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  1. With the players we had out particularly 2 big hookers and a change around with Caine, Elliott I though we did great. Really good to watch in attack. Good scrambling defence for the most part. Promising
  2. Hearing that haven have been dragged in to training again tomorrow cos if their poor display today.
  3. interesting how people know what wages players are on. So many experts. caine got an injured foot not ligaments . thought Hanley Dawson was awesome
  4. im in the bar at Haven and to a man and woman the haven fans are saying the best team lost. Worrying times for haven
  5. Talking to Whitehaven lads at work today. They were saying there doesn’t seem to be much buzz about the club this preseason given they’ve just been promoted. Hardly any promotion of the Ike game, hardly anybody on their forum, not many communications from the club.
  6. Just looking at the new Haven home shirt. It’s actually not bad at all. However they’ve done the promotional photo in front of a fence. Bit scruffy really.
  7. Stack actually approached Barrow to leave when we got relegated 4 seasons ago. He was a great player for us but it would be a daft presedent to set to donate gate receipts of a friendly to a player that left ages ago. The club has 20 odd players to play. Also. Why are you on here Dean causing trouble?
  8. and by the way, maudling, wellington, field house,wilkes, olstrom all out as well as barnes and miller but its the bod fault
  9. who needs enemies when you've got the derwent park supporters club. They feel sorry for the players
  10. his comments were made on twitter so you're repeating hearsay on social media sites. What a tatie
  11. by all accounts the lad was a fantasist. Chris Sandow crack is a pearler?
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