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  1. When did this happen. Our dual reg with Hull has ended and good riddance. Club Doncaster are now Richard Horne's sole employer.
  2. I'm 43 and well aware of who he was and his achievements away from commentary as well. I'm also old enough to remember the Goodies!
  3. 1. Jack Logan 2. Tom Halliday 3. Jason Tali 4. Sam Smeaton 5. Sam Doherty 6. Rangi Chase 7. Matty Beharrell 8. Russ Spiers 9. Keiran Cross 10. Ryan Boyle 11. Brad England 12. Brad Foster 13. Jordie Hedges 14. Watson Boas 15. Brandon Wilkinson 16. Ross Peltier 17. Brandon Douglas
  4. I'd agree. I'd want 6/1 for Dons before I'd back us at present. My opinion could change in next couple of weeks however.
  5. I wouldn't back us at 3 to 1. Let's see once everyone has finalized their squads. We're about 4 forwards and a full back short of having ANY chance. At the minute we've got a good set of backs minus a full back. Jack Logan, Josh Rickett and Sam Doherty are options but that leaves other positions short. I'm fairly happy with Chase, Beharrell and Boas as our options in the halves but a couple of injuries and we're screwed. I can only name 9 forwards from our current squad. Given that you expect to name 8 out of the 17! Bookies have no clue. As it stands we should be mid table. I e 4 5 6. Barrow, Newcastle and Keighley all look stronger atm
  6. Betfred. Surprised Newcastle aren't favourites. Dons third in my opinion
  7. This surprises me. Barrow 5/2 Doncaster 3/1 Newcastle 9/2 8 to 1 top odds for the rest
  8. Good positive article. https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/watch-carl-hall-s-immense-service-to-doncaster-rewarded-with-world-cup-treble-1-10116860
  9. I take your point. However I'm talking about where Sheffield are now. Astonishing they survive. Which is to their credit. What do they have to sell to sponsors/corporate backers? This is a team based in a major population centre yet their lower league neighbours attract (marginally) better crowds and have no trouble filling the corporate boxes. So yes. I do believe Doncaster are better placed.
  10. Predictably as usual I understand the appeal of Newcastle and York but what makes Sheffield the best option south of the M62?
  11. No you are correct. Round six was as far as we got sadly. Had to check as the draw is so convoluted! That said I'd rather it like this than piling up fixtures
  12. Hoping for Newcastle at the Keepmoat. I'd be buzzing for next couple of months
  13. To be fair Watson's not even our first choice scrum half. Played mostly bench hooker. Chase and Beharrell are our 1st choice halves.
  14. Just England sadly. Even if it were great great great great grandparent ruling!
  15. Yeah. Great idea. Could change red to blue and maybe move to a venue nearer the heartland? In all seriousness a merger could never happen now as Eagles really don't have anything to bring to the table.
  16. Watson's having a great game. I'm excited to see what he can do after a pre-season with Rangi!!
  17. I don't think I'm either. For nearly 30 years supporting the club I'm still not sure whether Doncaster are an expansion club. I mean if Sheffield are we must be? Can we have a 3rd option?
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