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  1. Heres what i think. You keep on saying 'the team that I support' which makes it a dead cert that you don't. Haven tried all this 'we've got great numbers at training - lads looking fit etc' Then we tonked them. Its mischief making. There's differing numbers at training at this level. Lads work shifts etc. Let it go and maybe look to your own club. And on the off chance that you are a town fan, how about being positive for once - theres a lot to be positive about if you hadn't noticed
  2. i'm not sure the club even monitor on here?
  3. im not so sure that the club needs to constantly report on every single thing in pre season. We're fans but just because you demand an answer doesn't mean that the club should answer. In the world of whatsapp gossip is worse than ever but I think that peoples desire for gossip shouldn't drive the comms approach of any club. Olstrom wasn't playing so what?
  4. is this where we pretend we're concerned to make trouble? JP is injured. Everybody who misses a match hasn't left
  5. Good evening. I've been expecting you...
  6. why you laughing marrafan? that came from a teammate
  7. he likes a good drink and is unfit
  8. the quote by charlton on mcgoff is a corker 'he's not the most skilful of players but....'
  9. Some of the things said on here are way off the mark. The board have said that they will not overstretch. That's greta news for a start. Leon has said that there were mistakes made last year early recruitment wise. BARLA lads don't want to sign. We have a squad that is mostly Cumbria on decent length contracts. The quality of loans from Huddersfield has been outstanding. Any loans probably won't be sorted until after the friendly. Haven are announcing McGoff tomorrow. If we were announcing him I'd be nervous
  10. by all accounts he heard from other players that training had started. Thats how he found out he wasn't wanted
  11. Noticed on Facebook. Even managed to weave Town in to the announcement for him leaving ?
  12. Thought he was on two years marra?
  13. The genuinely sad thing is that they've saved Brett for Christmas Day. He's been out of the game for a year or more so although a good signing it's not like Sammut when he was announced at Christmas. It's only because he is ex Town. It shows how they think. If they can get a dig at Town (in their eyes) they will. It's so sad. They were in special measures a few weeks ago and begging on Just Giving. Now they are giving their fans Christmas presents of Seaton lads. CBGthruNthru
  14. Whats happened to Dan Abram by the way?
  15. No we haven't. We have several.
  16. Brett Phillips? All they want to do is stick one on us. I can guarantee that Gorley and about 7 directors will be on the photo. They should realise there's other teams in the division. It embarrassing
  17. Then you get the creepy stalker marrafan who gets his gratification form clicking on emojis. yuk
  18. If it is him this is why the club should just announce without any kind of fanfare. Haven player or board member obviously linked to our club getting info from players and trying to spoil it for us the fans. I have no idea why the moderator lets it happen.
  19. Or you could go back on your own forum and talk about your signings?
  20. Apologies you didn't. However 'i would ask members for their cooperation to assist Workington Town to carry out further enquiries. I ask all members of the Forum too please to let this matter drop until it is proven either way' is just as bad. You're the moderator not Dixon of Dock Green
  21. Marrafan. I'm here to make you feel like you have a better life than you have. I've posted this so you can click on your laughing emoji. There you go sweetheart
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