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  1. No individual club could, but the rfl/central administrator could
  2. You've quoted me, multiple times, making the same invented problems which are things only you have suggested and then argued against. There are only so many different ways for me to say to you I'm not suggesting we delay signing players to pro terms. There's nothing obtuse about it. I really couldn't be more explicit.
  3. Honestly your comprehension skills are appalling. Not at amatuer clubs, at local centres of excellence. Where you could sign professional forms at the same time as now. You remember, the functions of scholarship and academy rugby aren't disappearing. Just being provided by someone else. I have no idea why you have spent two pages arguing against a ban on players signing pro terms before they are 18 or 20 when that hasn't been suggested.
  4. The scholarship and academy aspects would be taken on centrally. In my opinion the best way of doing that would be through community clubs acting as local centres of excellence
  5. Where does it say that is when we would offer the first pro contract oh wise great rememberer?
  6. I said they would be drafted at 18, but that doesnt mean that is when they would sign their first terms. If the draft system was predicated on central contracts then those contracts could be signed at any time before.
  7. You are just inventing things in your head and arguing against them then getting grumpy when someone points out these things dont exist. Its odd to see. Why would a draft based on central contracts mean we had to delay the signing of professional terms? wouldnt it be, kind of necessary, for a process involving central contracts to, kind of, sign players to contracts. Centrally?
  8. No it doesnt. This again is another completely invented problem.
  9. That is obviously not the case because Youth internationals dont only play for Leeds or Wigan. Under the current system yes plenty of clubs would offer you a contract and you would have your pick. But that wouldnt be the case under the suggested system, but the consequence of that isnt that players just retire. The hypothetical isnt would you choose to play for Leeds or Hull KR. Its would you play for Hull KR or retire. There should be a basic level of pay for full-time pro's that much is obvious. But that is the case now. It still doesnt make sense that that would need to be the same? The insistence on no P+R isnt problematic. It just doesnt fit. But as i said in the first post on this. A draft wouldnt be the end state but a tool to getting us towards our ultimate goal. If the ultimate goal is that a more even league creates a better product and that attracts more people and more money, then that is the recompense. A slice of a bigger pie.
  10. Plenty of players do that. All the time. Realistically the scenario you are describing here is that if you were 18 and lets say Hull KR offered you a contract, and only Hull KR offered you a contract you would retire from the game. That clearly isnt going to happen. Its a preposterous notion. It would require no P+R certainly. Im not sure why they would need to be paid the same. It wouldnt make all clubs and their academies equal because those academies wouldnt exist. And you are right, it would require that the clubs who have the current 'baked in' advantage give that up, but any talent equalisation measure requires that. And it doesnt remove the threat of outside competition but that threat exists now, and isnt really a huge threat. There arent a huge amount of players leaving the sport at 17/18 to because they are offered better union contracts. Only one i could really think of is Mclelland
  11. depends what you class as a success. Would a few thousand go along? sure. Would tens of thousands go along and move the game forward? no. Besides, there are 4 SL clubs within 30mins of Leeds, plus Bradford, Fev, Batley, Dewsbury et al. Its an accident of geography and the development of this country that we look at it like this. In America or Australia "leeds" would stretch from York and Harrogate in the north to Wakefield and Huddersfield in the south. Leeds and Bradford are pretty much one big city anyway. We arent short of clubs in that area.
  12. Because even in the heartlands RL doesnt hold a highly visible position that can attract people. There are about 4.5m people within a 30minute drive of Leigh, only about 2.5k bother going along.
  13. Had a real opportunity to have a look at a different option(s) for the challenge cup this year and create a better TV product. This year and next were probably the best chances at a 'free swing' we would ever have.
