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  1. A soccer mad country. There’s a reason why none of the major us sports leagues haven’t expanded to Mexico
  2. I’m not taking shots. It’s unrealistic to expect RFLs finances to keep up with the NRL. The huge contrast doesn’t mean there are problems but just reflects the strength of the game in different places. Ps your obsession with this yk character is concerning
  3. What problems would that be? It just paints a clear picture of rugby league in general. Strong in Australia, weak everywhere else. Hasn’t that always been the case?
  4. Makes no sense whatsoever. Origin is a contest between two Australian states. It has nothing to do with the rest of the world let alone England
  5. Of course it’s higher! Only a fool would trust the ccp. Sad thing is, there lies will hurt the rest of the world
  6. Few weeks ago I heard talk that you should be worried once it hits Brazil. And now Brazil just confirmed it’s first case
  7. If anything, it’ll be the job of the experts to downplay it to avoid mass panic. But in the meantime, it would certainly be wise to stock up just to be on the safe side. You don’t want to be doing that when there are masses of desperate, panicked, violent people
  8. The response to this, especially from China, should tell you all you need to know. The media has been downplaying it but it’s more serious than what is being reported
  9. Get with the times boomer. Official sports accounts on social media often have cross over posts designed to get fans engaging. For instance, they’ll ask fans to create their team using players from a different sport or vice versa. This will often be when the sport that is being used has it’s main event like a World Cup or final etc
  10. I agree. Some good comments there exposing union
  11. I’m not upset. I’m also probably a bigger league fan than you
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