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  1. Relocate Salford Red Devil’s to Salford city Fc ground and swinton lions to the Manchester regional arena.

    Id also look to try and kick-start a grassroots expansion programme within the greater Manchester area like what the Newcastle thunder are currently doing targeting areas like Tameside, Trafford borough and gorton etc.

  2. 1 hour ago, Robthegasman said:

    Yes the plan was to rebrand them as Manchester Lions but the club would still have been officially and legally known as Swinton Lions Rugby League club when it comes to company registration etc etc.It would have been done like what Eastern Suburbs in Sydney did when they rebranded as Sydney City Roosters back in the mid 90s(I think) and in rugby union when Penzance and Newlyn RFC rebranded as Cornish Pirates but as far as I know they are still legally known as Penzance and Newlyn RFC. And the fans of Penzance and Newlyn RFC backed it.

     And in another sport,cricket the 20 overs team at Warwickshire CC are known as the Birmingham Bears.So rebranding and still being legally known as the founding name is nothing new.

    But the fans did not approve and rejected it which led to the then chairman and the board walking.

    Time and history will judge this one as to whether it was right or wrong.

    I was for that move but only if the lions moved to the stadium were the Manchester rangers played out of.

    changing the name of swinton lions to Manchester lions whilst still based in Salford was/is pointless unless you move lock, stock and barrel to Manchester permanently.

  3. 1 minute ago, Johnoco said:

    It’s obviously a different world today and that probably changes things but association football spread around the world in very little time at all….20-30 years? That’s roughly as long as SL has been going.

    Migrating workers, Religious leaders, etc etc spread the game into the places they moved to. For example, Scottish steel workers spread the game to Sweden, or so I remember reading. 
    Today, it’s not going to happen like that but RL could still focus on one or two places like Serbia where there are some roots already there. It won’t rule the world but it could expand its global footprint by one or two countries and that would be no mean achievement.

    Scottish and English people/migrants were influential in spreading football in Argentina as where Italian and German immigrants both in Argentina and other South American countries.

    A RL equivalent would be Australian soldiers taking the game to PNG  whilst stationed there during WW2.

    Places like Serbia and other Balkan countries could and do benefit from the 1st&2nd generation of the Balkan nations diaspora living in Australia. You can also add Italy, Greece, Lebanon and Malta etc to that list as well.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Mumby Magic said:

    Was going to start a different thread but we have in a away lost nations from the level they were at. 

    Didn't Russia have 25k for a game. They seem to have gone. South Africa, Morocco and Japan seem to be others.

    The victory cup I believe which involved the nations of the allies during WW2. USA, England, Russia and France.

    Early 90’s Morocco run by a guy who played for London crusaders. M’barki?

    japan along with Moldova and South Africa gone very quiet.

  5. 9 minutes ago, ShropshireBull said:

    Manchester Regional Arena, on the eithiad campus where rfl are based and now city built their own stadium it is largely unused. Athletics track around but some tempt stands behind the goals and it would be ok to grow a club at. 

    What Manchester Rangers played on?

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  6. 40 minutes ago, ShropshireBull said:

    Giving this a bump. With Salford facing homeless and an already marooned Swinton and Oldham facing the drop, might it be time for the RFL to throw up a mea culpa and as they move into the Ethidad Campus get a new team playing out of the MRA? 

    If I was the Red Devil’s I’d approach Salford city Fc about a ground share at the football club.

    what’s the MRA?

  7. 9 minutes ago, owls said:

    Would love to see Germany get involved. they are pretty good at most of the sports they compete in and i am sure they would be good at it, Union is starting to grow there with talk of a team in the pro 14 league, would be cool if we could get in there b4 Union gets established,


    Say what you want about rugby union and their on-field product but one can’t deny their commitment to expansion and increasing their footprint worldwide.

  8. Had high hopes for Lebanon after their creation in 2000 with all the decent amount of heritage players they could call on in the various different Aussie league grades including the NRL but things seem to have plateaued somewhat.

    same could be said for nation’s like Greece and Italy who can both call on a decent player pool in the Aussie grade competitions.

    The Balkan nations offer the best chance of success for me what with their close proximity, small-medium sized countries and already in-built rivalries .

  9. 3 hours ago, Pulga said:

    I'm obviously biased but Central America as a whole makes sense for me.

    All countries have strengths and weaknesses but I feel Central America has a few nice things going for them.

    7 nations in the space of 2500km gives you easy access and ready-made rivalries. It's the most densely populated area in the Americas and has 45m+ people. Your money goes a long way.

    Soccer isn't the main sport throughout so that's a bonus.

    6 of them speak the same language. 

    Very working class. 

    What’s the main sport of Central America? Baseball? Boxing?

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