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  1. If we're being serious then I'd nominate the following from my club. Sam Doherty, Connor Bower, Matty Beharrell and Jordie Hedges
  2. Plus side was his replacement (Matty Chrimes) got the winning try. Fuming after the decision. Could have broke his neck. I really don't give a fk that he's "normally not that sort of player". Our lad could have been seriously injured and will now miss the next game while he gets away scott free and may well play against us again. Absolute ###### hole
  3. Very committed display from Donny. Ran themselves into the ground defensively. Challenged EVERYTHING. Tackles from Tali and Bower attest to that. 2 excellent centres with the ball in hand incidentally. It's been nice to see us go about our business without any real pressure. It's given Rangi time too. Donny are a pleasure to watch at the moment
  4. Good luck to both sides. I'd love this to be the final! If Sheffield are still considered an expansion side then we can claim same! The expansion final. Newcastle v Doncaster!
  5. Doncasters concern is promoting the game in the Doncaster area. We are already advertising for a legacy officer for the world cup. Work is going well in the local junior game. If both clubs could work to strengthen the game in the Sheffield region then great. We have our own focus however and that will be where funds are filtered to.
  6. In my opinion If we're talking all 3 divisions then my nomination is Watson Boas try for Doncaster v Oldham. It's on YouTube as try of the week on ourleague.
  7. P.s. we've beaten both teams above us this year. Strong 2 to 4. Winners coming from those 3. Town or Hunslet won't be able to do it away at any of those 3
  8. It won't be a blowout. Dons have best defence in league after Haven. Our problem this season has been losing games by a score or less. We've shown a bit of composure with ball last couple of games. I think it'll be fairly close. No prediction other than to say we've got enough to have a very real chance.
  9. We're capable of winning this. Both sides are better than game one. I go with no expectation other than to say we've started to find a bit of form COYD
  10. Buzzing after today. We turn up with the right attitude were on paper the best team in this league
  11. In all seriousness. It seems we got the basics right and had the caliber of players to take advantage of it.
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