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  1. USL Championship is a sort of second tier pro league. No promotion of course to MLS. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USL_Championship OT. Premier league renew tv deal for a mere 4.7billion. Most watched league of any sport in the world, hmmm it's a funny old world.
  2. Reading this it is does seem Dover will be in the NL next season. https://www.kentonline.co.uk/dover/sport/dover-athletic-hit-with-points-deduction-and-fine-244591/ I'm not sure quite what grounds Grimsby and Southend have for appealing. Two are going down as EFL competition rules and two coming up. They obviously are desperately clutching at straws, if no one was coming up then yes, but the NL fulfilled their season obligations , what goes on at the bottom of the NL doesn't effect the arrangement at the top of the NL and bottom of the EFL. Reading the Dover chairman's
  3. Two are coming down from EFL, two going up, and no relegation from National League meaning 22 will contest next season. Dover's position is uncertain, they are still hoping to be in NL next season. The latest news is that they will have a 12 point penalty and £40,000 fine, but won't get relegated. https://www.kentonline.co.uk/dover/sport/dover-athletic-hit-with-points-deduction-and-fine-244591/
  4. Thanks for your reply. Take the kids to Kenilworth Rd eh? That'll turn them off football in favour of RL. Seriously though there is a massive game on Tuesday at Luton. Might watch that instead of Europe Semi.
  5. A bit of a personal question I know , sorry, but you've previously said you have kids, so do you worry about your kids playing assuming they want to. If one of them said they would rather play football would would you be okay with that. Slightly off topic- my brother for his sins is a Union fan and detests football, never had it on tv in the house , until one day when I visited it was on because his youngest was upset at not being able to join the classroom chatter with mates about the weekend PL matches, so he relented, and now his son likes football and won't watch Yawnion. My bro di
  6. Don't forget tonight Norwich's number 1 celeb is back. Alan Partridge AH HAA!!
  7. We all know the wording so I'll not rehash it again, but I'm guessing Sky will have first two picks, then Our League will have a pick or two or even three for streaming then lastly what's left on Sky Mix or Pick. So Sky has exclusivity for subscription paying customers on TV then have no say on what ends up on FTA Sky, that's up to Our League/ SL in conjunction.
  8. After 2 days of boring the country rigid with talk of a closed league in places like Milan Barcelona London Turin Liverpool , places no one's heard of, I hope Sky give as much coverage to our problem. People up and down the country, at breakfast over their cornflakes are desperate for a closed league involving Leigh, Toulouse, Wakefield and the metropolis of Hull. To be SERIOUS, fans are fans , in any sport, love of club is just as strong in RL as in football, the difference is the numbers in RL are small, their voices are as passionate but not heard nationally. The lesson from
  9. If the big clubs are so worried about future monies and sustainability the solution is easy, bring in Toronto FC to the ESL , it's a sure fire winner.
  10. Do they own the term Premier League? There's more than one Premier league already, IPL, Northern Premier league ( football). There must be others.
  11. People on here were already worried that Super League for the casual viewer was conjuring up thoughts of Netball and Women's Football. So our SL needs a new name if this ESL ever gets going. How about cheekily taking from football and call our league, Premier Rugby League. I can see it now. Mike Wedderburn (Sky) " now rugby league news, and tonight's team news in the Premier League. "
  12. Funnily there's a furore going on about a European closed shop Super League proposal for football. Gary Neville describes it as a disgrace despite his Man U in favour of it. Everyone is against it apparently, because of the betrayal of loyal fans down the pyramid, lack of relegation from proposed league, creating a cartel of clubs which no one else could join. However some want exactly that for RL .Yes the money in RL is a fraction of football, but the principle is the same. Or am I missing something?
  13. Definitely keep p+r it gives hope to lower league clubs and fans, without that the interest slowly dies. I'd have 12 teams SL, playing each other twice , 22 games. Then league splits, top 6 play 5 more games against each other (points carried on with ), top 3 , 3 home ,2 away 4th to 6th place 2 home 3 away. Top two after 27 games in GF. Bottom 6 likewise, 5 games against each other. Bottom relegated, replaced by Championship winners, 2nd bottom join 2nd to 4th Championship teams for SF and Final play off for last SL place. Magic weekend to be 2days of 2 matches of Challeng
  14. As a Spurs fan I feel that Manchester City have already bagged the League Cup, got no confidence in Mourinho. His last chance I feel to get a trophy at Spurs. Next season either Herr Nagelsmann or Flick will be at the Lane.
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