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  1. 39 minutes ago, Taniwha Warriors said:

    I’m thought he’s a nephew of John. Awesome player that would help Toa Samoa chances to reach semifinals and hopefully get into finals.

    Add players like Brian To’o, Stephen Crichton, Jerome luai, Tommy Talau and big Tino etc into the mix and they look like dark horses for the tournament.

  2. 6 hours ago, Jmu28 said:

    Hi All.


    recently got into rugby league but undecided on what team to support.


    I have 2 options Hull fc and Warrington wolves.

    reasons for this are quite silly but here goes.

    Hull fc- same last name as hull player Houghton.

    wolves- wolf tattooed on calf.



    First off welcome to the game and forum. May I ask what part of the country where you born and currently live?

    Also I’m fascinated in how you stumbled across the game? Was it the recent challenge cup final at Wembley?

  3. 27 minutes ago, jim_57 said:

    The final debate is an interesting one. I do agree that Marseille is a probably a bit too big but they should probably be aiming higher than lower 30’s (Toulouse/Montpellier) if it is going to break even or make a profit. PSG stadium is the perfect size for me at 48k but they may not want it and Paris may not be the best fit for the final. 

    Toulouse FC is a lock for one of the opener, semi(s) or final. Plus one or more pool games and/or quarter final at Ernest Wallon.

    A game in Paris needs to include France so I would only use the “par des princes” for the opener and nothing else.

  4. 44 minutes ago, Barley Mow said:

    I don't want to take the tread off on a tangent - I'm not arguing against a club named Manchester, just that (unless that's what their fans want) it shouldn't be a renamed Swinton.

    What you are talking about is just the vagaries of local government boundaries - In that context what is 'London proper'?

    The local authority for Tottenham is Harringay Borough, on a regional level there is the Greater London Authority. Similarly, the local authority for Swinton is Salford Borough which is part of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority.

    If you're saying that only City of Manchester (a borough within Greater Manchester CA) is Manchester proper, then doesn't it follow that only the City of London (as in the ancient city or square mile) is London proper and the rest is just Greater London - like Bolton, Oldham, Tameside are Greater Manchester rather than 'Manchester proper'.

    You could walk from Salford Borough into Trafford and then into 'Manchester proper' without having any idea you were in a different 'place' in the same way you could walk from Harringay through Islington into the City of London without knowing it unless you paid close attention to signposts. Manchester United and Chelsea FC play outside of the areas administered by Manchester City Council or Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea - These are just areas that the country is split up into so that it can be (reasonably) effectively administered, the names and boundaries can change every few decades and with them your definition of Manchester or London proper.

    To cut a long story short I don’t want to force swinton lions to move to Manchester or change their name unless that’s what their fans want to do. All I’m arguing is that changing the name of the swinton lions to Manchester lions whilst still being based in swinton or sale is ridiculous but seen as though swinton don’t actually play in swinton or their fans don’t want to change their name to Manchester lions it’s a moot point.

    As for thinking that a professional/semi-professional Manchester team being based within the city of Manchester boundaries is a must then I would have to say yes.

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  5. 26 minutes ago, Barley Mow said:

    Outside of football, how many have heard of Aston or Everton as places?

    Swinton is an area of a large conurbation in the same manner as those examples, that doesn't stop them being sustainable or even thriving.

    As CJ says, a Manchester named team has it's advantages and my best wishes to anyone who wants to give that a shot - but not at the expense of Swinton as a club and against the wishes of their fans - Same applies for Oldham & Rochdale. 

    The main difference is because football is the National sport in England and the worlds #1 sport football has put places like Everton, Aston, Tottenham and Chelsea on the map plus all of those places listed can be found within the city boundaries of Liverpool, Birmingham and london proper.

  6. 13 minutes ago, Phil said:

    My point over the Manchester name is that apart from RL fans and northerners generally who’s ever heard of Swinton? It’s just another small northern RL town. We need big city names and big city clubs 

    I agree but if the swinton fans don’t want to move that’s there call and you can’t make them but if they were to put down roots in Trafford and engage with the local community then I’m all for that as well.

    My main point is that like you the game of RL in England needs a presence in big cities like Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield and Newcastle etc alongside the likes of wigan, St. Helens and Huddersfield etc and the Manchester regional arena would be the perfect base for a professional/semi-professional Manchester team.

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  7. 23 minutes ago, Colin James said:

    Realistically I would like to be in the Championship with some home grown players in the first team. Junior teams running at every age group and the Lionesses competing at a good level. A reserve team would be fantastic. Heywood Road is a good base and unless somehow a stadium in Swinton becomes possible I see no reason to leave. 

    There are amateur clubs who have contributed more to the sport along those lines over the last 30 years than a lot of clubs in the professional game who have become bogged down with trying to compete/survive and spend all their money and energy on the first team and players who are here today and gone tomorrow.

    We want ambition in the sport but that doesn't mean every club has to try and be Grand Final winners because it's just not realistic. If Swinton is a good Championship club which engages new people in the sport that's fine. It's more than the club has been for a long time. On the back of engagement you have to hope that new younger blood will start attending games because the average age of our fans must be well over 50.

    I'd rather be doing the above in L1 than playing in front of 400 in the Championship with a load of Dual Reg players going into the season thinking we'd be happy finishing third bottom. It's about substance, legacy and community.

    If someone wants to try and create Manchester the Super League franchise playing out of a big stadium I hope they are successful. We don't need to be that club and we don't need to kill off Swinton/Rochdale/Oldham/Salford to create that club.

    I don’t want to see any RL club die as that makes our already minority sport that much smaller but my fears for swinton lions are the exact same as yours namely that you have a small group of aging fans and that as a club you haven’t played or been based in swinton for over 20+ years and don’t look to be heading home anytime soon.

    I think the grassroots and community work that swinton lions have been doing is excellent and long may it continue.

  8. 4 minutes ago, Colin James said:

    That ship has sailed. I was broadly supportive of the change because we had a good board and recognised the club couldn't continue operating as it was (small loyal group of fans funding a first team and nothing else). But the current board has shown that we can be so much more whilst also respecting the heritage of the club.

    There remains potential for an elite club in Manchester under the Manchester banner but Swinton doesn't need to be that club. If someone else either existing club or new club wants to give it a go then good luck to them.

    Where will swinton be in the next 10 years say?

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  9. 7 minutes ago, Bedfordshire Bronco said:

    ... France in the WC

    Maybe chuck in a Tolouse promotion too

    How big a factor would it be for their chances? Confidence, belief etc. 

    Currently they are 300-1 behind Ireland 

    It’s definitely a positive on both counts regarding Catalan winning the grandfinal and Toulouse getting promoted to super league and something to build on for the future but until we see similar numbers of French players in super league to that of NZ players in the NRL nothing dramatically will change for the French National RL team on the international stage unfortunately.

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