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  1. Good shout David.. Nice to have you back aswell marra
  2. Connor Fitz deserves a medal for the seasons effort he put in. Thanks and good luck.
  3. Great to see Marwood return to the fold. Well done bod on getting him back.
  4. He was a really nice lad. God bless marra.
  5. Agreed, some of the C. T. era signings were bizarre.
  6. Re Carl I was thinking the same. Been an outstanding servant. But we really do need other options at half back.
  7. Well done bod on getting in a replacement sharpish.Lets see if we can get a competitive, balanced squad together,and a team that entertains.
  8. Well thats my season over... I cant make the last two home games due to family commitments. I hope i am not a keyboard warrior or not a true fan because of this. See you all next season. UTT
  9. Good luck to all supporters making the trip down to the big smoke.
  10. Decent dig by Town. Good effort lads.
  11. Well said marra. The notifications we have had have been long winded affairs. I had to read them two or three times to try and make sence of what was being said. They were like political jargon. UTT
  12. Must have slid down when I saw him
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