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  1. Maybe u should ask Jamie very approachable
  2. He was at haven last night clapping for haven but can’t see it
  3. Sorry got my wires crossed
  4. Serious question, why is there no 12s league, Kells we’re asked to join the 16s Cumbria cup but declined as if there’s no league how can they have a cup!
  5. No u12 league this year, you can name teams who a gonna win 13s14s Seaton, Brow won’t play Kells or Hensingham at 16s hence why they have gone to North East. We all know who runs the youth in Cumbria but no noise comes from them. Someone needs to take the lead amateur or Pro, a Cumbrian based super league club is the only answer.
  6. Not in our county it won’t Cumbria Youth is at a all time low, Cumbria is been massively failed at grass roots level.
  7. I would back it if they came with there own players instead of a shed load of super league has beens and a top coach, absolutely no incentive to heartland clubs, these lot will be in Super league in 3 years. Only ones happy with this are clubs with big backers, the rest might aswell fold.
  8. Will he be on duel Reg ?
  9. Adam came to Wath Brow as a 16 year old after playing for Whitehaven Academy played mostly for Distington & Wath Brow a good local signing.
  10. Thunder have a super league set up, my son was at Wigan then signed for Newcastle, there set up is 10x better than Wigan’s and that’s through out the whole club, only thing letting them down is there a league 1 club, there ambition is to be a super league team by 2030 and there backer has said he will support them and falcons, Cumbria need a massive sponsor to obtain anything near there’s, the the only way it will happen if there is a Cumbrian team IMO.
  11. He’s a decent prop in the Cumbrian league but Kev Hoban is elbras best player, then again look at Scholey, he came from Maryport and has been decent.
  12. ok lol we have found our level, sundays your test.
  13. So u think u would get a different squad if u we’re in championship?
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