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  1. You can’t be serious. The NBA is one of the most exciting leagues in the world. Sorry to say but I’d watch the NBA over Super League any day
  2. This is a strange post. Suppose they showcased rugby league on this travel show, does OP or anyone else here think that people, who didn’t follow rugby league, were going to follow it because it’s popular in Australia?
  3. Mate, Darius Boyd is still playing and so are the Morris twins with one even turning out in Origin this year. Simi could have done the same
  4. It’s cricket season here in Australia. I don’t think I could watch rugby league all year round. That goes for any sport. Variety is good
  5. Harder to win is debatable. You get to have a crack at an NRL premiership every year. Also I’d say he was more instrumental in winning NRL premierships for his teams than he was winning the World Cup for NZ, where he came off the bench in both occasions. Add to that he grew up playing rugby league so you can see why he holds this opinion
  6. I wouldn’t read too much into that. As an Aussie, I can tell you that’s just typical Eddie Jones. Likes riling up the opposition. It helped England at the World Cup as he managed to always take the attention away from his players through his provocative comments
  7. I like to ask the “then what?” question in everyday situations to assess whether it’s meaningful or not
  8. Glad Manly managed to resign the Trbojevic bothers
  9. I didn’t even know there’s a Roos tour in 2020
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