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  1. At last, an argument about doing something that really works. Every pro' club, every league, every lover of this game, should be pumping out this message, in every town, the whole (RL) world over. Junior development is pure marketing and it should be an ongoing, never ending part of every clubs marketing plans. The lifetime value (to the game) of new fans is immense and it costs little to create them by introducing this great game, to them when they are young. To Big Picture I say, whatever else you try, you must do this. The sad fact is that in more than 100 years of existence, we have never systematically provided opportunities for new young kids, to play and grow to love, our game. Just imagine, if every club, everywhere, were doing what Newcastle is doing, to embed the game in the communities in which they operate and had been doing it for over a hundred years. Big Picture's global franchises would already be here.
  2. My experience, for what its worth, is in sales. Have you considered employing ''risk reversal'' as a way of persuading suspicious, sceptical and pennywise club owners to get you to do your stuff? If you are certain you can make meaningful changes (generate growth and monetise it) would you be prepared to do it on a percentage basis? Take your fee, from the profits but in the event that you are unsuccessful let them out of it.
  3. I am absolutely sold, on your argument. I agree that our clubs are poor at increasing their turnover and supporter base, not only to the extent that they're missing their full potential but to the point where the future of the whole game is in jeopardy. Now, I don't know anyone currently involved in the operation of a professional club and don't have the expertise you speak of, so I wondered, have you approached any one/club and offered to help/advise them in these areas? I don't mean as an amateur/volunteer if you are disinclined to do that, but on a professional basis.
  4. What a great article, lets hope it brings in a lot more ''eyeballs''.
  5. How come a thread entitled Albert Kelly spends all its time talking about Mark Sneyd? I like Sneyd, a lot. I think Albert Kelly will be missed, on his day he's a world beater. Was it true that Radford headbutted him, before resigning?
  6. Well I'm a bystander at the moment but will almost certainly throw my hat in the ring when things warm up. I presume they will join the Welsh league but can't say at this stage. The talk is a 2021 launch. My preference would be to create a friendly fixture list in the first season, with any and all clubs willing to travel to Aberavon to help us get established. I'm a firm believer in the value of a fixture secretary, creating friendly fixtures a season in advance to assist in the establishment of new clubs. The chap organising it is a very capable administrator so I have every confidence in him. I'll keep you posted.
  7. Aberavon Fighting Irish are coming back, next season.
  8. My time in Australia was very special to me. I speak about it almost every day even now, 40 years later. I was just wondering if the picture of Vic Hey is still there? My father told me he was a terrific player (stand off) My father played centre alongside him. To see his picture on the wall, knowing my father had played with him was quite moving. I'm just reading that they called him ''the human bullet''.
  9. My time in Australia was very special to me. I speak about it almost every day even now, 40 years later. I was just wondering if the picture of Vic Hey is still there? My father told me he was a terrific player (stand off) My father played centre alongside him. To see his picture on the wall, knowing my father had played with him was quite moving. I'm just reading that they called him ''the human bullet''.
  10. Why is Hastings a less likely venue?
  11. Yes of course standards are raised by experienced players playing alongside newcomers but I can't see anything in this proposal that prohibits their involvement. What's to stop players of other nationalities, resident in a country, representing their country of residence? That's not an alien concept is it? Adding in the heritage players who may be available is another way to raise standards. The white-heat of playing International competition every week, will also raise standards more rapidly. The Euro XIII national team would be a great aspirational/inspirational goal for any young player to dream of attaining. With regard to the large gulf in playing standards, across Europe, why do we have to mix experienced League nations and fledgling nations in the early years? If you're going to make a Euro XIII competition then it strikes me, for the reasons the original poster detailed, that this idea is superior to a private club competition and ticks far more boxes. It's a good example of joined-up thinking, rather than an ad-hoc, random, ''hope for the best'' process we are engaged in, in SuperLeague.
