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  1. Gambling and alcohol are allowed as long not abused. I am not religious and I won't wear a jersey with a bible verse same principle applies.
  2. Alcohol is permissible in Christianity (Jesus drank wine), being drunk isn't. Gambling is not in the Bible as long as money doesn't control you gambling is also allowed. Big difference to homosexuality is totally ruled against.
  3. Brian To'o, Victor Radley, Daniel Tupou and also Jarome Luai Junior Paulo Josh Papalii, Stephen Critchon unlikely playing for Australia. Now Felsie Kaufusi now playing for Tonga are Australia loosing too many players to win World Cup?
  4. We can use a backrower. Is he eligible for another nation besides England. Be great to see him play in the World Cup.
  5. Heard he is going to the NRL to play for Newcastle Knights. Is he any good, what's his potential and playstyle. Will he be featuring in the World Cup for anyone asking as a Knights fan.
  6. Hey Pulga, nothing but respect for your dedication and hard work so far Just some questions about Rugby League in Central America. What is the strongest nation? Which has the most potential? What is the locals inital views of the sport do they find it hard, do they enjoy the game? What are biggest challenges you face in growing the game? Also are there any plans to get Rugby League started in Mexico, have huge population? Kind Regards.
  7. It's doesn't make sense to me how Victor Radley called Brad Fittler personally to say include him in the NSW team despite being injured, now he changed his mind. TBH Murray who is same age , Yeo and Carrigan probably in front of him.
  8. Not sure how people can determine what nationality someone is My friend is a 4th generation Portuguese, he grew up with the culture, food and customs also speaks the language. He won't qualify for Portugal with these rules but if you ask him. He is proud Portuguese.
  9. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.hulldailymail.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/hull-fc-announce-ground-breaking-7337428.amp
  10. Just curious where are the Tongan, Samoan, NZ, Fijian, Lebanese, Greek and Italian communities in England surely they should of played games in those areas to increase ticket sales.
  11. To be fair Josh Schuster ha been dealing with multiple injuries this year and has not been abe to play 5 games togehter all year, I know the World Cup is important but his main duty is his NRL club which pays him hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  12. Radley will be wasted at 9. Needs to play 13 his biggest strength is his ball playing and linking with the halves.
  13. No he is eligible he moved at 13 to Australia.
  14. Ponga cant play for NZ, as he played for Australia in the 9s World Cup.
  15. It does, why can't Ponga play for NZ or Taumalolo who played for NZ can't play for Queensland.
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