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  1. Stop beating about the bush and tell it like you mean it.
  2. I'll be in it Beaver, what happened to that Jamaican team?
  3. My thoughts exactly. Discretion being the better part of valour
  4. That's a bit strong Tex. How have you come the this conclusion? You must have information, some of us do not. Would you care to elaborate?
  5. Fred Jones, was before Max Krillich. He features in one of the NRL videos looking back at old times. I never saw him play but he must have been good, to represent Australia. I was there as part of a Welsh Surf Life Saving Team (can you believe it?) and the chap I was staying with wanted to introduce me to Fred because he knew I was a RL nut. I was at the bar in the Harbord pub, getting a few Schooners, waiting to be served, so Fred came up behind me and slapped me across the back of my head. He slapped me so hard it nearly knocked me over, lol. So I thought right, thats it, he's having it. Then I turned round and saw his face! Which looked like granite. So i put my hand out and said ''pleased to meet you'' lol. He just laughed and shook my hand. We got on great after that.
  6. When i worked in junior schools, pushing ''little league'' the course was 6 weeks long. At the beginning of week 4 (i think) we introduced tackling skills and played tackle from then on. That lesson produced a split in the class, in every school we visited, without exception. Our solution was a simple even if simplistic one. We wanted the teacher to keep the whole class engaged so we explained that ''little league'' could be played with tackling, for those that wanted to play tackle and without tackling for those that didn't fancy it. This was how we retained interest and heaps of enjoyment for every kid in the class. If this simple idea is introduced when the kids are young, there is no stigma attached to choosing the non-tackle game. Depending on numbers of course, non-tackle can be played by single sex, or mixed groups.
  7. I stayed in Manly in 1980 for 6 weeks and went to Manly-Warringah leagues club. You can imagine how chuffed I was. I spent a bit of time with Fred Jones, ex Manly and Australia hooker and also (do you remember?) Graeme Williams, ex-Manly 5/8th from Swinton. I was blown away by the quality of everything I witnessed. Meanwhile over here, we had just introduced our coaching scheme, authored and administered by Phil Larder and the RFL were leaning on our Pro coaches to get the qualifications so they could tell our amateur coaches they should get on board. Then someone at Manly told me that there were over 400 grade-4 (top level coaches, in the Australian scheme) coaching Under 10's teams in Sydney !!!!! That's 40 years ago Rocket. It's no wonder we struggle to beat you fellas.
  8. Yes their assaults were invariably ''full frontal'', great great players. I wish we could (on a regular basis) return to those Test match confrontations. I miss them so much, even though, we usually ended up crying in our beer.
  9. Yes i'm sure he was trying to ''upset'' him. I'm just concerned the ''upset'' could be lifelong and not finish at 80 minutes. To try and clarify my attitude a bit, if he did it to ''upset'' a woman, who beat him to the last two Mango's in the supermarket he'd probably be banned from Walmart for life and end up on the sex offenders register. God knows how long it would take the poor girl to get over it. I just think its reprehensible. I'd much prefer to play against Les Boyd (and all that that entails) than Hopoate any day.
  10. I'm really struggling to come up with any alternative explanation. Grabbing someone's genitals (in a fight say) can be explained away as an attempt to cause excruciating pain. But sticking your finger in someone's backside (without their consent) is not in the same category. Its sickeningly weird and can't be classified as anything but a perverse sexual assault. The lousy bast...d should be off the field for good and on a sex offenders register. That we ever allowed him the opportunity to do it a second time beggars belief.
  11. Isn't it obvious why the reference to squirrels? Anyway, I think this behaviour needs to be completely eradicated. I don't think its funny fellas and its a huge (disgusting) negative in terms of the games image on television. 20 to 30 years of hard fought development work in the community wiped out in an instant. I'm not saying that these blokes are sexually motivated but it looks abhorrent. Three more examples, that the game is its own worst enemy.
  12. Two packages for sale. Does anyone know, to whom the invitations to tender, have been sent? The best lever in any negotiation is ''walk away power'' but if there are no alternatives to Sky then we have a very weak hand indeed. If the total amount of money raised from this sale can't be increased, then we face a miserable slide to oblivion. Breaking up the offerings for sale to different broadcasters may at least provide exposure to new people, some additional income and over time, convince other broadcasters of the value of our product and induce one of them to challenge Sky for the privilege of representing Rugby League down the line. Offering a simple bulk-buy, take it or leave it package, is asking for trouble. I'd break it up into as many chunks as we can.
  13. Is that map, up to date Rocket? Can anyone here vouch for its accuracy. If its right, then there are 50 universities or colleges playing rugby league. So why aren't we registering and keeping in touch with these blokes after they leave Uni? Encouraging them to stay involved in the game in any way they want.
  14. Well I imagine, over time, it might draw new people in to buy subscriptions. Thereby increasing their income in future years. Growth stimulated by marketing to a new audience. Now where have I heard that one before?
  15. Once went to a seven a side tournament in Milton Keynes. The tournament took place on 4 fields (such was the attendance) and lasted most of the day. We turned up with 9 blokes, one of which was our prop forward, 5 feet 9 inches tall and 17 and a half stones in weight. Let's just say he wasn't the archetypal sevens player. Near the end of the day, the final was played and (fair play) all the other teams players and their supporters stayed on to watch. It was quite a crowd. We lost the toss and they decided to receive the ball. Just before the ref blew his whistle to start the game, there was a hush in the crowd and one small voice said ''Run at the fat bast..rd''. I said to my brother ''Did you hear that Dan?'' ''Yes he said'' as we both looked across at our number 8, his head bowed in a classic pose we'd seen many times before. We kicked off and their receiver (a real crowd-pleaser) ran straight at our number 8. It took 40 minutes to restart the match, after the ambulance had carried this poor chap off to the infirmary. Just before the ref blew his whistle to indicate time on again, a hush fell over the crowd and the same little voice was heard to say ''Don't run at the fat bast..d''
  16. How can we find out and settle the argument, once and for all?
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