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  1. FIFA can't be happy with that draw. There should have been a way to keep Italy and Portugal apart. I would have had the top three teams out of those twelve based on FIFA rankings in separate qualifying pathways.
  2. Hate to say it but Ralf Rangnick's appointment at Man U is a masterstroke. He is a great coach and his Football Director role after this season looks a smart move, he and Pochettino could really do something. Ed Woodward has actually got something right. Grrr!
  3. Football International competitions are based on meritocracy and equality. Men's and Women's WC qualifying tournaments, everyone plays. Not so RU with their closed shop 6 nations , who won't let Georgia play. Or Cricket with the elite Test playing nations, or RL with tier one and two categorisation. Football is global, the others aren't, 10 or 20 years ago the likes of Albania, Macedonia, etc were getting slaughtered, but exposure has increased the quality of these countries and I'm sure the women will improve. Hells bells last night my team Spurs lost to a load of Slovenians !
  4. Why was it embarrassing? Did the fans misbehave, IIRC we won 2-0.
  5. Mull Of Kintyre. Lexicartographicopolis Fluvimonsflorabellatopia Vinopharmanarcobibendopolis Philicredobenedeusangeles Morphopolyquantumopolis
  6. This was my favourite radio team, Mike Graham and Mike " porky" Parry. This is the porky quiz, this edition about ducks. Parry tries to name the Marx brothers and comes up with Beppo and Bonio. And a highway code quiz.
  7. Agreed, and football is a very fair sport in deciding who gets to play. All nations however small get a chance, to hopefully grow in stature by playing the big boys. San Marino and Liechtenstein etc are just too small and will never progress, but the likes of Albania Georgia Cyprus, Finland Norway were all no hopers 20 odd years ago, but Finland took it to the last game before elimination, Norway could have knocked Netherlands out, and North Macedonia are in the play offs. That's how to raise standards, let these teams play, no tier 1 and tier 2 bollo x in football.
  8. My guess is if Anfield had never been considered as a venue, but then Liverpool came forward and said " we'd love a game , do our bit for TGG" many on here would be ecstatic and believe the tournament has gained prestige. But that isn't the case and it's disappointing what's happened but not a game changer either way. Good news is they'll be no pre-Qatar England games up against the RL, there aren't any pre Qatar games, the football will stop and the WC starts a week later. So October and most of November will be just RLWC as the International footy.
  9. This is just for U.S. rights, added to 4.7bn for UK rights, plus everything else, eye-watering. However no one forces people to pay these amounts, so presumably the tv companies get money back from advertisers, subscribers etc.
  10. I fear you are confusing " iconic" status with bricks and mortar. Anfield certainly needs a refit, and has seen better days, but that's not what iconic means. It's the atmosphere that makes it iconic, it's the hundreds literally hundreds of millions of fans worldwide who's icons play there that makes it iconic. Comfy seats and lots of bogs are irrelevant, which is why no new stadium can be iconic...yet. Any sport and in fact many football clubs would love an atmosphere like this, see below.
  11. Enjoyed three matches yesterday and all came up with the result I wanted. Serbia and Croatia through to Qatar and North Macedonia into the play offs. All enjoyable for different reasons. Croatia/Russia a tactical stalemate until the weather turned it into a splash/splosh in the mud. Portugal/Serbia was high class and skill , but hats off to Macedonia for their enthusiasm and endeavour and Iceland for giving their all in a match of no importance to them.
  12. Didn't think I'd find any football to enjoy this weekend, but I was wrong, it's all a question of finding International games with something riding on them. Bosnia vs Finland was very enjoyable, now watching Norway vs Latvia, a vital game. Wales play a crucial game tonight, and tomorrow two winner takes all matches in Russia vs Croatia and Spain vs Sweden.
  13. I can't read the full article either but I'm guessing it's to do with the Qatar World Cup. The PL is pausing for about 7 weeks , but only extending by a week, so that's 6 weeks of games to be squeezed in both before and after Qatar, oh Champions League games as well to fit in too. That could be the reason.
  14. " the space lizards are working on a Rugby League interstellar Ray gun that when fired at Earth will make RL the number 1 game , expect this soon"
  15. My only tip is be safe on Saturday evening, Barca playing local rivals Espanyol, if they lose I wouldn't like to be anywhere near the Nou Camp.
  16. Rich owners yeah, that doesn't make it elitist in the sense that fans don't want it or will walk away. Newcastle fans won't be deserting St James Park. The old type of local owners, the Jack Walkers have certainly been priced out of owning Premier league teams, but fans by and large could not care less. Don't count on a mass desertion of fans from football Union or elsewhere to suddenly drive up RL attendances. IMHO if RL can hold onto its current fans and funding for the next 10 years it will be a fantastic achievement, if it can get back to the 40m tv contract figure, great.
  17. Where do you get the idea that football is elitist? Sure some Newcastle fans will probably want nothing more to do with the club because of the Saudi connection , or West Ham fans because their owners sold Upton Park, but it's a tiny minority. Most big clubs have sold out attendances for most games, a waiting list for season tickets for up to 20 years, I know this as my brother is on one at Arsenal. For every disaffected fan of football another is ready to take their place. And on the subject of marketing I doubt if any one at any football game at the weekend said to themselves, " dang it, marketing and hype I've fallen for it again!"
  18. Fans of RL are smart cookies who love the sport. Fans of Union or Football only go because of hype. Those singing " You'll Never Walk Alone " on the Kop, aren't engaging with the product of Liverpool FC , but just go for a sing song with their mates. It's all Sky's doing, apparently. Marketing only goes so far, in the end people aren't stupid, they go because they like the product including the event experience. As the saying goes;
  19. Farke celebrates first win. Then Delia falls out of love with big German sausage. Ps. Gary Lineker ended MOTD with " Norwich win a game and Daniel Farke's off. Seriously he said that!
  20. Another whizzo idea from someone who probably rarely if ever watches football. I've been on and off involved in stewarding at football for years and seen the joy of promotion from fans. Ever wandered why Championship football gets crowds of 20,000 plus at places like Stoke, Fulham, WBA, Nottingham Forest etc. P+R is the driving force for lower league football. RL could do worse than have a free and easy 2 up 2 down from SL to get crowds up. Only a poor ground could halt advancement to PL, but Bournemouth were OK with an 11,000 seater stadium ,so the criteria is quite modest. Very interesting promotion race this season, my money is on Fulham and Bournemouth for certs, and I'd love Blackpool to make it.
  21. The OP said ," starting line up" so I take that to mean just that. Maybe not the very best but the '92 Melbourne Ashes test , a 33-10 GB win I remember fondly. Steadman Eastwood Powell Newlove Offiah Schofield Edwards Skerrett Dermott Platt Betts McGinty Clarke
  22. He was fifth choice! Nagelsmann went to Munich, Conte wanted too much either money or say so in transfers etc, Fonseca looked promising then they ditched that idea for Gattuso but the fans didn't want him due to unfortunate comments he made in the past, so then it was Nuno.
  23. Nuno sacked! After 10 games, shocking, knee jerk etc Oh hang on, I'm a Spurs fan, so hypocrisy double standards, YEAH HE'S GONE LET'S GET CONTE.
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