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  1. His is was what happens when you`ve emptied the bar fridge and you`re ###### off because you have destroyed your own credibility on other threads and now are trying regain said lost cred by quoting unnamed CEO`s of so- called `major Australian Financial Institutions`. Nuts.
  2. I think the `major financial institution` he refers to might be a completely different type of `institution`, either that or he`s been chatting to the teller at the Oondanatta Savings and Loans which operates out of the local post office .oodnadatta - Bing images
  3. Not trying to diminish what he achieved with the Red Bulls, but setting up a grass-roots soccer network probably in a country that was starved for an alternative to gridiron, with a game with a high international profile, a large Latino population and less likelihood of injury possibly made that job a lot easier, we all know of the expression `soccer mums` they win elections ! They also often decide what sport their kids play. But that wasn`t what I was referring to in my original post any way, I was more referring to all the administrative things that go with setting up a business or in
  4. I saw Abdo talking about 120 000 over the three days with about 30% coming from interstate. Given that both NSW and Victoria have both had corona-virus scares over the last week and the facts of the matter are we really haven`t a clear run without an outbreak somewhere in Australia over the last couple of months I wouldn`t be surprised if a lot of people would have been apprehensive about buying tickets and booking accommodation, one, because you may not have been able to fly into there, and you lose your money, and two, if there was an outbreak while you where there you may not be able to lea
  5. It seems it`s the administrative side of things that often hold these new ventures back, think WolfPack. There`s plenty of people who just want to play the game and perhaps crossing T`s and dotting I`s and jumping through administrative and bureaucratic loopholes isn`t their strong point.. It`s such a shame that the IRL, NRL or whoever can`t come on board with these things, even in strictly advisory capacity to help get them started, you`d have to think that some sort of advisory body could be a sound investment in helping get these League off the ground.
  6. I think each of the charges relates to a different sexual act performed during the alleged assault, and a corresponding charge of the same act but `in company`, this means they are also charged with the act the other alleged perpetrator performed as well. An analogy being the get away driver for a bank robbery who despite never entering the bank, is still charged with robbery `in company` as they are deemed to have been part of a `joint criminal enterprise`. This is why when the jury agreed that De Belin had not committed the alleged specific sexual assault and found him not guilty on that one
  7. Speaking of Aussie commentators I don`t have pay so I listen to most of the games listening on the radio, any way if you ever get a chance listen to the three blokes I`ve highlighted below, they call all the North Queensland games whenever they play at home, the three of them are absolute classics, real North Queenslanders, they`ve got the drawl and all and they are three of the best League radio callers I`ve ever heard, and I`ve heard a few. Laid-back, knowledgeable, down-to-earth and they really love their League up there in North Queensland, one of them was reminiscing the other day about w
  8. G` day Pedant, I didn`t know that Fox released the breakdown of viewing figures for Kayo, so I gather from what you are saying the afl streaming figures are roughly 3/4`s or thereabouts of the League`s. It would be interesting to have a reliable source of absolute numbers. Interesting though and would narrow the gap with the FTA figures again. There was an article in the paper during the week about Foxtel Group`s Kayo passing the I million subscriber mark, up from 440 000 in March 2020 and 921 000 in March this year, they were bragging that Kayo had added more subscribers in the last 5 w
  9. Empire is an unfortunate word but Papua New Guinea was considered a colony of Australia from when it was placed under Australian administrative control by the British in 1902 until it`s independence in 1975. I dare say in that time there would have been many attempts to introduce afl, but like in New Zealand, who some may mischievously consider the sixth Australian state,where several afl exhibition matches were played about decade ago, but there was just no interest and attempts were abandoned. In fact our current Federal Gov`t is using Rugby League as part of it`s increased diplomatic p
  10. That`s a ludicrous example and I feel that you maybe being a little disingenuous. Any one who watches the ABC would well know that they rotate the leading stories on their news sports bulletins, generally leading with either the League and fumbleball, but definitely other sports as well sometimes. This is despite most of their news being produced out of Melbourne and the inherent fumbleball bias of some of their reporters, sports and otherwise. The character they call PK who does sports in the morning news bulletins is probably the worst often appearing with an afl ball, poster or book in
  11. I agree they are certainly valid points and it`s hard to imagine the Samoan team being worse for his involvement.
  12. This whole notion of Mathew having the `brains` is a sop to him that goes back to the days of him living in the shadow of his brother and Andrew making statements like ` oh he`s the one with the brains I just play football`, in the idiotic world of Rugby League coverage that myth has now taken hold to the point it has become fact. As for the `Islamic Holy man` that is Sonny Bill Williams I think you will find that Sonny is a bit of a sheep, if only the Christian clerics dressed a bit cooler and where a bit more exotic (and didn`t have such a bad reputation due to ongoing scandals) he wou
  13. Is that bloke (pictured) wearing a Wests Tigers jersey, if so then that augurs very well for the competition to be able to improve it`s standards. If the competition can have a smattering of players who have been through the NRL system this can go a long way in bringing new players in the sport up to speed.
  14. Yeah you are dead right there, it runs the risk of making our World Cup look like the play thing of a couple of chancers who want to have a bit of fun at the World Cup playing coach. If Samoa need a new coach, get a proper one, not a pair of show-boaters. Week-in, week-out Andrew Johns is shown up on the channel 9 League coverage by Phil Gould. Love him or hate him Gould`s analysis of the game and his ability to dissect team tactics and plays leaves John`s in the dust who just trots out the same thing time after time, usually just repeating Gould, I don`t think the bloke has an
  15. I can remember getting up very early to watch those Test matches in the early 2000`s and although Senior was always a threat out wide with his hard direct running style my favourite was Martin Gleeson, who hardly ever seems to get a mention, but I`m sure made more breaks and always looked dangerous with his size and footwork.
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