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  1. Gary Thornton’s Quote “we’ve turned a corner” lol.......straight into a wall. It seems Gary only signs players he’s worked with before, he’s not there to make friends he’s there’s to improve and get the best out of the players. It’s his team this year no excuses, he’s signed mostly championship players and he’s turned them into average league 1 players. Do we have a kicking coach because our kicking game is very poor, Cain Southernwood’s can’t kick for toffee, no high or diagonal kicks, early in the second half he started to kick short pointless short kicks in to touch. Putting Jimmy Watson on the wing was ridiculous?, twice he was caught and put into touch and several times the ball was thrown straight into touch. It’s not his natural position, personally I would’ve played him at fullback and put Sanderson on the wing ( goal kicking ) if no other winger was available. Lack of players.......not when one leaves and two are on loan to Keighley. Reece Dean is our best stand off ( ? ) but he’s not a goal kicker ?, Danny Nicklas is rubbish , unfortunately Joe Sanderson last year and the few games he’s played this year shows no signs of improvement, he's not fast enough and needs to gain weight, I’d try him at scrum half ? against Raiders, in my opinion Cain Southernwood is overrated simply not good enough. How does Mike Emmett get in the team, sorry I need to stop now probably Gary’s ( inbetweeners quote ) FRIEND. Too many basic mistakes every week, lack of leadership on and off the field. Romain Pallares on YouTube looks an allrounder ?? was looking forward to him playing against Doni but didn’t happen, let’s hope he’s a winner. I was told Hunslet's budget this year was greater than Featherstone Rovers, money well spent Mmmmm not sure, time for Thornton and his side kick to go YES,
  2. I’m a Hunslet fan and haven’t been to your ground before. Where’s the best place to park ? Cheers mate ???, see ya Friday
  3. I’m a Hunslet fan and haven’t been to your ground before. Where’s the best place to park ?
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