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  1. Nothing's changed, we've got to do it in spite of them. While we grow our own Corporate group for the future.
  2. C'est la vie, RayCee, twas ever thus.
  3. I tuned in accidentally right at the end, channel surfing and was staggered by the reference to the Queensland, New South Wales rivalry in Rugby Union. Ha! The omission of any mention of Rugby League was so flagrant it was almost deafening. It was nothing short of outrageous. A marvelous, wonderful smidgen of compensation presented itself though, when Portillo emerged from the changing room. His thick lipped, camp public schoolboy, posturing (while poncing around on the field) provided a perfectly grotesque caricature of the archetypal Hooray Henry. One that I will never ever forget.
  4. Its not that the basketball is massive, its about 9.4 inches diameter, maybe the people are smaller.
  5. I have no specific questions Tom, but if you could keep the forum posted with any new developments I'd really appreciate it. Good luck in all your endeavours and welcome to the family.
  6. I'd like to see an arrangement between Atlantic developing nations Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, Canada, USA, Jamaica (possibly South American nations) which could provide all with good competition and fuel the development of the sport in all. Cross-pond games are so much more interesting (to me) than home-nations games. Just as the pacific nations have come on in leaps and bounds nurtured by Australia, we (the Northern Hemisphere) should look to develop the Atlantic zone. With the much larger populations these nations represent huge potential for development. If not, then Rugby League looks like becoming a Southern Hemisphere sport.
  7. What are IRL doing about the mess in Greece? It's deathly silent isn't it?
  8. I was very disappointed, it looked in the second half particularly (against PNG), as though they'd had enough and didn't want to play any more. There seemed to be a distinct lack of enthusiasm for the project. NRL forwards taking the ball standing still, loose carries, dropped catches even when unchallenged, half hearted tackles. They didn't look like a team of the best England has to offer. Maybe the season has been too long. Perhaps they were carrying injuries, perhaps they were just plain embarrassed by earlier performances but morale seems very low to me. Contrast them with the Papua New Guinea ladies captain, now there's someone who was proud to represent her country.
  9. My father showed me this picture when I was a child and told me that rugby league players were the finest rugby players on earth.
  10. From your very first comment on this match, your threads ooze arrogance. What are you trying to achieve? You think it permissible to speak of pioneers as a laughing stock, simply because they are the first players from somewhere (Lithuania) to show an interest in playing the game. You also refer to the Welsh representatives as low class which may or may not be true, but so what? They are the best players, who made themselves available for selection at this time. You speak of their willingness to play against this new team as demeaning yet no-one was forced to take part, nor were they ignorant of the true nature of the opposition. They were probably motivated by the opportunity to give these newcomers some encouragement and to develop their own abilities. What would you suggest? Denying the Lithuanians the chance to play? Keeping them out of the game simply because they aren't very good? Nip them in the bud, before they have the chance to blossom? Who do you think you are? Its people like you who are (partly) responsible for the limited growth of the game worldwide. Looking down your nose at enthusiasts because they can't compete with well established nations. You don't have to ''clap along'' you celt, but you don't have to take the p......ss either. How well do you expect them to perform, when they are the very first people from Lithuania to play the game? What level must they be able to compete at, ''in your opinion'' before they should be allowed to play? Next question, if everyone responded in the way you have why should they bother to continue? It's a good job, they don't need permission from someone like you to get started, or the game would be already be dead in the water. Like most newcomers (thankfully) they don't need you, to get involved. All they want/need, is someone to play against. For the record, you and I are polar opposites. I welcome newcomers, you don't. Simple. So instead of banging on about having a bigger Rugby League Willie than I have stop and consider what comments like yours do to people the world over, who are thinking about giving our game a go.
  11. You've made me think, on this one and clarify my own views. I presume the Welsh lads were well aware of the nature of the opposition and still put themselves forward for the honour, so good for them. I don't really understand the snobbery apparent in not being willing to play or host or even entertain newcomers to our game, just because they're not very good at it, when we are trying to expand the global reach of the game (and also embed it here in Wales). Everyone has to start somewhere and I think we should welcome newcomers with open arms. I don't know anything about the make-up of the Welsh team but I do know that they will be selected from the existing Welsh open-age RL clubs, so your assertion that they are all low grade union players needs to be substantiated or be regarded as a crass insult. With regard to your final comment, a similar one could be made about the Lebanon, being actually a load of guys living in Australia but their ok, because they can play a bit. I repeat, everyone has to start somewhere and I would rather we show a little more kindness, display a little less (unearned) superiority and a good deal more willingness the rejoice when people are putting themselves forward as advocates for our game in a pretty hostile world.
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