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  1. Also Jack De Berlin, Michael De Vere Kerrod Holland are the Dutch by any chance?
  2. Jake Averillo plays halfback the Bulldogs, uncle is Jason Van Blerk played for the Socceroos who is of Dutch decent.
  3. Hey Welsh Magpie, are there any players from Hungary, Poland or Spanish heritage? Even if it's by great grandparents just curious too see any players from those countries as I my self hail from these nations. Ps I just followed you on IG
  4. Stephen Crichton from Penrith is also eligible for Scotland be a great coup is he plays for them but more likely he will play for Samoa.
  5. Wakeham can also play for Lebanon he and Moses can form good halves combo.
  6. If they play there best team they be really hard to beat . 1. Roger Tuivasa -Sheck 2. Ken Maumalolo 3. BJ Leiluia 4. Stephen Critchon 5. David Noufaluma 6. Anthony Milford 7. Dylan Brown 8. Junior Paulo 9. Jarome Luai 10. Payne Haas 11. Sonny Bill Williams 12. Josh Papali 13. Martin Tapau 14. Chanel Tevita Harris 15. James Fisher Harris 16. Nelson Asfoa Solomona 17. Jaydn S’uA This team will easily beat England and will give Tonga ,NZ and Australia big test. They have world class fowards that will ste
  7. Does anyone any Dutch players that are playing in NRL or Super League . I know Ryan Papenhuyzen is Dutch any other players. They don’t have to be playing now any former players will be welcome. I’m doing a fantasy league I have done over 17 teams . Thanks in advance
  8. Nathan Peats can play for Greece. Roger-Tuivasa Sheck can play for China Euan Aitken and Christian Welch for Poland Jackson Hastings mother was born in USA. Serbia can have decent squad Trbojevic brothers , Nic Cotric Paul Momroski and Nathan Cleary who is of Croatian decent but due to it being part Yugoslavia he can play for any current nation that was part Yugoslavia .
  9. Hey great work Welsh Magpie, how do you find out this info . Can you do an Italy see what players they have ? Also what players qualify for Serbia through great grandparents trying to finish my Serbia team on PlayStation . regards .
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