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  1. I wouldn't count Kear as a replacement for Ben who was a prop/2nd row.
  2. I think when we signed him Watson wanted a replacement for Olpherts who did the same. He can't possible drop it as much (or in as many crucial positions) as him or score as few tries. Since then Inu switched to the wing and we won 10 out of 12 with about 95% less clangers dropped, so we'll see but you might be right. What is your view on Kear? I've only seen him a couple of times - looks solid but unspectacular.
  3. SL Champions - Saints GF Runners Up - Wire SL League Leaders - Saints SL Relegated - Hull KR Challenge Cup - Saints Don't feel qualified to answer the others to be honest. Think Wigan are still lacking in a few areas to be predicted to win anything. The cup is anyone's game though. Could change my mind on KR depending on how their half backs line up but they don't seem to have recruited sensibly so far. I feel pretty confident in saying that Toronto won't finish as GF runners up! Another new face would be welcome though.
  4. Yates is an excellent signing and is an improvement on the chap he is replacing IMO which is no mean feat (Griffin). Agree the other two are solid signings but not first choice I don't think. Williams is a decent player and a massive improvement on Olpherts. Watson has been after Kear for a while and he will provide decent cover but we have a lot of competition in the centres now.
  5. Lets not get too dramatic - I like Bibby but he isn't one of the three best players. He's been replaced well by Sarge as well. Jones, as good as he is, has also been replaced but in a different way - we've not had an impact forward for a few years (since BMM) and I'm keen to see how Pauli goes. Hastings is irreplaceable - no argument there. I also think we've done well with injuries but we'll have a slightly deeper squad next year. Lolohea showed in the Grand Final that he's got the potential to step up next year but he'll need Brown or Atkin to defy the doubters. I agree with your last point - mid-table, with a sniff of the playoffs and an average crowd close to 5,000 and I'll be happy. If we'd have waited and signed someone like Richardson at 7 then I'd be saying we'd have a chance at the playoffs again but we are lacking a bit of flair. Looking forward to it anyway and with Watson in charge it feels like we have a chance.
  6. That's tickets sold via the clubs - I'd imagine most (but not all) neutrals are buying via Super League?
  7. I've been watching for over 30 years that I can remember and I've not had a shirt since I was about 10 - that was until two weeks ago when I won one. I wore it to the Wigan game and will wear it to the Grand Final out of gratitude - I might then try and get it signed and retire it. I'm just not the type for wearing team shirts - I'd wear a decent t-shirt if they ever did one similar to the NFL styles but all the current ones are a bit naff.
  8. It was a cracking game that - if the GF is anything like that I'm sure everyone will be happy (obviously I'd prefer at least a three point swing the other way though!).
  9. Impact so far has been that the team has wound me up no end with their tactics in the two meetings so far (v Salford) but the fans always seemed very enthusiastic. I have quite enjoyed their very existence annoying some people but I'm twisted like that. I'm hoping future impact will be a trip to a game in Europe and Toronto - obviously this won't be something I'll have experienced before and wouldn't have happened otherwise (well maybe the game in Europe with Catalans, but I'm still holding out hope for Toronto v Salford in Copenhagen).
  10. Nothing but mutual respect as far as I can see. Our only gripe with Saints is we never win at their ground.
  11. Win or lose it has been an absolutely fantastic season. Defence will need to be on top form again but kicking and attack will need to be more creative this time - Saints have too many weapons to be nullified by the simple but effective game plan that did for Wigan. We have scored plenty of points during the season (including a few at Saints) so have it in us. I'm just going to enjoy the occasion but hope we can edge it.
  12. I could point out the obvious but can’t be bothered. Don’t know why he’s on a crusade to wind people up this week.
  13. Just watched the game back and that choked me up. What a night. When Mossop went over, the previous 30+ years of anguish, uncertainty, near misses and disappointment were suddenly all worth it!
  14. If Toronto get promoted I'll consider the trip over but I'll have everything crossed that they play a game in Copenhagen and draw Salford that week - it's a long shot but I would absolutely love that. It's a great city, easy to get to and I'm sure a few locals would be interested - those Scandinavians come across as a 'liberal' lot but they love a bit of biff.
  15. Not really - I don't mind looking back and seeing where I went wrong and asking myself why. Otherwise I'd just keep making the same mistakes. The lottery isn't the best comparison unless you are guessing at your rugby league predictions. On the other hand, I don't think anyone should be criticised for having the guts to offer their opinion - pre-season predictions in particular - but at least own it. I thought Gil Dudson was a terrible signing - I was very, very wrong.
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