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  1. Soccer will always be most participated as it's easiest to play for younger kids and parents rather them play that then risk injury in contact sport. Majority of those players have no intention of choosing it as a pathway, my nephew plays soccer as his parents put him there he tells all they talk about during training is nrl, he wears his Souths jersey to soccer training!
  2. I think NRL can really work in Perth it wont dethrone AFL but no reason it cant be a success, 17 team comp wont last long the 18th team should be Perth.
  3. I get that phenomenon in all sports but most people I speak like the 6 again rule while the afl fans I speak seem unhappy about the game saying it was better 5 years ago
  4. Just curious has the level of play diminished in terms or new tactics employed by coaches make it less entertaining, what in particular has made many afl fans upset?
  5. The article took into account attendance and membership with that plus TV viewership all combined NRL had over a 10m lead over AFL. You offer some good points but they don't move the needle that much to push it into the AFL favour. I go to Melbourne for work once a month and talking to the fellas there alot of them a fed up with afl new rules and are not watching it any more instead they more into the Storm this small sample size but may be a reason for these figures in favour on nrl.
  6. That super Saturday is from 3-9:30pm I don't think many people are going to watch 6.5 hours straight they just tune it to Their team. Even Friday 6-10pm most people I know are so busy to see Evry game. Swans made a net profit of 50k while Eels made over 3m so not sure about swans being biggest. NSW and QLD hold 55% Australia population so it's not surprising rugby league is Australia's most popular sport
  7. Swans do not make more money then Parramatta or Penrith or Souths. My friend your missing the point the example you gave will indicate afl had more viewers however that is not reality as nrl had more viewers total with less games. How can you defend that millions of. More. Viewers with less games. Btw how u watch 9 afl games as you said they overlap each other according to you ?
  8. Hey mate, Can you give us a snapshot of the progress of Rugby League in Turkey how many players you guys have playing, whats the response from the locals on thr sports, is their any media coverage? How many years you say before Turkey can qualigy RLWC or produce Super League calibre talent. What are the biggest obstacles for you guys.
  9. How many players are registered in Toronto and Canada. How is the Cccrl going? Is there potential in Canada to become a nation which can produce NRL/ESL players.
  10. Swans are biggest in terms of members but not tv viewers or money generated also goes to point afl better seen live , NRL better on tv. its insane . Article talks about popularity not passion or makes most money the difference of 23m is overwhelming
  11. Mainly soccer and afl fans as many soccer fans believe best soccer talent goes to afl.
  12. I was at bar in cogee with 5 swans players in it and no one knew who they were, while Will Kennedy a solid nrl players had 4-5 people ask for a photo. Attending games is expensive when all costs taken into account plus is you live an hour away your less likely to visit games but your still a fan so TV is best indication. Rugby League had 23m eyeballs for then those points you brought up may indicate gap is closer but not enough
  13. https://www.theroar.com.au/2022/12/06/what-is-australias-most-popular-sport/ Interesting read.
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