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  1. Get with the times boomer. Official sports accounts on social media often have cross over posts designed to get fans engaging. For instance, they’ll ask fans to create their team using players from a different sport or vice versa. This will often be when the sport that is being used has it’s main event like a World Cup or final etc
  2. I agree. Some good comments there exposing union
  3. I’m not upset. I’m also probably a bigger league fan than you
  4. What also needs to be realised is that the clip has gone viral because the player looks like Salah, not because people are genuinely interested in knowing or following the sport
  5. It’s inexcusable that they stole a clip from rugby league and passed it off as their own. However the comments from league fans on there are nothing short of cringe. That small man syndrome is embarrassing
  6. Good grief, you league fans from England are something else
  7. This is causing widespread outrage in Australia. People saying that they won’t let their kids play. Once again rugby league is trying to appeal to people who don’t have an interest to begin with
  8. What’s the lion’s relation to England? It’s an animal native to Africa. Shouldn’t your sports teams have foxes or whatever it is that is native to England? Typical English pillaging from others
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