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  1. Not commenting on other players, but Luke Thompson is a real mixed bag. He's pretty good going forward but his defence is well below par. Every game I watched he was way too slow to get into position in the defensive line after making a tackle, and some of his 'efforts' at tackling were powderpuff to say the least - all arms and no shoulders, and some horribly mistimed efforts again partly because he's not getting into the right place in the line. Phil Gould going to Canterbury is probably a good thing for someone like Thompson as he will lay it out for him in very simple terms. Next year will be make or break.
  2. He looks pretty good with the ball but I think Thompson's defence is still poor generally.
  3. It wasn't anything to do with players it was the clubs and the likes of Gus Gould. When he moved to the Warriors he said how it was vital NZ grew, and even mentioned how he also wanted to make sure the international game grows. Then quickly as he came he jumped back to cosy clubland with the Dogs on the basis that its just too hard to get to NZ. Full of the proverbial brown stuff.
  4. The difference vs the Olympics is that for those athletes its the absolute pinnacle of their sports. In Australian RL Origin is the peak followed by winning the NRL. Internationals are a distant third except for some of the islanders, notably Tonga. Don't hold your breath waiting for a player revolt from the Aussies or Kiwis. What annoys me is when listening to some discussions about this last week how blase some of the Aussie commentators were about how the WC should just be cancelled and moved to next year. No idea of the financial impact that could have, how such events take a long time to plan and cost a lot upfront. Nobody asked - well how would you be able to do it next year or the year after when cities in Aus go into lockdown with a handful of cases? Also no idea how absolutely vital big events are to the financial survival of the game in England.
  5. Agree - we're in a Walter Mitty world where Aus can magically avoid COVID by just waiting it out. There is NO understanding that as soon as borders open it will be back, and it will go round the world for a decade or more in different forms.
  6. I should add, I say run it. Apart from Aus and NZ we've got France and a few other valid countries. Stick two fingers up at Aus. You can't complain about not winning it if you don't turn up.
  7. Its hardly a surprise. Aus and NZ were clearly hoping the WC would be cancelled and that they wouldn't have to make a call. Here in Aus we're still in a complete elimination mindset, with cities and states locking down with few cases. The whole mindset here is simply against opening up, and its getting a bit crazy, as no politicians are seriously talking about how we move beyond this stage to something a bit more normal. Add to that the fact the NRL and clubs here just don't value the international game and we are where we are. It won't surprise if other nations that would be full of NRL players also pull out as I doubt clubs will release players.
  8. I haven't seen a Dogs game for a while. Good to hear Thompson's improving.
  9. There's talk of them signing Gagai which would enable Farnworth to move to fullback. Physically he looks more like a fullback than centre to me. If he can pass (which we haven't seen much of) he'll be a major boost to the Broncos. Isaako has been playing OK there but he's an out and out runner and couldn't set up a play to save his life. If anything just switching them round might work, as Isaako at his best is a great runner.. On Thompson, his defence just in't good enough yet. Sometimes he doesn't even seem to know where he's supposed to be in the line. He also looks pretty slow to get into position following a tackle - particularly ones where he was nearby but not actually in the tackle. I'd be surprised if opposition coaches weren't targeting him. The good news is that defensive issues should be easier to fix than lack of oomph carying the ball.
  10. The patting on the head stuff is awful. I also thought the Panthers guy should have been sin-binned for grabbing the Raiders sub as well. Unwarranted show boating just aimed at taking the mick. Assuming nobody actually throws a punch following one of these melees started by someone being a git, why not penalise them rather than the third man in? The third man in "rule" worked in the days of punch ups, as it was generally them that escalated pushing and shoving into a full-on fight, but that just doesn't happen any more. I don't see why they should get penalised instead of the original instigator nowadays.
  11. It certainly didn't help playing inside a winger who's also basically a rookie. I thought the Knights were a bit worried about sending the ball to the right because of the inexperience on that side, which made their attack lop-sided. I don't think Young got an early ball during the whole game.
  12. A lot comes down to your own history. I'm always sort of interested in Parramatta due to Kenny, Sterling, Grothe and Laurie, but unlike SL where due to my history I still care who wins in say Cas v Hull (I want them both to lose which is a bit difficult), I couldn't care less who wins out of games like St George and Cronulla if both are mid-table. In fact most St George games have just been painfully dull full stop for several years. The televised Friday night NRL games are generally the biggest and best in each round. Sunday games on the other hand are generally poor entertainment between mid-table Sydney teams and I genuinely struggle to watch them. In terms of Brits my main interest this year will be watching Herbie Farnworth. He could be a star, but I'm still not entirely sold on him.
  13. I've watched Ryan Hall's games for the Roosters and being frank this year he's looked like a reserve grade player. He does make some yards running the ball out of defence, but has never looked like making a break or even half break when doing that, is slower than most forwards, and his defensive positioning and decision-making has always been shaky. I do wish he'd scored a try though - for whatever reason, and despite playing on both wings, he just never got the ball to score except in his last game when he did only for a forward pass...Meanwhile on the other wing, often in the same game they were running in tries by the bucketload. Ryan just left it a couple of years too late to give the NRL a go, and then he chose a side with loads of wingers, which limited his chances. At his peak he could have done very well.
  14. I'd say it was fairly obvious that Williams' game is better now than when he arrived. He is playing with a lot more control and also getting involved more. Like a lot of British halfbacks he has some basic skills, but is now executing them far more consistently. You can't afford flaky kicks in the NRL, or passes to nobody. Stuart was one of the smartest halfbacks of his era - I'd be amazed if any halfback who joined the Raiders and wanted to learn wouldn't get better working with him. Does anyone seriously not think he's a better player now?
  15. To be fair to Thompson, coming over mid season would be harder than it was for Ellis/Morley who had an off season before playing. One thing was clear with both Morley and Ellis was that they absolutely loved the tough stuff. For forwards that seems to be the key - Mike Cooper did very well at a pretty average St George team as well. Had the Hardaker of 2015 come over and had a full off-season I genuinely think he would have been a very good NRL player. As it was he wasn't that fit and hadn't pushed himself all season at Leeds. The fact that he thought he went OK speaks volumes as well. One thing that stood out to commentators here was how skinny Hardaker was - in SL he was a powerful player but a number of commentators thought he should be anything up to 10 kg (stone and a half) heavier. Again, a pre-season would have helped there.
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