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  1. No you are correct. Round six was as far as we got sadly. Had to check as the draw is so convoluted! That said I'd rather it like this than piling up fixtures
  2. Hoping for Newcastle at the Keepmoat. I'd be buzzing for next couple of months
  3. To be fair Watson's not even our first choice scrum half. Played mostly bench hooker. Chase and Beharrell are our 1st choice halves.
  4. Just England sadly. Even if it were great great great great grandparent ruling!
  5. Yeah. Great idea. Could change red to blue and maybe move to a venue nearer the heartland? In all seriousness a merger could never happen now as Eagles really don't have anything to bring to the table.
  6. Watson's having a great game. I'm excited to see what he can do after a pre-season with Rangi!!
  7. I don't think I'm either. For nearly 30 years supporting the club I'm still not sure whether Doncaster are an expansion club. I mean if Sheffield are we must be? Can we have a 3rd option?
  8. England, Samoa, France Ireland I'd be happy. Very sellable fixtures. Can't wait for the draw. Plan on attending all three games at the Keepmoat Hope we get a Jamaica fixture. Ross Peltier could become a real hero for our West Indian community.
  9. I'm not trying to be obtuse here but what am I missing with the Skolars predictions. I keep a close eye on L1 developments. What's occurred in last few days?
  10. Go on then Matt. What's England's average attendance at the Keepmoat?
  11. Always cheers me up. The complete charlatan that is Gary Thornton is something our 3 clubs have all experienced and learnt our lesson from. Hunslet are a bit slow on the uptake!
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