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  1. Is Woolf handling recruitment (now) for next season, given he's off contract? Or is someone else doing it? With so many players coming off contract somebody needs to start tieing them down before they all disappear.
  2. Isn't the population of Batley bigger that the population of Castleford and about 3 times the population of Featherstone?
  3. My mother's from Batley but I hope Toulouse get in.
  4. Well we all have different opinions about the relative strengths of different players but you can't impose your beliefs on the Head Coach, who's continuation in the job depends on his success on the field. More French teams in the comp. makes it more credibly a European Super League and that must increase the chances of financial backing and tv coverage. Higher profile should translate to increased participation (at all levels) and ultimately, higher standards. French International success, would do wonders, for the development push.
  5. Getting more French teams into SuperLeague raises the profile of the game, over there (and over here in my opinion) and that should increase interest and ultimately, bring more participants into the game. Having a winning French team will do even more. Any French players dropped down to Elite 1 because they can't hold their own in SuperLeague strengthens the Elite 1 competition. The presence of another French SuperLeague team will raise the aspirations of all Elite 1 players who may come to believe there are more opportunities for them to achieve SuperLeague status and thereby r
  6. It was something special, wasn't it? Another addition to my great memories archive. How is it that their commentators, add so much to (enhance) the show, whereas ours seem so despondent, by comparison.
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