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  1. Absolutely not. just throwing the name Manchester about is though. Just call them sale lions or Trafford lions instead.
  2. Wasn’t the plan of the last swinton chairman just to change the name to Manchester lions and base them at Heywood rd sale?
  3. Which isn’t in Manchester? should be sale lions. No?
  4. Where abouts in Manchester are the lions based?
  5. I prefer healthy scepticism but either way this cock-up still happens no matter what’s said on this forum.
  6. He wasn’t in the squad before he signed for barrow.
  7. That’s the left hand isn’t it? the other trophy has “stones” written on the ribbons which I think was the “stones bitter premiership” played at old Trafford.
  8. Trophy in his right hand is from the tournament that had the final at old Trafford I think?
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