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  1. Really makes a change from Barry & Terry going on about Wigan they talk about them even if they are not playing in the game they are commentating on
  2. Wonder if he will complain in semi final if Warrington get the calls could be awkward next season
  3. Why are Wigan letting him train with the club during his ban I thought once you were banned you shouldn't have any interaction with your place of employment? Surely if he wants to be fit for his return he should train on his own.
  4. Hardaker offside before smack on nose no excuse for swinging arm but perhaps don't cheat
  5. Shenton a one club man except when he went to Saints the commentators said it last week and today surely that's two clubs?
  6. Have they changed the rule regarding the two men in a tackle if one lets go ball can be stolen?
  7. Can't believe it,after the under par performances Kendall has put in recently how bad are the others!! Yet another reward for incompetence
  8. Huddersfield perhaps with a new coach
  9. Think everyone is entitled to an opinion on a forum that's the point people may have the same opinion of you rambling on and didn't Kendall favour Wigan last night?
  10. where are the other refs after Kendalls appalling game last week he should have been dropped!!
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