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  1. What happened to Peckham and Peckham Puma's they were two really great teams?
  2. This is the most sensible idea, I've heard in a long time. We should be modelling what's happening in Newcastle, all over the country.
  3. What happened to your response to my last post? I got the notification that you'd responded but the post wasn't on the thread.
  4. Listen fella's its only a matter of time, before the whole media world turns against Rugby League for not stopping. You understand that don't you. They've got us both ways, not acknowledging that we even exist (at first) when we are the only sport soldiering on and playing but then the worm will turn and they'll make us the scapegoat and responsible for the whole damned plague! They'll begin to say it originated in Yorkshire or Lancashire and forget all about China.
  5. Nice one Mick Hogan, my old mate. To emphasize something already said here, they should be producing a ''how to'' guide for any area, (new or existing) eager to grow the game. This isn't something you do for a while and then its done. Its an ongoing, never ending part of the clubs marketing strategy and is the only way to embed the game in the communities psyche and ensure continual growth. The value of such a ''how-to'' guide, to newcomers to the game would be immense. We may have something similar in Wales but I'm unaware of that and/or how our plans compare to what's being done in Newcastle. Come on Mick, write the book?
  6. I just think the ref's could do with a bit of positive feedback. The ''fans'' you speak of are not fans at all, but depending on how many there are, they are a huge millstone around the games neck. Until we get them off the terraces, (or change their behaviour) we'll struggle to grow crowd numbers.
  7. That's quite an effort. What conclusions can you draw from your study?
  8. Can someone please check what the weather was like? or if it was a full moon, or what colour bootlaces the wingers were wearing, or if any of the players wives were in the crowd or were the homing pigeons in season at the time. If there is a correlation then does it ''prove'' that Wakey are weak under a waxing moon? or when the opposition wears white bootlaces or are put-off by ugly wives, lol. Only a fool would claim these are the cause of Wakey's demise. The ''stats'' prove nothing.
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