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  1. Yes, it was like that when I played and at almost all matches I've watched since.
  2. I'm just excited that there are people involved, who are trying to promote the sport on our behalf.
  3. Toronto No. 5 just ran the length of the field ''Offiah style''.
  4. You have to watch it. I'm loving it. Both no. 5's are very athletic. The Toronto second rows look value for money too. I wonder where some of these players were when Brian Noble was looking for ''home grown'' talent.
  5. Just started watching the match and my first impressions are that there are some fit and highly skilled players on show. It's a much higher standard than a couple of USARL games I've watched in the last few weeks. The stadium atmosphere and the floodlights helps a great deal with creating the impression of 'pro' football. Really enjoying it so far.
  6. Yes they will have a huge part to play. I'm really pleased with the 2025 World Cup bid, I hope that comes off successfully. I'm also encouraged by the involvement of Trent Robinson and the recent success of both French clubs. I hope Toulouse get promoted. I'd personally like to see the Super League continue to expand as a bona fide European Super League and see the involvement of the 2 French clubs as the first step towards that. Hopefully their emergence will see the French National team becoming more competitive on the World stage. Having said all that, I'm really excited about what's happening in the America's and I know it's a long term project but it would be great to see a growth spurt over there. It has the potential to provide more (interesting) International competition in the N.H.
  7. I'm chuffed this game went ahead and in front of a healthy crowd. I just hope they can keep it going, keep it growing and help the NARL get off the ground. I think the Northern Hemispheres best hope is in the USA
  8. He's just a troll mate, in a kilt. As an aside, I'm sure I heard Simon Johnson say SKY's viewing figures for SuperLeague were up too.
  9. Did you mean 8 League One clubs? Anyway, I'd love to see it over a Bank Holiday Weekend in Cardiff. It would be great.
  10. It's a great game isn't it? It might just be the greatest game of all.
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