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  1. That doesn't look good from Hurrell, looking only at the man and catches him high and early. Lucky to escape the bin for professional foul there.
  2. Most high takes are unintentional, contact with the head doesn't require intention to penalise. If not intentional is was reckless from Myler and that is enough to action by the laws of the game.
  3. Doesn't matter where he is, it was a deliberately swung elbow that connected to the face of Holmes. Violent conduct always trumps a technical infringement.
  4. That doesn't justify Mylers reaction, just like Mylers elbow doesn't justify Holmes brain explosion.
  5. Definite red, even if it was a light kick it was still a kick and there is a zero tolerance policy similar to head butting. That being said, should've been a yellow for Myler too and Cas fans can feel very aggrieved with the inconsistencies. Not penalizing Hurrells off the ball hit but the 2 late ones from Cas is just mental. This game feels like it's gonna boil over now and it feels like there are more cards coming.
  6. Any time there is any criticism toward the failure to pay players the money owed you deflect to the players either not being good enough or not managing their money effectively. I don't need to infer anything because you've done it repeatedly.
  7. I went for 2 squads for Leigh, one of permanent signings to make it more challenging and one for loans/DR. The halfback position had a load of options I couldn't fit suck as Dennis Moran, Rangi Chase, Danny Richardson.. 1. Scott Grix / Matty Russell 2. Alex Brown / Adam Swift 3. Chris Hankinson / Matty Blythe 4. Toa Kohe-Love / James Bentley 5. Mathais Pala / Richard Owen 6. Samisoni Langi / Travis Burns 7. Bobby Goulding / Kevin Brown 8. Joe Bullock / Scott Taylor 9. Kurt Baptiste / Jonah Cunningham 10. Ryan Bailey / Greg Burke 11. Macgraff Leuluai / Tyrone McCarthy 12. Larne Patrick / Jack Hughes 13. Kyle Lovatt / Bryn Hargreaves
  8. I think the only frustration for me is that people are paying upwards of 100 quid for items of clothing we used to get laughed at for wearing in schools in the 90s because it wasn't Nike or Adidas! Fashion does run in strange cycles.
  9. Pop culture in general is living in the past, you only have to look at the resurgence of 90's sportswear brands like kappa, fila etc. I've noticed a lot of Football teams are moving their kits back towards the more bolder colours/patterns emulating 80's/90's kits. Rugby League would be daft not to try and cash in on this trend.
  10. Good detective work there. Wasnt planning on getting a kit next year since this years didn't get much wear but as long as the designs are good I'll probably get one this year for the nostalgia factor alone. I imagine there will be more like me so I think it'll be a good bit of business for the club.
  11. If this team is anything to go by it should certainly be an interesting game with Akauola on the wing!
  12. In response to the original question posed of 'How to improve the game', I would say the best way to improve things is to stop making wholesale changes to the rules every year and stop having separate rules for different competitions(NRL, SL, Championship, International). How are we supposed to get new markets interested in the game when even some die hards struggle to keep up with which rules we're using in which game?
  13. At this point there should just be pinned posts for both of these, to go with the Toronto thread.
  14. How is me stating unquestionable facts(that Cricket, F1, RU and football holds infinitely more power and influence than RL) holding the sport back?
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