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  1. I think we'd all prefer that match results were decided by the players, who have been coached to perform well by their coaches, rather than having games decided by some subjective opinion. I think the system we have is probably as good as it can be, most of the time but of course it's not perfect. In a higher scoring, or perhaps more one-sided game, it wouldn't have been a crucial matter and therefore, more easily accepted as ''part of the game''. When so much is at stake, and the very unlikely occurrence (of human frailty) occurs, resulting in the spoils being awarded to the wrong team, it just amplifies the upset. It's at times like this, when the fallibility of the system becomes glaringly obvious and causes so much upset to those invested in the outcome. I think we can leave it to human beings most of the time, but it's clear there are occasions when they are just not good enough. Up to now, we don't have any alternatives.
  2. Yes, and of course the Old Dart has to have a reasonable chance of hitting the board.
  3. I think some of his comments have been misinterpreted by some of the posters. When he says he wants games decided by players and coaches, he's not talking about playing games without referees. He just wants objective, unequivocal, faultless, refereeing. He's complaining about a subjective refereeing decision (which he thinks was in error) costing his club (players and staff) the game, which is heartbreaking. The video referee was supposed to reduce the number of erroneous decisions but the system is not infallible. In this case someone's ''opinion'' has cost Leigh the game. That's very regrettable and probably highly unlikely but in this case the worst case scenario has reared it's ugly head and he's upset. For what it's worth, I think the referee was wrong, it looked like a perfectly good try to me. He's also upset about the broadcasters rudeness regarding his coach and I don't blame him for that. That kind of treatment smacks of contempt for the coach, the club and the game.
  4. Well i'm going to come out in favour of the show, (which is why the scheduling matters to me). I think the commentary and the between-game comments from Tania and invited guests is far superior to the type of highlights which appear quickly on Sky sports and/or You Tube. The latter often lacking commentary (sometimes not even a sound track) and no Host to lead the presentation. So it's a bit like the game as a whole, great product, poorly marketed. Come on BBC you can do so much better?
  5. I think you are right JB but surely if they stopped mis-leading potential viewers by telling them when the programme is actually available, rather than promising it for 7.00p.m. but not putting it on until after midnight (who's awake then?), which just confuses and annoys would-be viewers, then surely the total audience would tend to be bigger. (Sorry for the long sentence). Isn't that the basis on which the BBC justifies it's existence? Surely the success (measured by viewers) is mutually beneficial? To them as well as us. Our relationship is symbiotic. Are they, the BBC, too stupid to realise this (or are they deliberately trying to sabotage the game?) and are we (our leaders) to feeble to remind them of their duty to us and their viewers?
  6. Back to the thread asking if our glorious leaders actually read this forum. If they do, they must have thick skin. Or perhaps they are just plain thick? Or are they so obsequious they are too scared to tackle the BBC over this ''anti-marketting'' behaviour?
  7. It's sh ite anyway. The ball was only in play for about 25 minutes. They kicked the leather off it.
  8. Harry, it looks like it's not on until after 12.00 tonight (which is very early tomorrow of course). Why on earth they can't honour the promise of 7.00 p.m. I don't know. It's not exactly helping to promote the game showing it after midnight is it? But telling everyone it's on at 7.00 and then not actually putting it on till after midnight feels like sabotage. Do you think Peter Vlandis might have something to say about that? I imagine so. Why aren't our ''leaders'' chasing it up? I find it insulting.
  9. It was on last night on ITV at 8.00 p.m. Wales won by about 40 points. It's the RaRa world cup.
  10. My Welsh mates, have been raving about Wales beating Australia. I swear their patriotism has turned their brains to mush, it bored me to tears. A great example of kick and clap (and the Aussies were just plain useless).
  11. Just tried myself Harry and it's not there for me either.
  12. Its hopeless Harry. Sometimes it doesn't come on till later. Don't go into sport, just search for Super League Show and if your late enough, you'll get it.
  13. Its a forlorn hope. A wish, a pipe dream, a prayer. He has no idea, how to make it happen. Our only real hope (I'll say it again) is that the amateur administrators grasp the nettle and put ''development'' on the agenda, of every meeting they organise. Appoint the most able, eager and willing person/people to work out how to draw more people into the game. Yes, they'll make mistakes, yes they'll fail (in the short term) but with each effort/attempt they'll learn and improve and eventually succeed. One thing I know for certain is that unless we decide to do it, it's not going to happen.
  14. I'm really upset about the setback to Skolars. I just throw down the gauntlet to the London League (does it still exist?). Or if not, the Southern Conference to do more. I don't know what kind of organisation it is but first of all they need to grasp the nettle and accept the challenge of growing the game in their locality. To draw in more volunteers, find more enthusiasts - would-be coaches, players, referees, canvassers, social media whizz-kids, those with marketing expertise and set some goals. For goodness sake, stop looking to the RFL to do stuff for you (us). If some enthusiasts in Nigeria, or Jamaica, or Eastern Europe can do it, surely our brightest and best can manage it? If they'll only take it on. Where are our cavaliers, our Corinthian spirit, our entrepreneurs. I just don't believe we don't have our fair share, I just don't.
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