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  1. Ok I accept that my opinion is valueless... you Seem to have found reason to dislike me... yet I have only ever been involved in reasonable forum discussion. I have never insulted anyone or their view. If you can’t accept alternative opinions, ones which I express my views on the game in general and games in particular... and you resort to snide comment bordering on bullying then I will bid you goodbye. I thought this was a forum for sharing opinion and discussing viewpoints... it seems I was wrong. I have reported this to the moderators and cancelled my membership of the site!
  2. There have been a few shockers at a Trinity in the past 50 years but this was the one I found hard to forgive...
  3. Look I was watching the game as an independent... I have no axe to grind with either team.... discipline to me is to play within the spirit of the game and not just to how the game is refereed... at times both teams pushed too far.. in my opinion. Consequently I became frustrated with the attitude of the players who appeared more interested in winding each other up ... therefore I lost my enjoyment... there was some good skill on show but not consistent... had I been a fan of either team I’m sure I would have got caught up in the emotion... but I’m not and I found it petty and unn
  4. I don’t troll... check my history... I thought the game was disappointing... I had expected better!
  5. I thought it was a really disappointing game... effort and desire was good but discipline and execution was low... and I agree that Sean long’s media skills are not top quality and his appearance is tramp-like fwiw I enjoyed the earlier game more.
  6. A really enjoyable game... after all the bad news it’s nice to be a trinity fan with a smile about rugby again!
  7. Swapping countries is a huge challenge... it took us a number of years to get used to Australia... but to do so in the middle of a pandemic where isolation and travel restrictions are the norm... extra hard!
  8. Yes I was there we arrived early morning in London from a family holiday in the Maldives and Dubai... wife and daughter went home on the train and I then spent several hours in and around Wembley... sooo cold ... met up with friends and family to see the game and went home by mini bus.... and I seem to remember firework displays all along the M1 back to Yorkshire. the game was really tense and on a knife edge
  9. Possibly Wakefield.... I know Chris Chester is an admirer.
  10. Oddly I often walk past the leagues club but I have never been in. As a Sharks fan I struggle with St George being our local team... ? that said, the Illawarra is a hotbed of RL I understand Vic Hey played for a number of English clubs in his career and was a highly respected footballer and man... it must have been exciting for you to travel around the world and see family memorabilia displayed so!
  11. I haven’t watched an origin series in years... I find the hype is bigger than the entertainment... so my personal preference is international football. however... you have to realise that the toll in Australia just reached 100 Covid related deaths... this was largely achieved through closing state and international borders and clamping down on outbreaks. Western Australia now has a hard border from the rest of the country and Is arguing against free movement from other states. New or emergent cases are really rare in most states and on the east coast emerge in very low numbers daily.
  12. Hmmmmm... Greg Inglis was one of the best players ever to pull on a shirt to play rugby league...but, during his last full season (2018) he was disrupted by a shoulder injury and was (by his own high standards... pretty poor) this culminated in being apprehended after a drink driving offence, for which (somehow?!?!?) avoided conviction. He lost the Australian captaincy and very soon afterwards, he retired. Since then he has been in therapy for his mental health whilst adjusting to life away from playing. those issues, physical and mental... make this ( in rugby terms) a very ri
  13. Being a trinity fan in my youth...I always wanted the handling skills of Keith Smith and the energy and strength of Mike Lampkowski although I would have been happy being an injury free Nigel Wright
  14. I agree that the Superleague season should be abandoned in its current form... play out the challenge cup... a form of round robin league contest ... and a couple of nines weekends then start again ( same teams in same tiers) next season
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