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  1. Would like to see more follow to be honest. Will only help Englands chances at future tournaments.
  2. https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/nrl/nrl-blocked-ricky-leuteles-storm-move-as-sbw-welcomed-back-with-open-arms/news-story/3e584137ab27a6fe24deb75ab1897ca8 Leuteles move being blocked by NRL according to the above article. “The way he’s been treated is a bloody disgrace,” says his agent Sam Ayoub, “They’ve got three kids under the age of six. They’re getting out of the house. No car. No wages since May. “The club is supposed to pay for his airfares to get home. It’s not happening. Ricky is up for the costs himself. And now we’ve got the NRL trying to stop him from playing.” Your columnist spoke to Leutele in the north of England over the weekend. “I just want to come home,” he said, “We’re packing the house up now.
  3. Just seen some screenshots, brainless.
  4. He fully deleted it last night after he was called out on it. If there was any doubt as to the meaning behind his tweet, this pretty much removed it.
  5. If someone came on this message board when Rob Burrow was raising awareness for MND and said 'actually all illnesses matter', how would you respond?
  6. The league express is the most recent quote on the matter, it does raise the question why Bob Hunter was claiming the money had been cleared but now it hasn't....
  7. From this weeks League Express: Hunter, meanwhile, also addressed the club’s inability to pay their players and staff, who will be owed two months of wages by Wednesday. “We’re still scrambling but working hard,” Hunter said. “It’s very tough on our guys and we’re trying to communicate as much as possible and trying to get a result. Next weekend is August 1st and we’ve still not resolved July 1st. But David has committed to them getting paid. Where those funds come from remains a challenge for us, but it’s a daily conversation and something we’re trying to resolve.”
  8. Thing is regarding the couple of hundred thousand, would it have actually made a difference considering Toronto are going to be 2 months wages behind by Wednesday(400k+) and their CEO admits they still don't know how they're going to pay it?
  9. I've been trying to say this to a few people, it would actually do them a favour to relegate them at this point as it would give them to option to completely clean the slate and build a proper squad capable of having 17 every week in SL.
  10. i don't want to drag this off topic and risk the wrath of the admins, however the tweets in question were directly sharing videos of people standing around with placards and referring to the people in those videos, not when the violence was happening.
  11. It's a bit cringe, even as a Leigh fan, but he's far from the only one despite the disproportionate attention he gets on here. During the initial BLM protests Andy Mazey spent several weeks calling for peaceful protesters to be used as target practice by the Army without any sense of irony.
  12. 1. He's not a knight 2. The argument that someone must be good because theyve been knighted really isn't the argument you think it is. Robert Mugabe, Benito Mussolini and more have held knighthood.
  13. Bradford, crusaders, Salford, now Toronto. Brian Noble has a long record of leaving clubs in a much, much worse state than he finds them, with bloated contracts and poor squads. If I were him I'd keeping my head below the parapet.
  14. TV coverage would make Rugby League Raw look like Cbeebies
  15. Her are 5 separate instances found of late payments found with a quick google: https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/paper-talk-hull-kr-eye-drinkwater-ikahihifo-and-wardle-swap-toronto-face-winding-up-order/ https://www.wakefieldexpress.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/carter-confirms-caton-browns-transfer-fee-now-paid-1004388 https://www.seriousaboutrl.com/salford-launch-legal-action-18988/ https://inews.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/toronto-wolfpack-super-league-wages-late-sonny-bill-williams-visa-553387 https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/46780440
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