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  1. Yep, if Beaumont is serious about building at Leigh then he should be getting Hood signed to a new contract regardless of the division we are in next year.
  2. Happy enough with that to keep it to 10 points. Attitude night and day with the Salford game, key is backing it up next week now in another tough one against Wigan
  3. Much improved from Leigh so far, need to back it up with an 80 minute performance though.
  4. Good to know that because of your limited experience you've been able to comprehensively prove racism doesn't exist. Someone best call the RFL and tell them not to waste their time then.
  5. Carvell is Director of Rugby which handles first team matters such as recruitment mainly, he was helping oversee the application for the academy but wasn't lined up to do any coaching.
  6. John Davidson reporting Briers has applied for head of youth at Leigh, also that Duffy has 2/3 games to save his job.
  7. Between tonight and game 1 against Wigan we've bottled 2 games massively, we could(and probably should) have been 4 points from 8 right now and the players and coaching staff have no one to blame but themselves.
  8. Off the field would be a good place to start, Duffy looks out of his depth and his pre/post game interviews have so far given me no confidence in his ability to turn things down. We were well in the game today and (it feels particularly weird saying this after a 20+ point loss) could and should have won today. We were the better team in the first half and scored with our only 2 big chances to attack in the half. All we had to do was come out and do the basics right but we seemed to be chasing the game before we were even behind. The end of the first half was particularly stupid, we had a 2 poi
  9. One of the worst 40 minutes I've seen from a Leigh team in a long while. Pretty bitter pill to swallow that one, much like the Wigan game.
  10. Well either you do believe only a very select and specific group of scenarios are available, or you agree with my pretty uncontroversial opinion that there are more options available. You can't argue both and it isn't backtracking just because I didn't insult both of our intelligences answering what was a pretty stupid question. There's more than just those scenarios you've listed on this thread alone, let alone the countless other threads on here over the years.
  11. So you're saying you now believe there are only 4 possible options? 'What have the romans ever done for us?..." springs to mind.
  12. It wasn't, because no club was locked out from competing for any of the national competitions
  13. Not really, it was a pretty stupid question. To recap, the 3 options you listed were: "promotion and relegation with two full time professional sides outside the top flight" Licensing "car crash Middle 8’s" You can have P&R without full time teams outside the top flight, and before anyone jumps in to complain about greedy championship clubs taking a slice of the hard earned SL pie - you don't need massive amounts of funding below SL either. You need 2 things to keep the game outside SL working, the first is a pathway and the second is time. The pathway
  14. You really need me to prove there are more than 3 possible scenarios than the 3 extremely specific ones you've listed? Seriously?
  15. I wasn't suggesting middle 8's, only that there are many more options available to the sport than just a very specific scenario in P&R with a couple of FT teams in the championship and a completely closed shop.
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