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  1. Go big or go home restructure. Leagues in same format, start Feb end in July with challenge cup final No repeat fixtures, no playoffs. 4 Leagues of 10 teams one up one down in each. Scrap the cap allow Toronto, New York and Ottawa in plus a couple of additions from Europe such as Red Star Belgrade to fill the league structures Then from July to October I would start the international and/or representative origin calender potential of fixtures like Yorks vs Lancs or North vs South or North West, WF & Hull mergers. Internationals such as England Knights vs Wales, England
  2. I suppose its who the ball bounces too and how setup your attack is. If your dummy half isn't in the picture as the forwards have forced the error do you want to waste the opportunity or setup with clear direction especially now you can opt where on the pitch to place the roll the ball as in near, middle or far side on the other hand if that drops to a speedster like Grace there is definitely play on to be had then
  3. I would invest in India creating a link up with Kabbadi teams and developing the newly created ISL (India Super League) that has no salary cap and plays from November to January. Then once that is setup. Build a £50million stadium for teams in Harrogate. But then I don't play the lottery so these can remain dreams.
  4. Thank you for putting me right... Least it means I can do 50 in a 30 zone as North Yorkshire police don't exist and set fire to stuff knowing that North Yorkshire fire and rescue aren't going to do anything about it. I might even going to the mythical North Yorkshire Moors National park. I agree it is sparsely populated however 75,000 people in Harrogate 190,000 in York. Even in York there is the opportunity to tap into the casual Rugby league/sports fan or bring super league watchers to York from Harrogate and surrounding areas. The strategy if you listen to Jon Flatman (Chairman of York) is
  5. Saying this as a York fan but also from Harrogate. What often gets overlooked is the larger picture, York is the only pro club in North Yorkshire which is a massive county by landmass in England taking in huge coastline to the moors and nearby towns. North Yorkshire is definitely a growth area with huge potential, its much more than just York, although the stadium looks great and I can't wait to watch my first game from there.
  6. The exchange rate is quite good at the moment but the like of Qantas you need a vaccine certificate for Covid to fly with them regardless of restrictions
  7. The costs would vary so much the best way would be to fix a budget first. Look at the cheaper match tickets although the NRL isn't that expensive (around £15-20) each flights in August you will be luckily to be under £1000 and same again for accommodation. £3-4k region but that could vary if you are prepared to backpacker it or hotel it.
  8. Proper set of coverage that. Personally I think it's great, although I don't know much about the sportsman's deal with the Challenge Cup it's brilliant it gives another viewing platform for Rugby League. A take over on BBC 2 is brilliant too and if they do a combi deal for the Our League stuff I might be locked in the shed permanently!
  9. I know it has been struggling and there are often articles popping up on BBC about "does Speedway have a future in the UK" and that was about 6 years ago reporting below 1,000 mark typically on average. However like most sports I imagine you will have your hardcore followers. Most of the riders seem to come from abroad especially Scandinavian countries if you include Denmark. Most of the tracks are greyhound racing tracks or used to be and that still keeps going when you get the negative press. Speedway GB recently has had investment from BT Sports as a sole coverage provider but its usually l
  10. It's been clear for some time that the gap between Rugby Union and League is getting larger in terms of funding however I came across this article recently. Otley, Leeds Tykes (Based at Headingley), Huddersfield RUFC and Wharfedale (now however have decided to pull out) were due to be playing in a 4 team friendly tournament home and away with a "finals day" at Headingley this summer. You maybe thinking it's 4 union sides which it is however at least 3 of them are in "Rugby League territory" when in comes to location. The prize fund for this tournament is £10,000 for clubs that size that are pr
  11. Just an update regarding work going on in Harrogate. Although we are in North Yorkshire and half way between 2 clubs in Leeds and York. Harrogate itself would be deemed a Union Town. But taking that we have embraced the fact mainly because of Gary Mercer (ex Kiwi) being the Director of Rugby at Ashville College in Harrogate and we are now based there permanently. We are the first and only to date rugby league team playing from an independent school. What they are able to offer in terms of facilities is unrilved with 7 Rugby pitches, an all weather pitch and the option for our members to pay £2
  12. How many high tackle/shoulder charge penalties were there in the Fev vs Bradford game at the weekend, it must have been approaching double digits and not one was given a card, just a penalty with a quiet word. The only card given was for a "professional foul"
  13. The alternative to an official academy is to have your own Elite player development through your community foundation not the worst idea anyone has had to be fair. If wanted/skilful enough we could be filtering 16 year old players into York and getting them back to play for us but in the meantime they go to York for extra training sessions and sometimes appear on matchday squads if registered especially in cups.
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