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  1. A meant Taylor & Thompson is Thackeray still here lol
  2. After reading all posts about how bad Haven are and we’re gonna get stuffed in championship, all I would say is so what we’re a Cumbrian team with two committed travellers and two PNG living local. I for one think we will be in every game at the Rec if we get beat so be it we have cried out for local side and we have it, looking at it gonna see Toulouse, Widnes, Leigh, Bradford ect at Rec we’re your gonna see West Wales, Coventry ect know who I would rather watch IMO.
  3. Ridyard and Shorrocks to come in, in fairness draw probably a fair result, town played well and haven played last 10 minutes. Hope the injured on both sides are not as bad as they look.
  4. If Haven don’t run out healthy winners were in trouble u have a load trialists from barrow county U19s.... 3 or 4.
  5. Brett Philips came through Havens youth team.
  6. True fans eh it’s a split gate more that’s there more money town get, why don’t you congregate in one area and count how many of you there are before the “haven said there was 250 of us crack”
  7. Barrow struggled without PNG lads
  8. He played for Cockermouth last year he’s a prop.
  9. Think he did, plays at Millom
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