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  1. Please put me in to contribute
  2. Whats changed with the one on one ball steal ?
  3. Easier and quicker than travelling to Whitehaven
  4. Cheek of it. Bbc sport website has Featherstone and toulouse down for the play off final Sunday 10th October 6pm ,let's see what us and fax can do about that
  5. Too right on saving a fortune on parking and ticket prices they think they're still in super league lol
  6. Whitehaven can't finish 6th if they win they will be 12 out of 22 = 54.55 London if they lose will be 11 out of 20 = 55
  7. So..... lose to fax London beat York We're 6th ,away to fax in play offs York beat London We're 5th away to Bradford Beat fax by more than 14 points and Bradford lose to Whitehaven We're 3rd and home to London Bradford beat Whitehaven We're 4th home to fax Is this correct or close ?
  8. Johnson for his hat trick Jc for his forward rolls Blagbrough for his tackling
  9. Most importantly a week off before the business end of the season
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