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  1. Ok I accept that my opinion is valueless... you Seem to have found reason to dislike me... yet I have only ever been involved in reasonable forum discussion. I have never insulted anyone or their view. If you can’t accept alternative opinions, ones which I express my views on the game in general and games in particular... and you resort to snide comment bordering on bullying then I will bid you goodbye. I thought this was a forum for sharing opinion and discussing viewpoints... it seems I was wrong. I have reported this to the moderators and cancelled my membership of the site!
  2. There have been a few shockers at a Trinity in the past 50 years but this was the one I found hard to forgive...
  3. Look I was watching the game as an independent... I have no axe to grind with either team.... discipline to me is to play within the spirit of the game and not just to how the game is refereed... at times both teams pushed too far.. in my opinion. Consequently I became frustrated with the attitude of the players who appeared more interested in winding each other up ... therefore I lost my enjoyment... there was some good skill on show but not consistent... had I been a fan of either team I’m sure I would have got caught up in the emotion... but I’m not and I found it petty and unnecessary and spoiled what should have been a good game...
  4. I don’t troll... check my history... I thought the game was disappointing... I had expected better!
  5. I thought it was a really disappointing game... effort and desire was good but discipline and execution was low... and I agree that Sean long’s media skills are not top quality and his appearance is tramp-like fwiw I enjoyed the earlier game more.
  6. A really enjoyable game... after all the bad news it’s nice to be a trinity fan with a smile about rugby again!
  7. Keith and Kevin Rayne started out at Trinity... where Henry and Willie Oulton played (but I don’t know if they played together)... I think Graham and Martin Law in the late 90s and I definitely remember Wally Lewis throwing a couple of try scoring passes to his young brother Scott in a trinity shirt
  8. Allways worth a sporting life look https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9KOD8WNb6I&feature=share
  9. Increasingly the media and particularly the newspapers here are like adult comics.... manipulating news for sensationalism and entertainment.... journalistic opinion is barely worth discussing
  10. Without getting too nuanced, I will ask... is this a Muslim thing or an SBW interpretation... I’m sure there are many Muslim’s, Christians and others with deep faiths playing in The Rugby League who have not taken this view. I am not religious but cancelled my Sharks family membership over the Dank Drug scandal, so I understand points of principle. there are very few sponsors with squeaky clean records! And maybe all upset some part of society because of their product, ethos or work practices. im not sure where you draw the line or who gets to draw the line. If it is down to the individual then that must surely be reflected during their contract negotiations... after the positivity of his singing this is a bit disappointing.
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