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  1. 1 hour ago, Damien said:

    A good article here in today Guardian about Mose Masoe. He really is an inspirational person:


    He says he told Tony Smith that he's not much of a talker yet he's said some of the most inspirational, profound and heartwarming things in that article. He seems like a great bloke to me, I hope he makes a complete recovery. 

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  2. 3 hours ago, Big Picture said:

    When a World Cup qualifier like this one only attracts 323 spectators, I wouldn't hold my breath about those gates if I were you.


    I'm not holding my breath BP, I have no skin in the game, so don't need to worry. 

    The gates I referred to is the cumulative sum of all the games in the competition and if they can build momentum between now and then in raising awareness then I'm reasonable confident they'll knock 323 into a cocked hat.

    Anyway, don't forget, paying spectators are only one potential income stream for this tournament, there may be many others.

    Some time ago one of our members asked me to define the difference between professional and amateur clubs. My response was, it depends on where the vast majority of clubs money comes from. If it comes from the players, the clubs members, their families and friends pockets, its an amateur club. If it comes from somewhere else, it can be a pro club.

    My earlier point was that clubs may be self-funding for all we know. My own club would be happy to do that if the opportunity was attractive enough. I don't mean from a financial return-on-investment point of view I mean from the point of view of amateur lads, who love to play rugby league, are excited at the prospect of being involved in something new and Europe wide and who have a few quid tucked away for an adventure every year or two.

    I don't know what you'd call them in Canada, swashbuckling, adventurers, trail blazers, larrikins, nut-jobs or good old fashioned pioneers. What I do know is that they are the kind of lads, that are great to be with and to be around, salt of the earth, competitors, of the RL ilk. The sort that make the world go round.

    All you people, who are only interested in professional sport (for profit) just don't get, the reason why most people are involved - the Craic, the joy of it, the keen competition, the adventure of travelling, pulling your boots on and giving of it all you've got. Just being in it. I could go on but it seems to me that some in here have either forgotten what that feels like, or have never felt it in the first place.

    I've never heard Dean Buchan mention ''making a profit'' he's running this thing on inspiration. 


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  3. 2 hours ago, Tommygilf said:

    So like a tiered league System. So instead of having all the teams in the I li same league/cup, teams play in "leagues" with increasing strength and the ability to move up and down. Aim is to get everyone competing at a level they can win at but also not coast.

    Only hiccup I see to that is that the RLEF seem to want to start this from the top vs the more open EuroXIIIs, so someone, likely EuroXIIIs, will have to sacrifice the primacy of their comp. Buchan used the Nike vs Adidas comparison but I think its more Nike (normal trainers from the shop anyone can buy) vs adidas (professional athletes moulded footwear).

    That sounds like the ''squash ladder'' I mentioned in an earlier post/thread. I like that idea. I liked the idea too of having International / rep sides in the Euro comp playing in the league. That way the domestic leagues would not lose a club to the  Euro XIII competition but maybe each club would lose just a few players to the National/rep team. This way, the rep teams could, if funded properly, play every week and be crowned European International Champions at the end. The incentive of being selected for their National team, to play in the European Championships would surely excite young players.

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  4. 1 minute ago, Tommygilf said:

    I agree this is all doable.

    Going forward I think sub-Super League European Club competitions should be organised on a Champions League, Europa League, Europa League 1 etc or Nations league style.

    Tell me what that means Tom, I confess, I have no idea how those competitions run?

  5. There must be 8 trips to fulfill the first round, 4 for the second, 2 for the semi and one (possibly 2) for the final.

    So even if they are self-funding that means they'd have to pay for one trip each as an entry fee.  Success, in the first round, means no additional cost, for the next one and so on all the way to the final.

    That is similar to my own clubs end of season tour.

    The players saved up all year for it and each player paid his own way. That's no big deal.

    (Bear in mind we went to Irlam so we'd have had no problem selling them a trip to some of Europe's glamorous sounding far flung destinations!)

    Any money made in gate receipts, sponsorship, grants, (television deal) split evenly, offsets the cost of the entry fee for everyone.

    If travel costs, hotel fees, transfers etc. can be negotiated in bulk then these costs may not be too much of a burden for a guarantor in the event of a shortfall in funds.

    if you've got the enthusiastic interest from the clubs and its clear that they have, then this whole thing is do-able.

    If they've got some sympathetic sponsors, it looks better already.

    Add in few decent gates and a big turn out in the final and that's the icing on the cake. 

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  6. I really can't see why you all have such a problem with this.

    This chap's organising a party and he issued open invitations.

    So many accepted the invitation, everyone else missed the boat, either from, lethargy, suspicion, doubt, lack of resources or lack of interest.

    Now everyone, who's not going is whining and wailing and saying its going to be a carp party anyway.

    Why don't you just mind your own business and let them get on with it?

    I can understand everyone's curiosity being aroused and wanting the know more but almost everyone's pleas (for more information) are couched in strident envious negativity.

    Can't you fu......ers wish them well? If they get this ''off the ground'' who knows what it might grow into in a few short years.

    It's more than has been dared, or even dreamt of in the last century.

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  7. 15 hours ago, Big Picture said:

    No it's not the invention of gridiron, that happened in the US not in Canada.  It's the invention of a ball-control version of rugby.

    I have my dates and knowledge of the games' history down pat thanks.  Canadians invented the first form of play-the-ball back in 1880.  Canadians invented a rule to make teams run kicks out of their goal area (the rouge) even earlier than that.  Canadians got rid of the RU fair catch in the 1890s and replaced it with a 3-yard (later 5-yard) restraining area for offside members of the kicking team.  We also invented the sin-bin rule which was also part of Canadian rugby football before the first Grey Cup.  In short we Canadians got rid of RU's fair catches, throw-ins, rucks and mauls long before RL got around to any of that and our ideas were subsequently adopted in RL.

    Now if you can tell me what the other distinctive features of RL which differentiate it from RU might be, I'm all ears.

    Hey BP i'm convinced you're right.

    It would help you to win if you had some film of RL at about the same time and compare the two.

    Anyway do you think there's any chance of converting them to play RL?

    Suddenly we'd have a whole new Nation in pro' Rugby League.

    Now that's development.

  8. 30 minutes ago, Impartial Observer said:

    You mentioned my friend that Eric Perez had used his ideas and resources, I asked for proof of this as you clearly know what he has put into the clubs?

    When I was involved with a team we used to inform the League Secretary if we had arranged a friendly so they could sanction it and appoint a referee. It also meant more importantly that the game was covered for insurance purposes. Not really kissing anyone's backside is it? Maybe it is done differently in Wales.

    As participant figures go towards funding the rfl gets from sport england I assume in some way the number of games each club play go towards this so by informing the league the game can get counted.  

    Fair enough


    30 minutes ago, Impartial Observer said:

    No I certainly didn't my friend

    Well i'm glad we're still mates. x

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