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  1. Turns out warrington and Featherstone must have exemption too then since they've also announced signings this week. ...or of course you could just read the press release where it says he was registered before the deadline last week.
  2. It just showed what a daft idea it was not to wait and hand it over at a toronto home game. The whole thing just looked awkward and rushed.
  3. This kind of playoff league system is all about pacing yourself, with the players Toronto have I'm fully expecting them to start moving through the gears as the season draws to a close, especially with McDermott coaching who has been a master of getting teams to peak at the business end of the year. Toronto are much better placed this year than with Rowley coaching who has always struggled to get a team up for the post season, you only have to look at the similarities between 2015/2016 Leigh and 2018/2019 Toronto. In the former years for both teams they put everything into every game and tailed off as the fatigue set in towards of the year, 2016 Leigh were scraping wins against mid table teams and looked scratchy for the most part until the 8s when the players upped the intensity. I expect a similar result for Toronto.
  4. Toronto and widnes are the only comfortable picks for me, rest could go either way
  5. I'd definitely put that Fev team amongst the best second tier sides. Very unlucky to dominate a period without p&r.
  6. It was actually 2015 we beat the 2 super league teams, but I agree with the sentiment. 2014-2016 Leigh were good times in the championship for a Leigh fan.
  7. Yep, looking at the notifications the competition was listed as the ipro sport cup. Seems especially daft that all this stuff was there(commentaries, scores, teams) but not accessible.
  8. Oh Scotchy, you really have had a right mare tonight. You've managed to be so wrong you managed to unite Wigan and Leigh fans in the same argument. You deserve kudos for that at least.
  9. It's weird, because I have notifications set up on the BBC sport app for Leigh and I got notifications for the team lists and first score, but nothing after that.
  10. No, Bradford went bust and a new club was set up. That's literally Padge was describing when he said 'offload or bust'.
  11. Except the issues surrounding he 2 players in question happened after the season finished. You even quoted an article saying they were the 2 remaining contracted players at the club. You're just delving deeper into the realms of your own fantasy here. One of those players subsequently signed for Bradford, the other for Swinton and has subsequently retired before coming to a recent Leigh match as Derek's guest so he could say goodbye the fans.
  12. Where did I mention anything about redundancy? First mention of it was you replying to sweaty Craiq.
  13. The fact you keep dangling these patronising 'my man's and 'buddy's just shows how much you're clutching at straws now. Do tell me again how liquidating a club doesn't fall under 'offload or bust' again.
  14. You stated to liquidate the club. Really doesn't get more bust than that.
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