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  1. Chris Hall


    Shame we couldn't keep Gregson who has now signed on elsewhere, he would have given us some much needed drive going forward...
  2. I'm absolutely over the moon with this one. This should give the lads a real boost ahead of the Easter game. Once we get Bridge back as well if these two lads stay fit we've got an even better chance to get back into the Championship where this club belongs..
  3. He reminded me of a Premier League referee. I'm not one to blame referees for the shortcomings of my team but my days do we lack the rub of the green sometimes. The fact he walked off laughing says it all. The most annoying element for me was the exaggeration when he indicated a try - it was like something you'd see at the Oldham Coliseum...proper theatre stuff.....
  4. Thanks for the info....the stats back up my surprise in the use of Bent from the bench he should play the full hit he works like a Trojan..
  5. Thanks for the update, such a pity he was a winger who suited the Yeds greatly over recent times working tirelessly to return kicks and do the dirty work to enable the forwards to get a breather...
  6. What has happened to Adam Clay ? He's been sorely missed in my opinion...
  7. Thanks for the update and good for him nevertheless I'd love him back at the Yeds though maybe when we return to the Championship !!
  8. Thanks for the update wayne_r can't agree more with your comments. I recall travelling to Sheffield (away at Wakefield) in Tyson's last season with the Yeds and he literally scored a try whilst clearly being impacted by injury. He finished the season carrying a multitude of knocks tbh...
  9. After fearing the worst following the end of season fall-out the positive signings the club have made over the last couple of weeks have really been much needed. Intrigued about the announcement at the Awards Night....not one for speculation but it would be great to have George Tyson back is he on a contract at Swinton or is he now a free agent ?
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