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  1. Exactly and he remains the highest paid Bronco ever. You don`t chase someone that hard and pay him that much if he is questionable. There`s a very good footballer somewhere inside Anthny Milford, his fitness always looks questionable to me, but to the question at hand, in a tournament of only half a dozen games, in squad of his Samoan peers, it would be foolish to dismiss him.
  2. With all due respect Dunbar that is a stupid question, but you keep on asking it so I`ll attempt to answer it. Rugby League has a relatively small player pool, the number of players that would be called elite or international class, as you put it, is a relative question, and if you put those players in a list on their own it would be lucky to fill three teams, probably two actually. The rest are very good, above average or just good club players with all their strengths and weaknesses. The majority of World Cup teams will be made up the latter two categories, a fair few out of the first and a handful world class. Anthony Milford probably fits into the `above average` category and in a team with its` fair mix of all categories. A good enough mix I believe to trouble any team made up of a similar mix of players.
  3. Except of course where he went within a whisker ( according to many good judges ) of being named man-of-the-match in Brisbane`s Grand Final loss to the Cowboys in 2015. So poor in fact that Bennett chased very hard to re-unite with him at the Dolphins.
  4. You know you`re right mate I don`t watch Super League, but only because I don`t have Pay. I base my comments on what I read ( by you blokes ) on here over and over and over again whenever a match thread is following an Aussie game. That plus Brodie Croft getting Man of Steel and for god`s sake Shaun Kenny-Dowall being in the Dream Team.
  5. The slower pace of the England game will allow Milford more time to play the organising hand, the speed and fitness of those outside him is what would have alarm bells ringing for me in the England camp. Especially as the game goes on. players tire and get lazy, defensive structures become ragged.
  6. Sportsbet in Aus have released the first odds for the England v Samoa game with England currently slight favourites: England ($1.77) vs Samoa ($2.05) Yeah these blokes know nothing and I expect those odds to narrow if not reverse as the Samoan squad takes shape. But seriously, as I said yesterday, it will be the speed with what the NRL based Samoan players play the game that will be the problem for England. And that will worsen as the game goes on. The fact that a plodder like Brodie Croft can get Man of Steel say a lot. Milford isn`t the disorganised numpty that some make him out, the slower paced game will suit him, and Laui, well he could just tear England to shreds. They could be a lot better pairing than you give them credit for. And as some of those weapons in the backline. Very dangerous.
  7. When they are all crowded around their televisions in Samoa, Tonga, Fiji et.al. and those teams are giving it to the so-called `big ` nations, don`t you worry it will grow the game both in their home nations i.e. nationally and in turn internationally.
  8. As you said elsewhere I noted : relocations, save your breath, ain`t going to happen. Parra, Dogs and Wests, oops I mean Tigers, dominate that vast swathe across Western Sydney and Penrith might well be considered a completely different region. Souths and Easts, extremely wealthy clubs despite their small footprint, no need to go anywhere. Dragons to the `Gong and Sharks, they seem to be well run and why would you shift them anywhere unless they go broke. Leave well enough alone.
  9. Totally agree, I`d be getting very nervous if I were a Pom. Suaalii will join a Penrith dominated backline which includes Luai, To’o, Stephen Crichton, Izack Tago, Taylan May and Charlie Staines, and is likely to be considered at fullback for the World Cup opener against England on October 15. Throw in Junior Paulo and Josh Papaali`i their pack will hold their own against anybody, and then they`ve got a backline that will either run you ragged or tear you to shreds. Hope your fit fella`s and I mean NRL fit.
  10. Absolutely, we don`t have to be a game full of madcap moments but certainly a few more to break the monotony would be nice. It might even make the game more attractive to casuals instead of relying on us diehards. Dare I say it but even union down here does it better than us in that regard although they have other problems which unfortunately for them don`t compensate. Yeah it was a beauty the post I think you`re referring to. According to the poster we might well have Foxtel over the barrel of a gun in our next broadcast negotiations. In that case I wonder what we are holding to their head. Given V`landy`s last effort, a gun that fires blank cheques.
  11. It does appear to me that the NRL are caught between having either a game that is either inch perfect where each play is perfectly executed and on the other hand allowing some latitude when the ball hits the deck, which despite looking messy and being open to more controversy, allows play on and the unpredictability in play that often ensues. A situation our main rival avoids ( in the extreme ) by having no knock-ons, offside or obstruction. Our referees seem to be caught up in this dualism, sometimes waving play-on or even ignoring marginal potential knock-ons but all too often I fear calling knock-on out of safety ( the avoidance of making a controversial call ) and letting the Captain decide through the use of the Captain`s Challenge. How often do we hear " you can challenge, you can challenge ! ". Which I`m sure wasn`t designed for that purpose, or certainly not as much as it is being used for. As V`landy`s like to state ` we are in the entertainment business ` and I honestly believe that we in League have the potential, with a bit of judicious refereeing, in our game to provide a bit of that helter-skelter. That same helter-skelter fans find so appealing in fumbleball, but whos` over the top nature may alternatively be found ridiculous to those not inside the cult. That`s not to mention though the same mad-cap nature that may well appeal to modern audiences. The broadcasters over here certainly seem to think so. Ignore all but the most egregious knock-ons, get rid of the six-again for the charge-down and let`s see more kicks ( not kickers ) on the deck and get the head high stuff right out of the game and make it safer for the little blokes ( the exciting ones ) and we`ll have a game that combines nicely the toughness and skillfulness of League with the unpredictabilty of fumbleball, but without the circus act.
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