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  1. Getting a smaller slice of the pie doesn't matter Eddie, if the pie is a bigger pie.
  2. I understand that he doesn't have editorial control, but given the length of the relationship and the amounts of money changing hands (from us to Sky and from Sky to SL) I'd expect him to be in regular contact with them, especially if the ''product'' is going down the pan. If he is not trying to exert some influence on the quality of Sky's presentation he is grossly negligent. I am willing him to do well, but I've yet to be impressed. Admittedly, I don't know what he does hour by hour but from the outside, he looks like just another caretaker, rather than a skillful and effective agent of change.
  3. i'm sorry i've not seen this, can you tell me what Peacock said?
  4. Well what the chuffing hell is Robert Elstone supposed to be doing? Do you think, he's happy with Sky's production and the comical, inane commentary and standards of dress?
  5. You two sound as if you've been working in the strategy department of the RFL for the last 20 odd years.
  6. Phil, I'd be very interested to hear your take on the RLC and its demise. It was during a period of time that I lost contact with the game.
  7. I met Harry, a real gentlemen. Good luck and thanks.
  8. I visited the memorial park there just a couple of months ago. It brought back vivid memories of the day it happened, and the news coverage on the radio and television. The houses of the families who lost their children are just across the road from the park (where the school stood). A huge tragedy, the result of a horrifying combination of ignorance, incompetence and indifference to the risk to the lives of innocent children posed by an enormous man made mountain, of soaking wet slurry, overshadowing the village infants school.
  9. Sweaty! Hell hath no fury like a SRD fan scorned with unsubstantiated rumours!!!!! Think on, listen and learn.
  10. Yes great effort by all concerned, time to celebrate now. Congratulations.
  11. Look at all the latent SRD fans coming out of the woodwork !
  12. I don't know the date of the hook-up either Rocket but I think its recent and it sounds like a great idea, for both parties.
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