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  1. Would you consider writing to the board and telling them about your ideas?
  2. Whatever the reasons, I'm glad he's in.
  3. I reckon they've spent most of the year seeking legal advice about the risks of reneging on an agreement made before their little lads club was formed. They've likely been counselled that to do so, will not only expose the game to world-wide ridicule, it will reveal in glorious technicolor their total lack of integrity and (probably) incur costs and damages so gross it would bankrupt every club in the organisation. I can't wait to see how it pans out.
  4. Its utterly laughable and completely absurd. What if they'd won the play off last year? Surely all that was sorted then? If not, it's even more embarrassing that they let them play the game without knowing whether they were playing for a promotion spot. Lucky old Super League that London beat them to it.
  5. Thank goodness there's someone out there, with enough (cash and) self belief to see this thing through. Can you (the doubters, backstabbers, the envious malevolent hope killers and Rara fifth columnists) TWP haters imagine any other realistic way of spreading our game at this level across the world, in the near future? Can you see where we might actually get more TV cash, without them? Or attract new financial backers, with a different order of magnitude of financial clout? Or attract millions of new television viewers? Or eventually attract/create top class players in large numbers? I can't. If a billionaire can't do it, the small time car-boot sale entrepreneurs (like Parky) have no chance, zero, zilch, nada, nowt. Come on Mr Argyle, come on Eric Perez, God speed, fair wind, fine weather. Until the amateurs, in Jamaica, Nigeria, Serbia, Greece, et al set the game alight world wide, you are our only hope.
  6. Well you can't please everybody, but I loved both these. The second one was really moving.
  7. Great news, I hope they qualify for the World Cup.
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