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  1. How exactly have Leigh been brought down? What an odd post, particularly from a Huddersfield fan, a team that has been consistently bankrolled above and beyond what they'd afford on their crowds by a great chairman. Why does it bother you so much that another team might do the same?
  2. Can't see him getting another gig now. He inherited one of the best teams of the SL era at Leeds and left them in a worse position, he had Toronto looking miles behind the pack despite outspending most of SL, came in as a consultant to see Oldham relegated and has now dismantled what was a pretty formidable Fev team in 2021 to a collection of aging stars on short term deals. He clearly has no idea how to build something at a club.
  3. Fev were a team, before BM dismantled the team spirit they seemed to have in abundance last year. Yesterday they were reliant on the individual efforts of Leilua and a couple of others to try and win the game and they probably should have pulled it off in the end, but for choking the last couple of sets.
  4. True and I don't want to take anything away from what was a great effort from Batley, but if the attitude and intensity from Fev was what it should have been it shouldn't have matter how well or poorly Batley played. There is too much quality in that Fev team.
  5. I think the attitude of the players is entirely down to the coaching staff and that failure lands with BM. Yesterday Fev looked like they were expecting an easy win with one eye on Leigh and Batley made them pay.
  6. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/lachlan-lam-leigh-centurions-quota-25068267
  7. how does 4 additional quota players translate to 64% of the squad having to leave exactly? Of the 24 players currently at the club, 12 are currently on deals for next year and beyond, with potentially another 1-3 retentions to be announced depending on the outcome of the application for Lachlan Lam to be quote exempt due to playing his junior rugby at Wigan St Pats. This idea Leigh are going to have to make wholesale changes is a myth perpetuated by fans too lazy to do the most basic due diligence and look who is/isn't contracted for next year.
  8. Happened when Dewsbury beat Leigh in the 1999 Northern Ford Premiership Grand Final, there was no promotion or relegation that year.
  9. Interestingly, the Championships(so far) have followed the exact same wins as SL. 5/6 beat 4/3, 1 beats 6 and 5 beats 2 to contest the grand final.
  10. It's not free on virgin, although there is a channel called 'free sports' that's free on virgin, sky and free view that has ran full match repeats the following day from time to time.
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