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  1. Hi. Bearing in mind the weather forecast how's you guys pitch looking? Reckon game will be on? Cheers
  2. Possibly cos Aston didn't like being charged to play at the Keepmoat a while back?
  3. Just to clarify. You think Cru have a better chance in good conditions?
  4. I can't see Toronto coming close. Everything about them is ordinary. I was slated for suggesting they needed to get a result at Salford. I'd be surprised if they get within 30 points
  5. Dons to put last weekend behind them and win by 16. There is too much quality in the side to underperform like that on a regular basis.
  6. Just relieved to get through this. No excuses. We put a strong squad out even without Chase and Horne. Seems discipline was an issue from some of our more senior players. Held up over line. Chelps. Penalty. Chelps again. Sin bin. Not really acceptable.
  7. Ok. Perhaps I'm overstating it. I just feel that only publicly naming 10 players ahead of the first game and no friendlies may appear (to some) to be a lack of preparation. No offense intended.
  8. I've got android 10. Just reinstalled app and it's ok now
  9. Agree all of that. West Wales lack of preparation is staggering!
  10. I'd like Kayakman to explain himself. I've said nothing derogatory about his club and as I've already said I hope they do well! If he'd like to comment on my club's prospects for the coming season then I would welcome that.
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