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  1. I believe they were 2 points behind 7th. That is top half!
  2. Both games 46-0 today. Toronto and Toulouse. With both looking like having home advantage, would be surprised if that wasn't the final now.
  3. Surprisingly enough, no one seems to know. Not like RL to leave such a crucial decision to the very last minute.
  4. Yes. Which would make prudent financial sense. The advantage they have, though, if someone else goes down, presumably they'd be looking to offload quite a few quickly. Broncos would probably be best placed to pick them up, being a long, long way below the cap. And some way below their wage bill for this year.
  5. London keep winning when they have to. They did so last year too. People forget they were written off for the top four with 3 to play last season. Look what happened...
  6. I would suggest that elasticity of demand is rather more complicated than even that. Different clubs will have different elasticities. The key starting questions are what is the maximum and what the minimum for each club's attendance? Given ideal form, opponents, weather, loads riding on it, Derby game, etc, etc. How many could they get? And for the worst case. How many diehards would be there after 15 straight defeats on a wet Thursday night with nowt riding on it against another team in poor form from miles away. The difference between the two is the elasticity of demand. Assuming they were priced the same. To measure the price elasticity you would need to repeat the same game under the same conditions with a range of different prices. Impossible. So trial and error is the only way. Basically, experiment with donation only and see what happens. As Swinton and others have done. But, unless you can repeat it, with identical variables, which you can't, you can't know for sure.
  7. BPA were of course originally an RL club. What goes around comes around.
  8. Sadly, this is social media. People think they have the right to spout any old ######. And that they have "freeze peach" to do so. Get them locked up. Wouldn't get away with it in person.
  9. So there is no football hooliganism in Russia then?https://www.theguardian.com/news/2018/apr/24/russia-neo-nazi-football-hooligans-world-cup
  10. Article in the Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/aug/10/hooliganism-threat-rugby-league Seems no one is denying some Wire fans have been out of order again.
  11. That's Leeds safe for me. 20 points is the cutoff, and their PD is too good. Will take some epic defeats now to see them down.
  12. Disturbing FB message from Keighley. Suggests just packing it in altogether and not playing final 5 fixtures.
  13. Any word on Newcastle? There really is nowt up here for the competitive Academy side to graduate to. Well, between Thunder first team and Gateshead Storm that is. And that is some gap...
  14. There is a Toronto Wolfpack fans in the UK Facebook group. There are 82 000 Canadians in the UK. If we could get 1% of them a big ask, to away games they'd have a decent following...most of them are Down South but hey.
  15. I was there. They were on the other side of the canal that day too.
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