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  1. One thing he would definitely be able to do is kick goals. Worth a few points every game. Look at Frano Botica. John Monie had him in his all time team of players he'd coached for that reason alone.
  2. There's American, Canadian, Gaelic, Australian, Rugby League, Rugby Union, and Association. All football...
  3. Never understood the Pats green kit. The all black kit I used to wear was awesome.
  4. This is a vital area, one in which I have some experience in advice. If anyone feels the need, Step Change and Christians Against Poverty are 2 wonderful charities which offer free advice and can take over the negotiations for you to reduce monthly re-payments. They can also handle all correspondence, to eliminate the stress of dealing with demands via the post. They have qualified lawyers too, to handle disputes and summonses. All free.
  5. One player I am looking at is Dixon. He's 29 now, so approaching peak for a forward and has played in a GF.I've always been impressed by him in a non -flashy way. Was surprised when he went to Leigh and to Toronto. He'll have a big role if TWP are to do well.
  6. Indeed. I wonder what the odds are on SBW as Man of Steel?
  7. Coincidentally 1985 is also the end of an era when Leigh were very very good, and Wigan were ######...
  8. Yep. Me too. Very easy to just send thoughts and best wishes, but to take the time to put some effort into it and make it personal. Top man!
  9. Red Star are one of the biggest sporting clubs in Europe, basketball, football, etc. (Indeed, it could be argued, they'd instantly be the biggest Club playing RL in the world. NOT the biggest RL club). Supported by 50% of Serbs. So they might bring some away fans. Potentially half the Serbs in the UK. Even if only 1% of that number showed up, that would be a fair few (350 away fans if the above figures are correct) at League One level.
  10. https://www.rugby-league.com/article/56190/newcastle-thunder-to-kick-off-dacia-magic-weekend Ticket sales up 25% on Anfield apparently.
  11. Belgrade and Valencia are considerably different propositions to NY, Ottawa and Toronto though. They don't involve big time zone changes. Spain is on the same time. And Vladivostok do manage in the Russian second division which is non-regionalised. Which is not to say there aren't massive issues...merely to point out that they are not utterly insurmountable.
  12. Sevens then Locker Cup v Wire used to be traditional. A warm up 5 weeks out from the first game seems rather like stretching for the Olympic 1500m a week before the final.
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