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  1. You can get into a hell of a lot of linguistic tangle talking about Batman and Spiderman.
  2. The problem I had with the peanut butter marmite combo was that the marmite totally dominated the peanut taste. Still, could be worse.
  3. Havertz and Werner in the Chelsea line up at Brighton tonight. Looking forward to watching this and I'm not a Chelsea fan. New talent in EPL, fantastic. Sorry for this post, I'm unusual on this thread, a footy fan who actually likes watching the EPL, weird or what?
  4. Romford is in the London borough of Havering. We who live in the outlier boroughs consider ourselves Londoners. The point is that walking around London you just wouldn't know that London has had a pro RL club for 40years. BTW " The Black Bull" in Ruislip is a good RL drinking hole.
  5. I went out for a nice afternoon drink yesterday in the Romford area, tried to find a pub for the CC game, but no dice, I gave up , enjoyed my drink while the round ball game was on. No one in London cares, or not enough care to make a professional profitable club a likelihood. Lots of great stuff at grassroots, and that is exciting but you can't keep talking of potential after 40 years. Was a possible move to Brentford's new stadium looked at?
  6. I love peanut butter and I was a sucker for the marmite squirrel and his hypnotic spiel, " you love peanuts you love marmite " So I bought it , marmite peanut butter and IT'S ####### What food have you tried and wish you hadn't, either expecting to like it or not. What food do you love that most others can't stomach ?
  7. The team captains have to have a fun personality, don't mind embarrassing themselves and reasonably recognisable. Matt Le Tissier is now out of work and what about Chris Eubank, I'd just possibly give that a go.
  8. Okay thanks, didn't know that. Sky still treat RL like a filler, whoever owns it.
  9. Here is a theory, sorry but it's not a pleasant thought. Remember last year when The Sun stopped reporting RL, because of non access to their staff at Anfield, also on the opening night of Premier League football Sky showed RL up against it. Tomorrow they'll be doing the same, showing RL when Liverpool vs Leeds United are on. Now that is a BIG game because of Leeds return to the EPL. So why do Sky do it, ? I think they really think that the audience potential for RL is at maximum, that no more can be added to audience figures. The Sun of course owned by Murdoch too also presumably didn't think RL's absence would matter diddly squat to sales. Sky will be rightly hyping up the Anfield game tomorrow, I understand that, but don't they think it'll affect RL viewing figures, or vice versa even, presumably not. Do they think footy and RL fans - never the twain meets.
  10. No need for you to watch MOTD, as Norwich got relegated. Must have made your day that, real chuffed, now Norwich are not besmirched by being in the greed, filthy lucre league. If only Delia would honour real Norwich fans and volunteer to play in the local leagues, you could play Fakenham and Wroxham fab!
  11. I have Sky,I got it for football mainly, there isn't enough RL content to make it worthwhile financially viable for me. I watch and enjoy it, but it's not tactically deep, or particularly memorable. Last matches I really savored was the CL 18/19 semi finals involving Liverpool and Spurs. If football was tactically deep and nuanced it would not be so popular. RL requires a bit of patience to get the tactics and understand how the game unfolds, and the skills are not so easily apparent but are massive.
  12. Blake's 7 eh? Avon " As far as I'm concerned Blake you can destroy whatever you like, you can stir up a thousand revolutions, you can wade in blood up to your armpits, and you can lead the rabble to victory whatever that may mean so long as there is an end to it" Yes I'm a fan!!
  13. Sorry BB but the blunt truth is that the government put pressure on the Premier League to give matches to terrestrial to encourage lockdown. Millions probably stayed in to watch, sadly dangling the bait of RL to tv viewers isn't going to encourage anyone other than committed RL fans. It would make sense for Sky to up the interest in a sport they cover, but they choose not to. Also BBC, and Amazon the two other broadcasters of Premier league football in the UK banged on the government's door to cover more as Eddie said, RL doesn't have these suitors. As you say BB , the poor saps don't know what they're missing. Football basically is for the masses, bland, watch and forget, one dimensional , RL a connoisseur sport, thought provoking, deep, high octane, which ultimately means not mass appeal.
