simply can never have anybody playing away twice. It is against the natural order.
  3. On another thread folk are reminiscing about the 1987 Wigan/Manly game. One with 8 St. Pat's players in it. That followed on from about a decade where Pat's Youth teams were pulling regular crowds in 4 figures on the Cimmick. Not sure how we get back there. But they were great days of Amateur RL.
  4. Sky Bet odds out. Saints 4/11 Cats 2/1 That seems generous for a few cheeky Euros. Anyone give them a less than 1 in 3 chance?
  5. Would be super ironic if NARL was able to recruit a much better standard of player than MLR. Because international RL is comparatively so much weaker and less lucrative!
  6. Nice to see Peru have kept the football shirt. Surely the finest international soccer strip going?
  7. Indeed. However, his kicking game alone will be much better than what we've seen so far.
  8. However, the Football League had test matches, effectively playoff or MPG for many years.
  9. Actually got a bizarre feeling about this one. Shoot me down, but I can see a WP win here. The Mighty Wigan have been far from impressive so far. Indeed, if Wire had kept 13 on the field we'd be talking about Wigan in crisis. WP are,weak up front. So are Wigan...
  10. This is an important point. He has said he really wanted to be a Childrens TV presenter. Would have been utterly unthinkable in the 80s. And why now? Because the tabloids we're about to out him. Personally, I was unaware he was married to a woman. I'd have been more surprised if he'd come out as straight.
  11. Wouldn't Timbuktu/Mogadishu Girls School for the blind be a better analogy? At least Brisbane would have a bloody good idea of what game they were supposed to be playing.
  12. Not the tastiest of fixture lists. Only Swinton Dewsbury looks very competitive.
  13. In other news. Hudgell is a lawyer. Trebles all round for m' learned friends.
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