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  1. Someone should tell the Premier League that home and away isn't fair, and Liverpool only won the title because they played some teams in August and others in February and it's all unfair.
  2. The story of Shada. Made in 1979, or rather not made, only half completed due to a BBC technicians strike. Lost and consigned to history as an unfinished story. Revived on VHS with Tom Baker narrating the missing bits, and finally recently completed using animation to cover the missing segments, and using the still alive cast to record the soundtrack. A typical Douglas Adams story, inventive, confusing and a bit weird, but eminently satisfying.
  3. Marie Claire sure gets very emotional when The Doctor regenerates. It's very brave of her to post these reactions, I'm full of aadmiration.Recommended YouTube channel for any Who fans.
  4. At last we have a version of Fury From The Deep, not the original that the Beeb kindly junked, but an animated version. Fury was my first ever Who story I saw as a kid. After years of just having the audio, these visuals are ok, but if only we could have the original back. Sigh.
  5. I assume you mean Curse of Peladon and The Green Death, also Monster of Peladon the miners strike . Yes it had an agenda, but it wasn't really preachy, and the agenda was woven into the story expertly. Today you almost expect Jodie Whittaker to turn to the camera and say ," remember viewers take care of the planet, god bless "
  6. Youtuber Wingy gives his personal views on the Doctors. Here Wingy gives a quick summing up of the Tom Baker era, whilst playing Tom. Very funny, but only if you get the jokes, which means for real Whovians only probably.
  7. To be honest I find a lot of NuWho unwatchable, however I do like the Doctors, especially Capaldi, though Whittaker is sort of scattily Docterish, the whole gender change is nonsense.
  8. Oh Mummy - Sutekh after starring in Pyramids of Mars had other acting roles as Sutekh, playing himself.
  9. Yes, Ace is pretty cool, certainly a welcome relief after Mel, poor Bonny Langford. But Sarah Jane, Jo Grant and Jamie for me. Just watched Fury From The Deep animation that story was my very first watch of the show , back in '68 I think , pity it was wiped, but at least we have some version of it.
  10. One of the most bizarre stories in Classic Who is Ghost Light, the last one made. Complicated, challenging, a cross between science fiction and Upstairs Downstairs. The primordial soup/ dinner scene. Marvellous, Light turns Inspector McKenzie into soup, " The Cream of Scotland Yard"
  11. This is a great review of Timelash, which as any Who fans know isn't the best. Here it's slaughtered and honestly I think most fans would agree with the sentiments discussed here. Poor Colin Baker, he really did get a rough time.
  12. Can't not mention City Of Death, here two brothers watch. They have completed the entire classic series, and now doing Blake's 7, they have one vid for each complete Who story.
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