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  1. Its a tactless blunder, to kick off his tenure.
  2. Your jousting with Damien has really got me interested but I don't understand what either of you is saying. Is it true that viewing figures dropped from 5 million plus to 2.8 million in one year and subsequently dwindled to just over a million? If so, why? I don't think of myself as unreasonable nor a denier but I didn't know that dramatic drop had occurred, nor do I know why.
  3. That's not a bad result. I think I'd have pitched the full Jamaica side against a full England Lionhearts (or Wales Dragonhearts) first. Is the England Knights game part of a tour, or a one off game?
  4. What's next for them on tour? It'll be a big step for the World Cup squad to play England Knights in October, don't you think?
  5. I suspect this was part of the plan all along. Super League get reduced money but don't have to share it and Ch and Lg 1. look elsewhere for a few quid. It might even have been Sky's idea. If BBC and Ch 4 are interested, the competition would drive up the money involved. It could be good. Toronto (or Toulouse) and Ottawa would add spice too along with New York the year after. Ha Ha, what if viewing figures overtook Super League???
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