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  1. Dons 17 1. Jordan Howden 2. Sam Doherty 3. Connor Bower 4. Jason Tali. 5. Matty Chrimes 6. Rangi Chase 7. Matty Beharrell 8. Connor Scott 9. Kyle Kesik 10. Russ Spiers 11. Ewan Hodgson 12. Brad Foster 13. Jordie Hedges 14. Watson Boas 15. Brandon Douglas 16. Frankie Mariano 17. Stefanos Bastas
  2. Skolars will struggle. There's a lot of points in the Donny backs
  3. Strong squad. 1 DR for those it offends. Yep 2 loan also but some very good Donny registered players in the other 16
  4. Agree with the above 2 posts. Mostly easy to predict.
  5. Skolars are welcome to play like this next week at Keepmoat if they like. They are literally clueless. No idea what to do with the ball near the line.
  6. Skolars Thunder Cougars Crusaders Haven Particularly hope I'm right about Skolars and Crusaders but not at all confident
  7. Know it pretty much off by heart. I enjoy the quote from the commentator before the cup game at Rochdale. Summat like "they are buoyed by memories of a victory at Rochdale 10 years ago". It's an odd mixture of pride and embarrassment watching it. Stu Piper still does a great job for us as club president.
  8. Coventry are a decent side. We put 54 on them but it wasn't easy
  9. Congratulations Raiders. Beaten a pretty decent side there too. Enjoy your evening
  10. Back row is still makeshift. Would kill for a fully fit England and Mariano
  11. Interesting to see Jordan Howden back. Strong squad
  12. Very well structured side NW. Half expected them to beat Oldham. Oldham looked very ordinary when we played them (twice). I'm more worried about going to NW next week than I would be Oldham.
  13. Took eye gouging to finally get Rangi subbed. Didn't poke hard enough on Jordie Hedges cos he stayed on. Eye really didn't look well though.
  14. DONS XIII | Wynne, Doherty, Bower, Tali, Chrimes, Chase, Beharrell, Boyle, Kesik, Scott, Hodgson, Washbrook, Hedges. INTERCHANGE | Owen, Bastas, Brown, Litten. #COYD
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