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  1. Got me excited there Paul lol. So where does Misi play?
  2. Incidentally this is going well. It highlights how strong league one actually is
  3. I'm not clear on why you're naming players nationality. We have PNG, samoan, Scottish and Australian players. Why is this relevant?
  4. Agreed. There's a lot of good players in this league champing at the bit. When it finally comes this will be a magnificent season!
  5. I think Rich is doing the same. Our new signings have been mostly young backrowers. That was in reply to Davidm
  6. Nice one Paul. Hardcastle tho? Have I missed summat?
  7. Misi can't take a centre place from Smeaton or Tali so where does he play?
  8. To be fair I could name Johnston or Rickett at fullback. Didn't want to not pick Doherty or Halliday on wing. It'd be a shame if they lost their place to Misi
  9. .Are we supposed to name where they're from? I'm struggling. Cross and Smeaton are from Donny. We have nothing like the level of ur welsh lads. Fair play
  10. Doncaster is the largest Metropolitan borough in the country! Let us in lol
  11. I agree on the stadium capacity. Seems limiting. 12k should be a minimum aim.
  12. Fans of each club post your first choice match day 17. Just a bit of fun cos I'm bored and miss the Keepmoat. 1. Misi Taulapapa. 2. Tom Halliday 3. Jason Tali 4. Sam Smeaton 5. Sam Doherty 6. Watson Boas 7. Matty Beharrell 8. Ross Peltier 9. Keiran Cross 10. Russ Spiers 11. Brandon Wilkinson 12. Aaron York 13. Jordie Hedges 14. Harry Carter 15. Ryan Dixon 16. Brandon Douglas 17. Josh Rickett Been harsh on a few players there but I've picked mostly players I've seen play. Some good looking forwards in the squad not in that 17.
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