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  1. As far as RL journalists go, there aren't many more reliable that Matt Shaw and the others at the Reach group. They've broken probably 90% of the major transfer stories of recent times, including the likes of Croft/Ackers to Leeds so Shaw clearly has some good sources within the SRD club. If this story wasn't true, Salford could quite quickly and easily put out a statement putting it to bed and forcing a retraction.
  2. kinda crazy Salford are in special measures whilst planning a trip to Portugal and asking fans for 6k to come along for a 5 day holiday to watch the players train...
  3. Happy with Hudds home first up, winnable game to hopefully get our first ever round 1 win and a normally poorly attended fixture will be boosted by the opening game event boost.
  4. Derek Beaumont was teasing a marquee signing arriving next week, so we'll know soon enough. Bower is usually pretty reliable though. Will be a very strong signing if it comes off and will be a big improvement on our right edge attack
  5. Hard to see how they move forward at this point, the one thing they had going for them was a core of local players. With the production line stopped, they'll have a real job attracting part time players to the capital
  6. It still surprises me how much Lam seemed to sour on Aaron Smith after him having a really solid 2022, I'd have liked to see a bit more of him last year. Smith is a good defender and has really good distribution off the deck which I think we missed at times last year. In more on topic news, Beaumont has dropped a tease that the marquee has been signed so I think we can expect a new halfback announced to replace Reynolds in the next week or so, I assume it will probably be the Millford deal finally getting over the line.
  7. Front is really nice for both kits, back would look better with only the 1 sponsor above the number. Doesn't look like there is much room for the players names on the back of those
  8. From the RFL site: Marquee Player – Each Super League and Championship Club is permitted to have two Marquee Players whose Salary Cap value is limited to £150,000 (or £75,000 if Club Trained) There is a 3rd available for this year but that was only applies to non-quota players. Saints will definitely have some, they'd be fools not to considering most of their key players are club trained and will be on more than £100k a year
  9. The UK differentiation is downright nonsensical and arbitrary to be fair. St Davids is a City with a population of around 2k but Reading is not despite 350k people living there. City status in the UK these days is nothing but a political tool and nothing to do with population/cathedrals/universities etc. If we had the same rules as Italy(anything above 50k pop, only Leigh and Cas from this years SL wouldn't be Cities and neither would be far away from attaining it either).
  10. More good work from Lewis, be funny watching Wane downplay his performance again post match so he can drop him for Williams next week
  11. I don't understand the experience argument for Hill, if this was a WC final, fair enough, but it's one of only 2 series before the next world cup which Hill will almost certainly not be playing in. This is exactly the time to be looking at some players who are going to be options in the world Cup. Its not even like Mulhern is a young player, he's 28 and entering the prime years as a forward.
  12. I believe so, though it's difficult to sift through all the various stories over the year to confirm. I think the fact that so many people still believe that's how it's going to work suggests there was something out there.
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