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  1. and by the way, maudling, wellington, field house,wilkes, olstrom all out as well as barnes and miller but its the bod fault
  2. who needs enemies when you've got the derwent park supporters club. They feel sorry for the players
  3. his comments were made on twitter so you're repeating hearsay on social media sites. What a tatie
  4. have a look on twitter and Facebook
  5. by all accounts the lad was a fantasist. Chris Sandow crack is a pearler?
  6. theres a lot of criticism of the bod on here. Some of it orchestrated by ex directors or their families. at least the current bod have stood up and not resigned when the going got tough. They can't defend themselves i suppose. The journeymen were signed by the ex coach weren't they? Time for a clear out of players not the bod or coaching staff
  7. marwood needs to agree to sign does he not?
  8. So my opinion is less valid than yours then? Poor argument. By the way do you have a messiah complex? Everything I write is not aimed at you or your inane ramblings.. I expend my time passion and money on it too. Your arrogance is quite sweet in a pitying kind of way. Your English is quite good but your desire to use big words has failed you this time. Not sure prurient is the right word but bash on Dictionary Boy
  9. Imagine being on the board (or some of the players) and reading this forum. Knocking your pan in just to take constant knocks and criticism. Must be soul destroying.
  10. What is the right wing austerity racists vision for Allerdale? I now know they want to suck ambition, positivity and a future for our kids out of the area. But what do they want to actually progress? The last lot majored on health and well being, poverty reduction, economic regeneration and jobs if I remember right. What do we get now? Didn't Jenkinson get in by less than 50 votes? Cheers Seaton.
  11. OK. So mischief making
  12. how will I know your right as you haven't named them
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