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  1. I'm sorry Scoob' its the Irish in me. Just didn't see it. Thanks for putting me straight.
  2. Keep up the good work, its great to hear your news, please keep posting with any updates, good luck and best wishes.
  3. The new name for their defensive system is the Hoover Dam!
  4. When my first wife was in college, she shared a house with a girl who had multiple personality disorder. In fact the poor woman had six different personalities! It wasn't all that bad, though because my ex-missus only had to do the washing up one day a week.
  5. Do you have the answers? Can you enlighten us?
  6. I'm very sorry to hear that you think you're wasting your time.
  7. I've spent half an hour wondering whether i should explain the plant more potatoes line, or just leave it out there. I've always found it comical that rugby league people bemoan the lack of quality players available to super league clubs but don't connect the dots and realise that if you want more at the top end, you have to ensure you're putting more in the system at the bottom end, because players grow up and retire. Of course you can always buy more potatoes at the store, providing someone somewhere is planting them to stock the shelves with. Now no one club in particular has to introduce kids to rugby league but as custodians of the whole game, (the RFL) we should accept the responsibility of ensuring that increasing numbers of children are being introduced to the game each year, or face the perennial dearth of talent we all grumble and worry about these days. The Australians know this. When I was there in the 80's they had over 400 grade 4 coaches (their highest qualification) in Sydney, coaching under 10's. As far as I can see, no-one in the UK except Newcastle, is actually grasping the nettle on this issue.
  8. Here's some Irish wisdom. If you want more potatoes, plant more potatoes!
  9. With so called ''fans'' making threats to him and his family its no wonder, he jacked it in. These people are the sporting equivalent of dog sh...t on your shoe. We need to scrape them off the soles of our game before the stench of them puts any more decent people off.
  10. Their not fans mate. Their clinically depressed at best and reptilian psychopaths at worst and they've attached themselves to our game like leeches. Trying to find sustenance by sucking the life blood, out of genuine fans. They have nothing positive to say about our great game. We should connect them to the national grid and zap them with 40,000 volts for an hour or so, then shake them off once and for all. Exposing newcomers to the sport to these malevolent spirits is sure to drive them away.
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