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  1. Exactly. I’d also seriously consider picking youngsters like Joseph suaalii and Franklin pele.
  2. Add players like Brian To’o, Stephen Crichton, Jerome luai, Tommy Talau and big Tino etc into the mix and they look like dark horses for the tournament.
  3. First off welcome to the game and forum. May I ask what part of the country where you born and currently live? Also I’m fascinated in how you stumbled across the game? Was it the recent challenge cup final at Wembley?
  4. Just don’t base them in their home town because they don’t have a train station.
  5. Maybe some Tough love is needed for the Aussies for them to take international RL seriously.
  6. Yeah, that’s what’s most important. Never mind the broncos, spill the beans marra
  7. And that would be on the head of the Australians and nobody else.
  8. Let them pull out and ban them from international RL indefinitely. They can have their state of origin and hopefully after a few years the top Australian players will become bored and move to rugby union for a new challenge on the international scene.
  9. It does and if 2 teams are to be promoted from the championship to super league then it must be them or however else makes the final.
  10. If those are the championship 2 finalists at the season’s end then yes.
  11. A game in Paris needs to include France so I would only use the “par des princes” for the opener and nothing else.
  12. To cut a long story short I don’t want to force swinton lions to move to Manchester or change their name unless that’s what their fans want to do. All I’m arguing is that changing the name of the swinton lions to Manchester lions whilst still being based in swinton or sale is ridiculous but seen as though swinton don’t actually play in swinton or their fans don’t want to change their name to Manchester lions it’s a moot point. As for thinking that a professional/semi-professional Manchester team being based within the city of Manchester boundaries is a must then I would have to say yes.
  13. The main difference is because football is the National sport in England and the worlds #1 sport football has put places like Everton, Aston, Tottenham and Chelsea on the map plus all of those places listed can be found within the city boundaries of Liverpool, Birmingham and london proper.
  14. I agree but if the swinton fans don’t want to move that’s there call and you can’t make them but if they were to put down roots in Trafford and engage with the local community then I’m all for that as well. My main point is that like you the game of RL in England needs a presence in big cities like Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield and Newcastle etc alongside the likes of wigan, St. Helens and Huddersfield etc and the Manchester regional arena would be the perfect base for a professional/semi-professional Manchester team.
  15. I don’t want to see any RL club die as that makes our already minority sport that much smaller but my fears for swinton lions are the exact same as yours namely that you have a small group of aging fans and that as a club you haven’t played or been based in swinton for over 20+ years and don’t look to be heading home anytime soon. I think the grassroots and community work that swinton lions have been doing is excellent and long may it continue.
  16. Where will swinton be in the next 10 years say?
  17. Absolutely. The Manchester lions playing in blue&white out of the Etihad complex. What’s not to like.
  18. It’s definitely a positive on both counts regarding Catalan winning the grandfinal and Toulouse getting promoted to super league and something to build on for the future but until we see similar numbers of French players in super league to that of NZ players in the NRL nothing dramatically will change for the French National RL team on the international stage unfortunately.
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