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  1. I'm not trying to be awful, or ugly or controversial. I suppose he meant his initial enthusiasm was dampened by your comments about the island which (perhaps unintentionally) implied that the place is not a safe and civilised place, at the moment. If there is a risk of civil unrest or god forbid civil war then any RL development is bound to be hampered.
  2. He's wondering what kind of a hell hole it is today?
  3. Yes me too, my friend. Let's hope, it appears somewhere.
  4. Please be sure to pass on the true story, to us all here?
  5. Loved it. In how many towns is that happening over here? Not enough.
  6. Reckless and irresponsible! A high minded, responsible person would just throw something at the telly.
  7. If the predicted punch up occurs, the England squad (and some others) for the world cup, could be decimated.
  8. Listen Ging' let me clarify? At this stage, what you might get and how much it will cost is all in the realm of ''ball park figures''. Estimating, especially for large projects, is an iterative process, (not that I expect you to know that) and first estimates might be plus or minus 50-75% of the final cost/specification. They are rough guesses designed to test the stakeholders willingness to engage in meaningful conversations. It's not until much later in the process, that the structural details and the available budget and financial cost estimates are honed down to plus or minus 5 or 10%. So what's been claimed (and dreamed of) at this stage is likely to be very different from the final outcome. Nothing new there, (in the real world), my carrot-topped friend. What I'm drawing attention to is, the tendency amongst our so called ''supporters'' to enter the fray at the outset (at this early stage) intent on ridiculing the ambition, mocking the imagination of the people involved on the basis that ''it'll never happen in RL'' because at the bottom of it all, ''we simply don't deserve it'' and ''no-one in their right minds would spend money on something like this, for Rugby League'' and anyone who thinks they can bring it about is a fool and is wasting everyone's time. I abhor that attitude, it reeks of envy and does violence to the best, brightest and most imaginative, highest achievers amongst us. Knockers of this ilk, are legion and never achieve anything of note because they simply don't have the courage or creativity to even imagine what might be, let alone commit the time and effort to achieving anything worthwhile. So folks, if your looking for a prophet, to help you predict the future, I'd advise you look elsewhere.
  9. Yes mate, we might all have bigger fish to fry in a short while.
  10. Yada yada yada You can make all the excuses and rationalisations you like, you can try as many diversionary tactics and bring on all the sleight of hand avoidance manoeuvres you can muster. I know it's unbearable for some people to admit it, but it's as plain as the nose on your face.
  11. Here's a question, if Cardiff can have one, why can't Bradford? Another, if they can build half a dozen in Sydney why can't Bradford have one. How about, if other sports can get government support for a National Stadium, or even a regional one, why not Rugby League. In other walks of life, these things are not thought of as ''pie in the sky'' or ''impossible'' or ''laughable'' they are just considered ''do-able''. Not costly white elephants but life enhancing social investments. What I see is a widespread, cripplingly low, self esteem amongst our fans. The overwhelming, prevailing attitude seems to be ''we don't deserve it''. I just can't understand the mindset of people (from our fanbase) who take every opportunity to spread that message and revel in the squalor it engenders.
  12. That is very interesting. Thank you for sharing that DI Keith Fowler. I can't wait for their plans to unfold. I hope the game can finally take it's rightful place.
  13. There's a great opportunity here for the Big Picture. With his unrivalled vision for the game and his unparalleled insight into the unique nuanced requirements of sports development in the USA, he could pull all these disparate groups together, wash and brush them up and present them to his billionaire investors group as the next ''big thing'' over the pond. By recruiting from the NFL draft failures each year he could take the game full-time-pro' in no time and be vying for world domination by 2025.
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