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  1. Difference is RL World Cup held every 4 years while NRL every year.
  2. 0 chance any African team beating Cook Islands if they have a close to full team. Love to see 20 teams I know it will be one sided games but goal is for nations who make world cup get recongtion and more funding
  3. To be fair all you need is a ball to play Rugby League I used to play with s tennis ball at school on cement lol.
  4. Soccer biggest impediment it's so predictable same 3-4 teams are only going to win the league ever. What fun is it your team isn't the elite? Look at NFL Bengals has the worst record in NFL two years later they made the SuperBowl. In NRL only 1 team hasn't made a Grand Final last 12 years.
  5. Look at 5 biggest leagues Seria A Juventus won 10 times in a row only ended 2 years ago La Liga 2 teams have won 15/17 to titles PSG won Ligue 1 8/11 times Bundesliga is a so one sided Bayern Munich have won 10 times in a row While most competive league Epl Man City won 4 from 5 and favourites in to win it this season. How is it fun when 75% of the league has 0 chance ever of winning unless they get bought by rich owners.
  6. Didn't cherry pick Spain v Germany was best group game, Argentina v Mexico two great soccer nations. It's unfair to compare Rlwc to Fifa as one has much more talent. That's why I used NRL as better comparison. Greece Jamaica Lebanon were not even playing RL 25 years ago so it's unfair to compare it to Soccer world cup. NFL is biggest league in the world yet its most complex game so simple isn't everything. While Cycling and Running are more simple then soccer and not as popular.
  7. With no RL I have started watching the Fifa World Cup for my sporting fix and to say I found it under whelming would be an understatement. Watching the Spain v Germany amount of passing at the back put me to sleep among other FIFA World Cup games and I honestly do not understand how it is the most popular sport in the world. England v USA a snoozefest even Mexico v Argentina was dull until Messi scored, the Brazil game again not was nothing amazing until Richarson bicyle kick. I get the games are closer in general and more chance of upsets but even the mentality of weaker teams is stay back defend and hope from an error from the opposition rather then trying to take the game to the opposition, the diving is just a joke yes in RL players dive to get an obstruction penalty but soccer is to another level , legit there are dives when players have not even being touched. I want to enjoy it as its the world game, and huge sporting event it crazy how much more popular soccer compared to rugby league even though rugby league is the superior sport. If we were to get 100 people from some remote island with no contact with world and made them watch both sports side to side I am certain majority will pick RL as superior sport. I know is a small sample size but RL just lacks exposure, I took world colleagues one from Portugal the other from Colombia to an NRL match and they loved it and now are fans unfortunately for the Sharks. Look at the big 5 European Leagues and its the same teams winning it essentially, unless for a Leicester City miracle a supporter of West Ham, Torino or Hertha Berlin will never win the title unless they are bought out by a rich owner how depressing knowing you know your team can never win.
  8. As I was saying when is mattered cream risen to the top. Samoa better then England.
  9. Nfl is majority African American and Immagration is more then 5 generations so won't work.
  10. Hope Lebanon can pull off some surprises early bag a few try's and make it interesting. Australia will win comfortably though.
  11. If this used traditional method of grouping quarter finalst it will be England v Fiji, Samoa v Australia. NZ v PNG and Lebanon v Tonga
  12. Tonga have best talent up there with Samoa, however Lebanon may be less talented all round but have class in the playmaking roles and good finishers.
  13. France after they were demoralised by Samoa.
  14. What UK is almost triple population of Australia plus RL played in 2 states. AFL, Cricket are major competitors for RL in Australia plus Basketball is on the rise like over 10 NBA players from Australia compared 0 for England.
  15. With 9 team confirmed for next years tournament hosts France, and quarter-finalist Australia, New Zealand, England, Tonga, Samoa, Lebanon, Papua New Guinea and Fiji how does qualification for 2025 look how many spots open for each region?
  16. England need to tour Southern Hemisphere every 4 years, plus need NZ/Australia tour UK every 4 years so in between world cups have two tours
  17. Lebanon clearly 2nd best team in Northern Hemisphere they are 3-4 NRL fowards short of giving England a test.
  18. There is a huge Lebanese population in Western Sydney, essentially the heartbeat of rugby league in Australia. Pretty much the suburbs in Sydney where majority Lebanese live are in heartlands of Parramatta Bankstown. In addition unlike Italians or Greeks which have strong history in soocer so it's natural for their diaspora to play soccer.
  19. Young first winger picked. It's Makinson v Hall for other spot.
  20. Much rather Samoa v Tonga then Tonga v France. The prengame war dances was a treat last time and game will be packed with nrl stars.
  21. Nah have Samoa Tonga Fiji PNG Cook Islands NZ play in Oceania Cup 2 groups of three. Australia tour England Have France Lebanon Greece Italy in an Mediterranean Cup.
  22. I thought English RU was strong didn't they make the final of last WC?
  23. The average super league player (not ones who play for England) are compareble to nsw cup players. Lebanon will beat France with relative ease beat them last World cup. You think France will beat Samoa?
  24. So you tipped Lebanon to win, I'm pretty sure you Ireland will win. I'm an uneducated as I predicted the correct result? When a reserve grade player like Brodie Croft wins Men of Steel all I need to know.
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