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  1. It's fantastic development and one that should be celebrated. If anything I don't think there has been a better success story in terms of increasing participation. Probably the mould all clubs could and should be going down. Love the idea of Tees Valley
  2. We had as a guest former York player and current Wakefield Academy director Mark "Mash" Applegarth with us at one of the Harrogate Knights meetings. In the Q&A he was saying that although you can see talent in some players you are ultimately making a decision on them when they are 16 or 18 and at that age especially the forwards haven't bulked up or matured enough and he said it was a particular challenge as often you were sending players back to their amateur club telling them to prove him wrong, some would get through to championship/League 1 but even that can be a challenge given the co
  3. Excellent looking at it. It's closer to Kingston on Thames so the London KR merger is on. Super League in 2021
  4. 100% agree although imagine that will inspire some fancy dress ideas from certain members of our away support if we are in.
  5. To be honest I hope it does happen. It opens up the South London market and looks like a fantastic facility too. I don't know if away fans will be in there in July but the downside Yorks away tie clashes with the tennis! Not a tennis fan but could make public transport interesting
  6. Interesting to note on the meeting held on 05/01/21 on the "Dons Trust" that their self titled Board priorities for 2021. Broncos are not mentioned at all, although Love Rugby League recently reported Broncos will be playing on the road games. I wonder if that is the agreed plan, get a deal in place with a suitable venue for Super League criteria but play at a cheaper venue when you can't have the spectators in. Definitely hinted by Danny Ward " Ward said: “Everyone is aware of Wimbledon and that will be, in time, fantastic for the future of the club but there are procedur
  7. I think we have covered this in another thread but if there was to be a restructure I would rather have a conference/group style system than reducing numbers. With playoffs for all with something to play for.
  8. Scarborough Pirates play at Cayton to the South of the town so hopefully will avoid the cross over plus the history of Scarborough Pirates should help.
  9. It's a very clever especially by Rhinos to have a Netball side. When you look at skill sets you may get a player for the women's side appear from the Netball team especially sporting all-rounders into the Rugby League side. On another point Netball is huge in New Zealand and Australia too where potentially you may get funding/sponsors for the Netball side or a brother of a Netballer might turn out as a decent League player and the final point not really related but a bit of self publicity, Ella Whiting has made it into the Rhinos U19s side she attends Ashville College in Harrogate where the Ha
  10. Totally agreed with all those points especially with the World Cup. Scarborough are back very recently with a women's and men's side which is great for the game.
  11. I have said it for a while with Scarborough Pirates back on the scene in the amateur game, the North Sea coastline could easily host another team whether that be near the Tees or Wear its a big enough distance from Hull, York or Newcastle to have another club at either Sunderland or Middlesbrough
  12. There are lots of areas of the UK that should be considered. However short term the structure of Championship/League 1 hasn't been fully decided post Covid/New Sky TV deal. If reducing funding what will that do to the comp and will it turn everyone part time which if so may benefit others more. Although fantastic to have ambition it's a big step up from the South West League to League 1 in terms of what is needed in funding, it would be definitely good to see them in Conference League South first and then in the Challenge Cup. If they are to be sustainable they need the cash and support althou
  13. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/56016934 Will he be a flop or not probably too old to make too much of an impression although can slot home a penalty from the half way line easy enough.
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