  14. Here is the very basic premise of YOUR argument you are seemingly missing. It was YOUR assertion that unless Hanley signs for Wigan he is lost to the game. Im asking you the very obvious question that comes from YOUR assertion. What happens if Wigan dont offer him a contract? A draft isnt impossible, it wouldnt drive players away from the game and would largely replicate the work clubs do. Anyone with an ounce of common sense of what happens with young players, even right now can see that. The reason you refuse to answer that very simple question is that it destroys the very clear straw man you have built. That being, it isnt a necessity that Wigan and the top clubs MUST sign all the best youngsters and very young ages lest they all simply refuse to play RL anymore. This strawman is especially strawy and irrelevant when you are comparing it to a world where no clubs would sign any youngsters at the very young ages. A world where the choice would never be 'wigan or union' because the idea of 'wigan' in that context simply didnt exist. Hanley is 18. In a draft system this is the year he would be drafted. He has played a total of 1 SL game that he wouldnt have played in a normal year. Everything that has been done at academy and scholarship level could be repeated cheaper, better and for more players if done centrally.
  15. The RFL control the mechanism for adding and removing clubs from SL. Its one of their rights under the special preference share.
  16. There is a reason you cannot answer such a simple question. You know it and I know it. Your entire argument here is predicated on the frankly silly idea that Umyla Hanley would only play RL for Wigan, and if WIgan hadnt have offered him a contract he wouldnt have signed for a different side but instead been lost to the game. Not only is this idea clearly insane, even if it were true, it would be a failing of the current system not the new one. If Hanley will only play for Wigan then we have created a system where not only are we reliant on Wigan being constantly right about the players they choose (because the players they choose not to offer contracts to will be lost to the game, so we risk losing better players than Hanley because Wigan decide against it) but it also requires that the best young players always come through at Wigan and only Wigan. Your defence of the status quo manages to not only be untrue, but if it were true it is an argument for destroying the status quo. Not keeping it.
  17. I havent contradicted myself at all. I see you did fail to answer the very simple question. If Wigan dont offer Hanley a contract what does he do? Where your argument falls down quite dramatically is that if Hanley will ONLY sign for Wigan then the fact all other clubs would be in line before Wigan is irrelevant isnt it. Hanley will only sign for Wigan, We could make every other club in the entire world offer him a contract first. Doesnt matter, the outcome would be the same Hanley will sign for Wigan
  18. The amounts paid to players the age they would be pre-draft, are negligable in both sports up here
  19. They arent frozen out at all. Its an entirely invented problem. You're thinking is under a paradigm that would no longer exist. If Hanley only wants to sign for Wigan. If Wigan don't make an offer then what does he do?
  20. The same thing that happens if they don't sign a contract offered by a team. And nobody would need a 16 year old to travel 100 miles. These strawmen you are inventing are just entirely unnecessary
  21. A draft pick can refuse to sign for a team, but there would be a cost for the signing team. The RFL.
  22. legally it could easily be set up through central contracts etc. Secondly you dont need to tell a wigan junior anything, Wigan juniors would no longer exist. It wouldnt be a case that Hanley couldnt sign for Wigan. He could, but Wigan would need to pay the requisite price for that pick. If they don't they dont make an offer.
  23. A draft system is possible, but it would be a massive departure from what we have. Id actually argue that the split between SL and the RFL makes that easier but it would be a huge and complex system to implement. The salary cap is a bit of a red herring. There being a massive disparity between clubs financially just means that we dont apply the restrictions financially and instead look to another way such as the NRL suggestion of a points system. Both of these however are secondary issues, they are tools to get us towards our ultimate goal, and our problem is that the game doesnt have an ultimate goal and the differences between clubs are so great that what is the ultimate goal for some is completely opposed to the goals of others.
  24. International RL is the hook for new people and casuals. We can't do that not playing internationals. The exiles isnt an international. Its an opposed training session. Nobody cares about it and it will die within a few years. England winning internationals isnt a bad thing. Nations league/magic weekend hybrid played mid-season every year for the top level, 9's to increase participation, world cup every four years, secondary international comp every 4 years plus 2 4 nations, and that is your cycle.
  25. Thats their choice. The game can't be held to ransom by them. We have lost substantial numbers of fans since P+R was brought back.
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