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  1. Not mucking about. Forwards have been rotated a bit but the backs... God damn!!
  2. Back on subject. London won 10 and got relegated. Of the remaining games let's look at the ones Wolfpack are capable of winning. I'm finding it difficult to see where a winning streak may come from. The glaring issue seems to be a lack of willingness to do the graft. There will be tight games that need grinding out and I don't believe they're capable of that. Kman may be right and they may click and I'll be happy to eat humble pie.
  3. Exactly! We can't pretend that was anything other than awful. Dull rugby from signing a team of overpaid flat track bullies. Too much?
  4. This has become a joke. Teams are naming 21 when they are struggling to pick 17. What does this achieve?
  5. Congrats Town. Sounds like you deserved it. Good luck in round 5. I mean that btw. No sarcasm intended.
  6. I'll repeat. Donny should NEVER be considered favourites away at Workington. Not confident at all. Decent performance and no injuries and I'll be happy. And no realise auto-corrected.
  7. You do right. No way Donny should be favourites. Got to be a mistake. Take it before bookies realize.
  8. Thanks. Good to know.
  9. Hi. Bearing in mind the weather forecast how's you guys pitch looking? Reckon game will be on? Cheers
  10. Possibly cos Aston didn't like being charged to play at the Keepmoat a while back?
  11. Just to clarify. You think Cru have a better chance in good conditions?
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