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  1. Evan Simmons work rate is phenomenal like him to stay wouldn't be surprised if he goes back to Thunder said on their website they tried to keep him
  2. We have been lacking on social media we need someone to post more photos & interesting things about the club, staff, volunteers, players etc to engage with fans, attract new ones and keep them keen, enthusiastic & hungry. It’s quick to do although it can sometimes be time consuming it doesn’t really cost anything just needs some good ideas to grab attention of RL lovers & keep them wanting more. Do we have a volunteer who could input on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter more often? Or would it be worth paying someone to do it? Don’t know who does it now but it’s woeful, like the 2 match commentators I complain about, we need to liven everything up, get a bit of a buzz going. The website has hardly anything on it. It’s great to see all the posts about all the social events happening at DP & all the fund raising we should keep that up but we are essentially a Rugby League club it should be more about the rugby online IMO. I get Twitter notifications which is always full of other clubs posting but hardly anything from us. Got to move with the times social media is the way of the world and we are very lacking & missing out a massive catchment area. When the going gets tough the tough get going. UTT.
  3. Did you all enjoy the commentary? Was Oscar Thomas our only player on the field? They knew more of Halifax side than Town's. No mention of who was passing, who was tackling took ages before we found out first try scorer Fitzy. So boring enough to put anyone off RL. I know I've complained before & I know people have said be grateful but bloody hell do your homework chaps !
  4. Would be interesting to see individual player stats to see whose putting the work in & whose not. Can't bare being nilled again so off to Magic with ears closed
  5. If it’s them 2 I won’t be bothered missing their they’re unbearable I’d rather use twitter if can’t get to game at least twitter won’t frustrate me and have me shouting & swearing down my phone for full match🥹
  6. Did me ed in They’re very tired over & over again from Thursday game. Also said that someone from Batley had scored but didn’t know who it was but it doesn’t really matter. It may to him & his family. And why is Alex Clegg suddenly Alexander Clegg, BBC ought to be ashamed producing a programme like that it’ll turn fans away from game
  7. Those 2 fellas have made a bad day as a Worky fan into one that makes me want to shoot myself. Should be making it exciting not the dismal commentary, repetitive doom & gloom. Next time they’re on I won’t be.
  8. Batley danger men IMO Gilmore & Leak UTT
  9. Family commitments today but will be listening best I can. Depends on how Chris selects today if he chooses same team as v Broncos could be in for a competitive game lads will be feeling some confidence from the win. Is team up anywhere? can’t find anything, we are very quiet on social media wish there was enough money to put more effort into informing fans. UTT
  10. Great day at Derwent Park with family brilliant to get the 2 points. Just watched game on Prem makes you realise what you miss live. All played like we should play every game, Fitzy is superb gives his all as does Doran both good as usual, Brown did well, that try from O’Brien though should be in for Try of Week. Thought commentators Cook & Brown got MOM right. Simons was outstanding both in defence & round ruck 2 tries & try assists. Game changed when he was off & brought control when back on great team player & lucky to have him I rate him, quietly goes about his business & gives his all. We won that up the middle & discipline was good. Hope that gives us the confidence we need going forward. Tough one on Sunday Chris may rest key players give the other lads a go.
  11. Really good game watched on Premier Sport, weather was bad for both teams to endure so can’t blame that. Pleased to see the effort but we have some really weak players that make you hold your breathe whenever they’re near the ball. Defended very well thought the game changed when Simons went off & brought back on too late. Great to see Wheetman out there he did well, Fitzy great as usual, players that are usually brilliant for us had an off game today. Newbies were excellent. All in all though much improved let’s hope it’s not just because it was a Derby though we need to be consistent hope the game helps with their confidence & they can build on it & get some wins under our belt.
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