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  1. Well they haven't said anything in reality. I was just daydreaming. But what I was describing was merged teams with new ''City'' names, (like the cricket) to be played in London to attract new audiences. I was thinking more of a one day, eight team knockout competition, for an all day long bunfight.
  2. I imagine they have London in mind, with a view to drawing in new spectators fans. I also suspect they may propose a short-form (nine's) tournament played between some ''new'' (fabricated) city teams. I'm not sure how you'd get the players contract releases sorted out here but it's fun to speculate. The short games will likely keep spectators in their seats longer, creating a better atmosphere than the Magic format. Who knows? It's just something I'd like to see.
  3. Yes, I was projecting forward a bit. I wonder why they are not taking part? It is of course a huge continent (Africa) and the cost might be prohibitive for fledgling organisations. Same old problem, the world over. I just hope they can keep building a bit at a time.
  4. It'd be good to see them represent Nigeria v Lebanon (full strength) in a couple of televised exhibition matches in Nigeria, with a view to promoting the establishment of more clubs. Seeing it played at that class, with their own Nationals represented would (no doubt) give the game a heck of a boost, over there.
  5. With those two countries (South Africa and Morocco) taking part along with Lebanon the tournament begins to look more and more interesting all the time. Lot's to be cheerful about and I hope, it will give a boost to the development of the game in those countries and throughout MEA countries.
  6. The south wales ''Sunshine League'' was the first Northern hemisphere rugby league competition to be played in the Summer months. It was inaugurated in the season before Maurice Lindsay's SuperLeague.
  7. Alphamax Football !!! With regard to your second point I think IMG are telling clubs to put mechanisms in place to build the clubs assets for the medium to long term and not gamble all their available resources on a squad they hope will get them promoted. This strategy and the commitment to it, will allow B grade clubs to build in, stability and sustainability and grow to a Super Club (and the surrounding grass roots, infrastructure) over time. There-in lies the rub. No-one wants to do the right thing because it involves delayed gratification. You know that big ''grown-up'' habit we tell our kids to develop for a better future. If you get any information on the Euro Basketball, I'd be eager to see/hear it?
  8. I've got to read this (and think it through) before I can make detailed comment and come to any conclusions. I'm already excited by the idea that clubs (B & C) could invest their way into the A grade list. This is surely similar to the system in Australia. Clubs are selected/promoted to the NRL by a detailed set of criteria. With sufficient change and growth clubs can find their way into the top tier. A system like this makes the path visible (with medium term growth) up the ladder, without the dog eat dog catastrophic damage done by yo-yo promotion and relegation.
  9. Argumentative? That's not even a proper argument!
  10. I'm not trying to be awful, or ugly or controversial. I suppose he meant his initial enthusiasm was dampened by your comments about the island which (perhaps unintentionally) implied that the place is not a safe and civilised place, at the moment. If there is a risk of civil unrest or god forbid civil war then any RL development is bound to be hampered.
  11. He's wondering what kind of a hell hole it is today?
  12. Yes me too, my friend. Let's hope, it appears somewhere.
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