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  1. 1 hour ago, Norfolk said:

    I seem to recall 'West Papua ' playing a game in the past but that it was made up of exiles.  Checking wikipedia it seems they were PNG-based.  It might be similar to RL's brush with Catalonia.  People would play RL if they could play as West Papua but their inclination to play as representatives of Indonesia might be very limited indeed.

    I wonder if the Indonesian government forbids or is hostile towards the natives playing RL?

  2. 28 minutes ago, langpark said:

    I think this topic has come up before.

    RL gains nothing if this happens. If Qld became independent from Aus tomorrow, what do we gain? Do the number of people playing and watching the game, magically go up overnight? 

    What do you mean if??

    Bougainville is already an independent country and to the best of my knowledge there’s zero RL activity going on in Indonesia.

  3. Indonesia and Bougainville?

    Indonesia has 2 provinces on the western half of New Guinea island in Papua and west Papua which could benefit from RL being the National sport in neighbouring Papua New Guinea.

    Boungainville recently voted for independence from Papua New Guinea in 2019 and has a long history of RL being played on the island which has a population of 300k.

  4. 22 minutes ago, Big Picture said:

    I know already, but they sure aren't "East Coast cities" — Montréal is more than 1200 km from Halifax and anyone in the media here knows that — so it's an elementary mistake to make, and more to the point one which a Canadian would not make.

    Just re-read it and you’re right. Are all 3 cities described as eastern cities by Canadians?

  5. 5 minutes ago, kiwis 13 6 said:

    Unfortunately I think your right, I also doubt that NRL will reinvest any significant amount of profit from NZ TV rights back into grassroots game in NZ. NRL in its various incarnations have a 27 year history of putting nothing from NZ TV right profits back into NZ grassroots. The NRL has now already got more money for the NZ TV rights, which has been quoted as $160 over 5 years or $32 million/year. That is enough money to fund 2 & 1/2 NRL club grants of $12.5 million/year. IF the NRL just pockets all the profits and continues to spend all of NZ sourced profits to fund Australain based player development pathways ,Bunker referees, NRL administrators salaries...it really would greed of a sickening level.

    What does the NZRL have to say if at all anything about this?

  6. 9 minutes ago, The Rocket said:

    Mack, money is what is good for the game, with money you can do everything, and if you`ve got enough of it you could even put a team in Perth and pay for it.

    No mate, it is all about money, and the more you have of it the better. They say it`s what makes the world go around apparently.

    Money is indeed good for the game but only if you are willing to re-invest a certain amount of said money back into the game in order to grow the game even more.

  7. 2 hours ago, frank said:

    There won't be a 2nd  NZ team in  the NRL. The Aussies  have no intention of commiting  themselves to that.

    They are only interested in what they can take out  of NZ not putting anything in. There is talk about  getting rid of the women's team due to the fact it is costing them.

    You can’t compare the women’s game to a 2nd NZ NRL franchise although I do agree with you that 99% of the time the NRL’s thinking and decision making are based on $$$ and what’s not necessarily good for the game.

  8. 6 minutes ago, Eddie said:

    More how many teams / participants there are, but yeah who funds it 😀

    I don’t know who funds it but if true it shows that somebody is and that funding RL activity in big cities far from the heartland can and is being found and is not pie in the sky la la land thinking.

  9. 10 hours ago, Eddie said:

    Le Midol reveals that the French Rugby Union Federation is considering an Elite 1 with eleven teams for the 2021-2022 season. It's no secret that Luc Lacoste is quickly aiming for a 12-team championship but had recently explained in La Dépêche du Midi that this would not be possible for the 2021-2022 season due to the health crisis. If we were heading towards a 10-team recovery, the Midi Olympique revealed that the possibility of integrating an eleventh is currently being studied while the FFR XIII works on the development of the next calendars. According to our information, this eleventh team in Elite 1 could be Toulon who has never hidden their desire to progress to the highest level in France as soon as possible. The Var club had made a big recruitment for the 2020-2021 Elite 2 season but it was ultimately canceled due to Covid-19.

    Shouldn’t that be French Rugby league federation instead of “French rugby Union federation “?

    Or are Toulon a dual rugby club like Leeds or harlequins of the past?

  10. 33 minutes ago, The Frying Scotsman said:

    I think we have missed the boat on Montpelier. 

    Colleague of mine is from there, mid-40s, and tells me that when he was a kid, they would go to watch rugby, and in Montpelier that meant Rugby League in those days.

    He is now a card carrying supporter of the Union team, who are seriously cashed up, with a nice stadium, and plenty of supporters. Rugby League is gone from there for good I reckon. 

    Maybe it wouldn’t be the #1 code in the city but like Toulouse and Perpignan I’m sure that RL could carve out a following.

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