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  1. Dosnt take a genius to know, if you listened to radio Cumbria Friday you would have heard Thorman telling you, plus a bit of inside info from a player yesterday believe what you want
  2. Serious question? Iv been too borough park to watch kids football and actually thought it was a good venue. As a neutral do any of you guys not prefer BP to DP.
  3. Thought you guys were really good and could have gone either way. You now have to overcome The Geordies at your place for any chance of automatic promotion. Langtree is quality and your outside backs were very sharp. You have a good team there
  4. Anyway there’s another 5 year plan starting next year.
  5. Him and walker are already signed so pipe down you worry about your own problems.
  6. Come on mate they haven’t won a league game in a while so fairs fair
  7. Cleator moor Celtic had there pitch totally redone sand, the works cost in region of 70 k obviously payed for by sports funding.
  8. deluded townies, come on have got nothing better to talk about than our attendances.
  9. Our recruitment for next year has already started regardless what division we’re in, 2 props south of county heading home.
  10. It’s true he told the Brow players on the weekend.
  11. Thorman Town coach Matt Calland to Rochdale with Penky Assistant
  12. Haven are looking at Duel Reg, training, playing on opposite nights so it’s built round the amateur club, that is a major stipulation put forward by the RFL
  13. Let’s wait to a brick is laid
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