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  1. Henson is a class act
  2. Dec O’Donnell signed for London Broncos Apparently
  3. Main thing he wanted was to get in the Scotland squad for next years World Cup. It’s probably come earlier than he thought but Haven will always be a stepping stone for players. He was an unknown when he came last year, he’s been brilliant this season for us, hopefully Will Evans & the others will just be as good. Good luck to the lad.
  4. Hearing your chairman may have left the building ?
  5. Community lions but half the players are contracted to Pro-clubs, how does that work?? This years lions has been jobs for the boys.
  6. Jonty Gorley Head Coach Will Evans ( Australian ) Karl Dixon Andrew Bulman Connor Holliday Glenn Riley Guy Graham Callum Phillips James Newton Dion Aire ( PNG ) Andrew Dawson Tom Walker Liam Cooper Chris Taylor Ryan King ( Australian ) Nikau Williams ( Australian ) Jake Bradley Tom Wilkinson Dave Ecclestone Liam Mcavoy Keiron Hudson
  7. Our best player before long will be Jake Bradley a lad who has came from Hensingham and who has slowly come through and on Sunday looked unplayable. It shows with good coaching and the lads will to learn anyone can make the step up, it’s just about the lad if he wants it enough. On any given day anyone can beat anyone. I think if you get up you will be fine.
  8. 10 minutes more & u would have probably took the 2 points. Haven took foot of and couldn’t get started again. Conditions were ###### so made into a even contest, yous a miles to good to worry about relegation.
  9. Putting the likes of Kells Brow & Egremont in a local league with likes of Hensingham, Barrow Island, Millom is more of a reason why games are getting called of. Some teams are using Covid as a easy get out, but you can’t really complain as they are just blow out games. Kells 2nd team have had one game called of due to opposition calling game of due to covid. Last night was there 4th game in as many weeks and will be playing Elbra Saturday.
  10. Lewis Brown signing for Kells, lad from Cockermouth prop. Think them 3 named gone, top of that the other prop curwen left aswell.
  11. Seems to be catching up this non playing 5 lads released one going to Kells I know of, but another incoming from Newcastle
  12. Thought Oldham were very good today, is it Abrams brother who was at 9 he broke at will. Think we got out of jail but more than happy with the two points. I think this season will be dependent on poor referring. You got what looked like a 40/20 in second half when u we’re turning the screw and he gave it our way ….. like a I said man in the middle is deciding these games at the minute
  13. Apparently Newcastle ready to throw big money at them two.
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