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  1. Think he did, plays at Millom
  2. What we have been asking for years a local team, am not bothered if we get stuffed every game aslong as we compete in them games, think we might shock a few on the way.
  3. Think we’re more than capable of beating the dewsburys, swintons, Batleys & Oldhams and you never know at Home with us so we could be ok.
  4. Two more Iv heard from a reliable source
  5. He’s gone he’s playing for Benes & Kells.
  6. Jordan gone can’t see while returning
  7. Incoming centre from Wath Brow
  8. You tell me marra probably signed the best amateur player in the county so not a bad start
  9. All his costing is match payments if he plays so just a squad player.
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