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  1. Was consistent for us throughout the season and punches well above his weight. Wished he’d have stayed on for the Yeds.
  2. Fair play John wishing you all the best great start this engagement step
  3. Spot on be great if Spencer can stay and get himself fit we missed him last season.
  4. Absolutely spot on that summary. Really felt for the boys today without being too biased thought they deserved something. Dewsbury loss could be the big moment that should encourage us to keep fighting with further hope ahead of the Swinton match. Hopefully we have a better outcome than the last time I travelled there a few seasons back. How many times has Sammut been the difference against us
  5. Gutted couldn’t get to the game today due to Covid. Even worse was watching that match on Our League. Expected a bounce with a new legend of a manager but some of the basic errors throughout were unforgivable again from the absolute start. Communication is a basic at any level of sport. We made Bradford look like the Harlem Globetrotters especially Keyes who looked like he was untouchable. The worst display of the season for me when I was buzzing beforehand thought this was our turning point. Very disappointed but we go again got 2 weeks break to sort this mess out…hopefully Brian Mac gets stuck in now back to basics got to be our squad is better than this surely..
  6. Great news let’s get behind him and the lads now starting on Sunday massive game we can beat Bradford and have done it in recent times at Bower Fold
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