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  1. Doncaster have the capability to score more than they concede. It sounds obvious but with this group the points are there. Tindall, Tali, Smeaton, Beharrell. In the forwards Peltier, Douglas, York, Johnson. A lot of threats there. If we're being underestimated then that's ok.
  2. I suppose it's that having seen Workington and Keighley in recent weeks and that neither are anything to write home about it difficult to predict. I'd pick Keighley cos winning is a habit and Workington seem to have lost that.
  3. Really tricky to call. Town certainly arent unbeatable at home but I'm not sure Keighleys form is as good as the last couple of games suggest. I'll say a Keighley win but honestly not an easy call.
  4. Thing is we can all be confident when our teams playing well and we all exist within our own bubbles. I'm perfectly happy for us to fly under the radar. We may win, we may lose but NW don't hold any fear for us. We've faced adversity for 70 years now and we may for another 70 but if you play for the Dons a few hundred people willing you not to win has zero effect.
  5. Whereas Doncaster won't want it as much? I admire YOUR confidence.
  6. It will be close but Doncaster's form in recent weeks has been strong. Admittedly so has NWs but losing to Keighley last week was a poor result.
  7. Glad to still be in it. Crusaders won't be relishing playing Doncaster
  8. For me Johnathan Davies skinning Bret Mullins to score at Wembley takes some beating. Sad to think I was a teenager at the time.
  9. Doesn't matter. We play the hand we're given. Watson, Jordie, Wilkinson, Misi. All those lads would make a difference. I'm proud of them regardless. Under difficult circumstances they have given us something to really enjoy these last few weeks and I can honestly say I love the lot of them!
  10. Absolutely. The man is a legend. Talisman for this club Crusaders should be worried. Today was easy. A Dons side with 13 men would have strolled past Keighley.
  11. I didn't Paul but it saw it later. Also great to see Watson in the post match celebrations without his crutches. God I love this club.
  12. I disagree. We lost Zac Braham today. Matty battled through but finished the match. Boyle, Peltier and Johnston should also be back next week. I'd be concerned if I were Crusaders. 68 0
  13. Matty Beharrell starts alongside Jake Sweeting with Ben Cockayne starting at hooker. Same backs as usual. 3 backrowers named on bench in Holdstock, Bravo and York. All are capable of taking it down the middle. Looking forward to this.
  14. Either way it'd be a real celebration of the game if marketed well.
  15. I'd quite like to see a proper 9s tournament involving all 3 divisions. It's something that if marketed correctly be something to bring everyone together over a couple of days. It'd give non super League teams good exposure. 36 clubs so a pre tournament competition to get it down to 6 League one clubs. Straight knockout comp after that.
  16. I'm hoping for a Keighley Doncaster final obviously. The hardest game could be today against Hunslet. Honestly think we're capable of beating the other 3 away.
  17. You know what? I can't be bothered arguing this point. Personally I and everyone else at the club are gutted and I wish you your club well
  18. Really? So Sunday's game had nothing to do with it? Don't talk rubbish.
  19. Please explain how headbutting has received a zero match tarriff. Thanks for explaining that the officials future appointments may reflect this. That really helps our situation regarding promotion. There is literally no accountability here and please don't pretend that there is. I could not care less what the officials future appointments are. I've seen the video and it's a ridiculous decision made by officials not competent to officiate such an important game.
  20. Shocking ref Dave. I'd love to post the video but I'm pretty sure the rfl wouldn't be happy. I doubt it'll become public. Again I question: sending off sufficient for headbutting. That's not a thing.
  21. I've seen the video. Not even a penalty let alone a sending off. He's thrashing about in the tackle trying to ptb. Ridiculous.
  22. And there it is. No further action. Does a player sent off for headbutting ever get sending off sufficient? No one in the ground saw it because it DIDN'T HAPPEN!! Absolutely disgusting and the officials should be brought to task on this. And yes. This has cost us the difference between 3rd and 5th. Would anyone seriously like to suggest that Keighley would have won but for this?
  23. I'm waiting for the disciplinary result for Ben Cockayne. Part of me hopes he's guilty cos if innocent it'll be a real sickener. There's no way we'd have lost that game with 17 men
  24. It wasn't a great comeback. 15 minutes in and a man down Dons could easily have folded. We responded brilliantly but almost inevitably ran out of steam. Every Dons fan there today left proud but heartbroken and the players feel the same.
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