  12. A) Surely, these players could be given the opportunity to play for their country of residence, just as Aussie players played for Great Britain recently. Or alternatively, they could represent their home nation, if they wanted to (and were good enough). B) See above. If they aren't good enough to play for their country of residence or birth they would, as laid out in the plan, be able to find a game at one of the amateur/semi pro clubs local to them. C) Not in the near future perhaps, but the whole idea of setting up a Euro League is with the medium to long term in mind. D) How do you know the chasm from top to bottom is too big? If England, France and Wales Pro teams were included I agree, but they may not even elect to apply at the early stages. It could be limited to mainland Europe, developing nations only. Why do you believe that sponsorship is more readily available for club sides than International teams? Remember the proposal is that these teams play every week throughout the season, not just once or twice every 4 years!
  13. My father played with Vic Hey. I saw his picture on the wall of Wollongong Leagues club in 1980.
  14. Can you send some information to Newcastle, so they can write a book on how to develop the game so that the rest of the country can learn from them and replicate what they are doing?
  15. I think there is real merit in this plan. You should send it off to the governing body and the maverick group. For once, a short, medium and long term plan, that ticks all the boxes. A compass at least, if not a detailed roadmap for where we want to get to.
  16. At a minimum they tie up resources, dealing with confused newcomers questions. Just like its consuming our time talking about them today. It depends on the finances they can muster in order to become a thorn in the games flesh. They could eventually tie us up in legal battles. They can also undermine the IRL's claim to be the world governing body and that could impact on our claim as a bona fide sport in any application for government funding around the world and of course, in our attempts to become an Olympic sport. This translates to the ability to slow down (to a grinding halt in some countries) the growth of the game. This is not a good news story. As far as I know, none of their members have any significant participation in the game, but that doesn't effect their ability to cause confusion, by lieing to our fledgling members, or to befuddle indifferent politicians about our legitimacy. We are making progress around the world, and this is one of RaRa's responses The intend to frustrate, slow down, stifle and suffocate our growth. For me, this is confirmation that we are finally doing something right, at last but its never going to be easy. Its difficult enough as it is, without their vile meddling. Make no mistake, they envy us and so, fear us. Our product is superior and its appeal to the general population around the world is becoming evident. Any authentic body, eager to develop the sport around the world, would seek to join the existing governing body and pull together, to fight the good fight. The actions of this group prove the opposite. The are not rugby league people, they are not out to build the game but to destroy it.
  17. They are a Ra Ra sponsored group charged with f......g the whole thing up. When all these fools join up, they'll start changing the rules till it looks like Ra Ra, or there'll be a humungous legal battle, bankrolled by the dark side to bankrupt our IRL. Be vigilant, don't underestimate our enemies. Many and varied are the ways of the dark side.
  18. We had some great afternoons after the matches. I'm so glad, you enjoyed your visit. It was the best time of my life, I just wish I could still play.
  19. Yes it was before the Fighting Irish. (See the previous post). I absolutely loved being in the London League. When we formed the club, our nearest opposition was 200 miles away. So we played a first season of friendly fixtures against Northern clubs who we enticed to visit Aberavon. Clive Hopkins helped us to ensure that our visitors were housed, well fed and catered for and we did our best to ensure they had a torrid time on the field. Lol. I think we joined the London League in our second year because we needed a full fixture list. We had to guarantee to fulfill our away games for the benefit of having each London club visit us once a season. It worked, we found the players, we made the money, we bought the kit, arranged the games, transport, blah blah blah. It was great. Peckham were a great side, Puma's were a great side, Ealing were great, Colonials (broke my nose) were terrific. I wish they were all still playing but the London scene is a huge success story for our game. Long may it continue. I'm pleased to meet you, keep in touch.
  20. My brother and I formed Aberavon in the early 80's and we ran the club for 18 years. (My brother Danny did most of the heavy lifting). A chap called Chris O'Callaghan (a school mate) played for us on and off, along with 3 of his four brothers. He was an ex-Cambridge Blue at RaRa and became, after a very successful playing career (at Union) the Aberavon RFU coach. It was while he was coaching the Wizards that he, along with his brother John, formed the Fighting Irish, Chris coached and John Dennis did most of the heavy lifting! Lol. I was a founder member of the F.I. club and coached the U-17's. So, if you played the Fighting Irish I wasn't playing but its great to meet you and chat with you.
  21. Help me to answer the question? What year was it? Did you play Aberavon Rugby League Club or Aberavon Fighting Irish RL Club?
  22. I don't mean to be a nuisance but where did you get that information from?
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