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  1. These promotional videos are just great. Finally a coordinated, very professional marketing effort to present our game in the very best light. I can't wait to see the games and hope it has some lasting impact over there.
  2. I had a similar experience. My mate said it was much more exciting to watch than the Wales v Ireland (Rara) match. My response ''Twas ever thus''. Suffice to say, his interest was piqued and he acknowledged a new found respect for the game and the players. Hiding the game away, for 30 odd years, hasn't done us any favours.
  3. Dual registration agreements. Only one winner there.
  4. I've been advocating investing in the development of RL in the USA for a number of years. V'landys sees financial opportunities over there, that hadn't even occurred to me, so good for him, for NRL and hopefully, for RL in general. If we join forces with the NRL (in whatever capacity) for the development of the sport over there, I believe we (both) have the greatest chance of success, than we would if we attempted any similar effort in any other country in the world. There's more money there. There are more high quality athletes (per head) there than any other country in the world. The development of semi-pro, then full blown professional clubs holds the potential of creating (relatively quickly) a credible competitive International team to add to the paucity of International competition in the Northern Hemisphere. If this can be done, at hardly any real cost (due to selling the events we organise at a profit) then there is no reason not to do it. Over and over again. The willingness to accept (as V'landys is doing) a modest risk, (based on our conviction that we have a great product, with potentially broad appeal) combined with truly professional marketing of the events makes perfect sense. I'm just grateful that the NRL is moving in that direction. It would be churlish and miserly not to get involved on the same basis.
  5. Maintaining the Captain Bird's-eye theme then? I wonder if they'll get him a polo neck?
  6. Thank you very much for your help. Much appreciated. I hope Wigan murder 'em.
  7. Are the parking places sold out? Where's the best place for a long distance visitor to park?
  8. Not all Irishmen are the same, I'll have you know.
  9. Well on second reading nothing at all. It wasn't that I misunderstood your post but that I didn't properly grasp the rule change in the first place. I didn't mean to imply your post was erroneous just confessing my own confusion about what the NRL were proposing.
  10. I don't really understand the potential of all this, nor the mechanism for getting it all ''out there'' but I'm starting to feel excited about a new wave.
  11. I heard it twice in the Mr Bates v The Post Office dramatisation does that count?
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