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  1. If this is referring to my post, I'm not dismissing expansion, far from it actually. Also I'd like to see some figures to back up the claim that Catalans are the most commercially successful club in SL over someone like Leeds.
  2. Aside from football which is inescapable, there is no sport in the country kids are interested in without an inherited love from their parents. If that worked, the British Ice Hockey league would be massive. This lazy, pins in a map theory that having a big city name is going to attract thousands of fans and sponsors is what gave us Paris Saint Germain. Toronto aren't a success because they have a big city name, it's because they have some very knowledgeable and driven people with deep pockets and a good strategy. David Argyle and Eric Perez could've dropped a club almost anywhere within reason and made a good go of it because they just 'get' the business of sports.
  3. It was the correct decision but the rule needs a desperate overhaul. Not only would Whitehead likely broken downfield should it not have hit the trainer(potentially leading to a try), but the ricochet went to a raiders player too. It's bad enough watching these "water carriers" coaching teams through a game like it's under 7's without them being able to directly advantage their team. If the rule stays as is, what is to stop teams just employing them to follow kicks and clean up any charge downs for repeat sets?
  4. It's been mentioned loads of times both by the press and Toronto themselves, including the stories regarding the 500k the RFL were asking for to enter the challenge cup. Same goes for Toulouse and Catalans although they take central funding. If they were full members, the challenge cup would be mandatory. Regarding the reserves, from what I remember the specific wording was that it is mandatory for all teams running a cat 1 academy, which Toronto do not.
  5. Toronto aren't an RFL member club so wouldn't be required to run a reserves
  6. Think you might be confusing me with someone else Harry, unless you're asking if I have a ticket. In which case i can confidently state there are at least 2 tickets sold for tonight.
  7. I think barring a drastic upturn in for for us that Fev will win this one. Our season has been tailing off for a few weeks now with some questionable team selections and I've not seen anything to suggest that will change. Cant complain too much though, from where we were last year I'd have taken 5th in a heartbeat. Definitely need some investment on the wing for next year rather than just getting every available halfback.
  8. Turns out warrington and Featherstone must have exemption too then since they've also announced signings this week. ...or of course you could just read the press release where it says he was registered before the deadline last week.
  9. It just showed what a daft idea it was not to wait and hand it over at a toronto home game. The whole thing just looked awkward and rushed.
  10. This kind of playoff league system is all about pacing yourself, with the players Toronto have I'm fully expecting them to start moving through the gears as the season draws to a close, especially with McDermott coaching who has been a master of getting teams to peak at the business end of the year. Toronto are much better placed this year than with Rowley coaching who has always struggled to get a team up for the post season, you only have to look at the similarities between 2015/2016 Leigh and 2018/2019 Toronto. In the former years for both teams they put everything into every game and tailed off as the fatigue set in towards of the year, 2016 Leigh were scraping wins against mid table teams and looked scratchy for the most part until the 8s when the players upped the intensity. I expect a similar result for Toronto.
  11. Toronto and widnes are the only comfortable picks for me, rest could go either way
  12. I'd definitely put that Fev team amongst the best second tier sides. Very unlucky to dominate a period without p&r.
  13. It was actually 2015 we beat the 2 super league teams, but I agree with the sentiment. 2014-2016 Leigh were good times in the championship for a Leigh fan.
  14. Yep, looking at the notifications the competition was listed as the ipro sport cup. Seems especially daft that all this stuff was there(commentaries, scores, teams) but not accessible.
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