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  1. Anyword on the Boas brothers are they good/bad ??
  2. Think there’s some out that squad who are going to leave the group but still a good start.
  3. Some good signings coming your way from Widnes.
  4. Jordan Burns - 1 year remains Dion Aiye -1 year remains Marc Shackley - 3 years remain David Thompson - 1 year remains Jason Mossop -1 year remains Jordan Thomson - 2 years remain Jake Moore - 1 year remains Sam Dowsett - End of 2021 Season Jake Bradley - 2 years remain Tom Wilkinson - End of 2021 Season James Newton - 2 years remain Matty While - 1 year remains Andrew Bulman - 2 years remain Tom Walker - 2 year deal Glenn Riley - 1 year deal Chris Taylor - 1 year deal
  5. Play each other 3 times whoever 1st 2nd automatically promoted.
  6. Newcastle have 3 x Kells U16s 2 X Seaton U18s 2 x Hensingham U18s 2 x Seaton U19s with 5 more lads being offered scholarships at U15s level, Wigan have just signed 4 Kells U15s.
  7. 5 more to go incoming weeks to Newcastle that is.
  8. Jordan Burns Dave Thompson Chris Taylor ? Think we need a strike centre. Andrew Bulman Dion Aire ? Experienced 7 or Sam Forrester Mark Shackley Callum Phillips Tom Walker Brett Phillips Jake Moore Tom Wilkinson Sam Dowsett Glen Riley Connor Holliday Ethan Kelly Jake Bradley Jason Mossop James Newton Jessy Joe Parker Kurt Maudling
  9. Town a very dangerous side, Newcastle havnt been same since Mickey Lewis went back to KR, Town by 12 for me ( Haven Fan )
  10. Dowsett and Wilkinson going nowhere, what I will say watched Barrow county select U19s at Whitehaven last night, what a great side, 6,4 & 12 were outstanding.
  11. Barrow or North Wales.
  12. Nowt but good things to say about Barrow, who needs supporters
  13. Seems like a breath of fresh air, great appointment.
  14. I can’t believe Rooney has give backword.
  15. Cumbria RL


    Why would he come on a 7 man forum and give u information regarding haven lol
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