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  1. If and when he scores he needs the “on the buses” theme tune played.
  2. How awesome is the National Peru RL jersey. A similar take on the national football jersey which is pretty iconic l
  3. In an ideal world the bears should be in the NRL representing the North Sydney and northern beaches area playing out of the North Sydney oval.
  4. A little research says they do indeed. Shows what can be done and achieved in the untapped areas of the “heartlands.”
  5. Even at amateur/grassroots level. Throw in lancaster and bury too.
  6. Seems so random and bizarre that professional RL came to Southend. Did the football club own it ?
  7. Why didn’t they change their name to Preston when they played at deepdale? along with bolton it puzzles me how RL never really took of in Preston. Even at amateur level. Are there even any amateur teams in either Preston or bolton?
  8. Yes they did. Remember them being top dogs in the early 90’s.
  9. Weren’t they also known as the prescot panthers?
  10. Maybe you still can. Wasn’t Dr K going to bring RL to Liverpool?
  11. RL seemed more progressive back in the 80’s&90’s regrading expansion inside and outside of the heartlands. really miss the border raiders if I’m honest.
  12. Of course. Maybe it hasn’t sunk in that they are no more.
  13. South Wales played at the Cardiff arms park didn’t they?
  14. Defunct RL clubs like Trafford borough, Carlisle border raiders, Nottingham city, Scarborough pirates, Runcorn and Lancashire lynx on here?? im sure there’s many more defunct clubs of the past 30-40 years but these are the teams I remember seeing as a kid.
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