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  1. Have to agree, it's a huge improvement on recent years. However, i still find it odd/strange in that this day and age they don't have an online shop. I'm sure there aren't masses of Hornets fans overseas (like me) but it would be good to be able to buy some gear direct from the club.
  2. So it's a dual reg agreement? Or some sort of we'll be training together for a bit?
  3. That's exactly the point of it. Sponsors want their branding to stick out, especially on the telly. That's why we get bright yellow boxes on white shirts etc.
  4. Fascinating insights there from the team at Sky. Wonder how long it took to come with the likes of this?
  5. https://twitter.com/OfficialBullsRL/status/1217536924803530753?s=20
  6. They're OK - kinda look like Sunday league kits off the market.
  7. I'm the same, I hate the badge in the middle. Think it's something to do with badge should be on the left hand side over the heart?
  8. That would explain the prominence of the maroon shirt in the promo shot. Any reason why they;ve gone for a maroon home shirt? Haven't they always worn blue and yellow as their main kits?
  9. Nice shirts but I'm not a fan of the shallow vee on the home. Away is smart.
  10. That Cronulla effort is awful but it's miles better than Keighleys kits this year. Hate to say it but that Bulls kit is beautiful.
  11. Oh my lord..... what are they smoking in Keighley??
  12. The view from the other side of the world is that there seems to be lots of positive press about the take over and the mood on social media is very exciting. Obviously they're not a very scientific method but it's great news for the club to have some stability, not to mention a few quid coming in to strengthen the squad. Plus the new kits are outstanding too!! Up the nets.
  13. Great looking shirts. Nice to see the club back in that design.
  14. In a similar vein I really like their 1970 GB shirt but I hate the match details on the right hand side.
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