  14. When this discussion started about June time, people correctly said Football will take the lead, I believe that's still so. Perception of what is right is everything, and I really sometimes feel sorry that footballers get heaped on them the responsibility to show a lead in various things, the price of popularity I suppose. So when football stops, others will stop, and I read that it will be ending soon, and support will be shown in other ways, unfurling banner perhaps. In answer to the OP, players should have the right to choose, but collectively, you can't hold a game up because one or two players want to kneel and no one else does. Finally, sorry this may sound dumb, I thought I knew the answer to this but now I'm not sure, so please tell me someone, is the Sir Kevin Sinfield posting on this forum, THE Kevin Sinfield, or not ?
  15. The main soccer leagues are in Europe, so live matches shown in Australia would presumably be at night or early morning, hardly peak viewing times. What are ratings for highlights shows ? Also as in most " first world " nations the population demographics are changing, more diverse, lots of ex pat communities, that's why the RL WC has Italy, Lebanon, Greece in it, mostly made up of Australians , I'm guessing, I genuinely don't know, but is soccer popular among those communities? I expect the soccer world can happily cope with not being huge in Australia, even though FIFA would like a WC there. I read somewhere that other codes have refused previously to accommodate a WC in Australia, by steadfastly refusing to alter their fixture schedule to allow their grounds to be used. I think the problem is FIFA insist that any stadia used must not be used for anything else during the tournament, and the other codes will allow the stadia use, but not this extra condition.
  16. I've added a new HORRIFIC option to poll. Please , it'll never happen.
  17. Where will the game be in 50 years? I've chosen 50 years because most of us won't be around, so we needn't worry if we're wrong !! The heart may say one thing, but the head something different. So honestly where do you think TGG will be in 2070.
  18. Rank the teams from champions down to the relegation places Man City 1 Liverpool 2 Man Utd 3 Chelsea 4 Arsenal 5 Wolves 6 Everton 7 Leicester 8 Tottenham 9 Newcastle 10 Burnley 11 Sheffield United 12 Southampton 13 Aston Villa 14 Leeds 15 West Ham 16 Fulham 17 West Brom 18 Brighton 19 Crystal Palace 20
  19. Sorry for this,but out of curiosity I googled Leicester Tigers RUFC and the fixtures came up. I also tried London Towers Basketball and no fixtures came up. So it's up to the relevant governing bodies.
  20. Search engines like Google, Yandex, Bing etc. use internet bots to gather relevant data from the web, to provide the best information they can to accommodate browser's requirements. If the data isn't there they can't come up with it. In other words the FA's web operations for example are bigger than the RFL, so it's up to them to up their game. Probably cost is the reason for the disparity. Google St Helen's Town FC and the fixtures are top of the page, but not The Saints.
  21. We might still, Barca now have a choice, keep him until next summer then he goes for nothing, or rewrite the release clause, and take money for him now. €250 million sounds about right.
  22. If you look at Ireland, the most popular sports in terms of attendance are Gaelic Football, Hurling and RU. Soccer attendances are poor because the pro leagues are poor. But I would wager the most popular sport among sports followers is Soccer, and by some distance, particularly Rangers and Celtic, and Liverpool and other premiership clubs. I suspect the same is true in Australia. If you ask the sports followers in Oz which sport they follow as in read about, watch on tv, soccer would be high placed, not necessarily number 1, but well placed. I've seen the A league , it's pants! I seem to remember Man United or Real Madrid or whoever getting 100,000 for an exhibition game. Now if the Premier league did a Super League and had a team from say Melbourne in it, like SL had or maybe still has in 2021 with Toronto, then I'm sure Melbourne in the Premier league would get 60,000 per game at least. Of course such an idea is logistically impossible and a dumb idea to boot.
  23. This is rather a frivolous argument between Yawnion and League and is rather ironic because it characterizes the history of the two codes, particularly League, too bloody interested in out scoring each other and very little effort to grow the game. Now my friends I suggest it's too late, sure little gains can be made here and there, a club in Ottawa, one in Belgrade a London team perhaps capable of getting 5000 regulars, wow!. Of course if serious RL gains are made or even look like being made, eating into other sports fanbase , they'll respond with their own initiatives. Looking forward immensely to the WC but realistically the Champions will be champions of a bit of Northern England, SE corner of Australia, bits of New Zealand, Perpignan and some geo- politically insignificant islands in the Pacific. Sorry but that's the truth of it.
  24. Okay touche. Fair comment. But Messi and James Rodriguez in the PL, fantastic, and Havertz, Thiago Silva too, heady days indeed.
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