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  1. So Audois, what`s a realistic time frame for a third SLE side, Given the interest that two could generate, might it possibly accelerate the development of a third. Who are the clubs to keep an eye out for.
  2. The couple of times the Warriors made the NRL GF there was a large contingent of non Kiwis in their squad and it certainly never seemed to affect their popularity. Winning was what was important. Of course it doesn`t hurt to have a couple of home grown stars in the team like Stacey Jones , for the locals to get behind, but it`s amazing how supporters will `adopt` players whom they like.
  3. If TO make it into SLE who is the next club that would be likely to make the jump and what would be a realistic time frame.
  4. https://www.theaustralian.com.au/sport/nrl/queensland-focus-on-winning-the-state-of-origin-series-rather-than-becoming-movie-stars/news-story/0f553ab098e1064cd6a495d312f5e74f And they wonder why the kids are playing afl up there, what a f---ing dinosaur, honest to god, what hope is there when you have stupid old pig headed farts like that running the game, you make a doco like that and the kids will sit there lapping it up, can you imagine the highlights they would have in it , but no Hatcher says we don`t want movie stars, the same week the afl almost equals the NRL in ratings up there. Unbelievable.
  5. Saw a funny comedy skit by P.G. Wodehouse once where the boring and bit dotty Uncle used to bore his nieces and nephew with tales of his `Big game hunting`, and how they would say behind his back, " No gnus is good gnus".
  6. Let`s just hope that SLE spoke to Sky and Sky said yes that is want we want from a `Super League` and you will be rewarded in your next contract and where is the next big team going to come from as you grow this competition into a proper SL that we can market.
  7. The kick off times for Northern Hemisphere viewers must be a priority. Futtocks you kidder. The conundrum that the NRL face with the Womens comp is that it does not bring enough money in to cover the cost and is unlikely to add much to TV revenue, maybe a bit more through sponsorship. But certainly it will run at a loss and the loss will only be magnified the greater the number of teams. A large proportion of that loss will be worn by the clubs that furnish teams. The NRL therefore have a dilemma, does the public relations benefit of the womens comp outweigh the financial losses incurred in running that competition. Tricky one, especially when you consider ultimately the money is coming out of the male players pockets. An even worse case scenario is where teams will be forced to enter teams, if we go to full womens and mens competitions, however refuse to spend money on them, if they are seen as a financial drain on the club, competing for something that is not particularly highly valued. The afl have gone all out and clubs are now tied up with both netball and womens teams, once again trying to please everyone. I heard that they are actually paying for the tv production costs of the afl womens comp, just to get it on TV. The point is once you start these things it is very hard to back out of them, it would be PR disaster, and not only amongst female followers of your code. The League must tread carefully.
  8. Absolutely, I have watched a bit of the Western Oz RL and the Northern Territory RL lately and saw a bit of the PNG comp earlier in the year, all these comps are good enough to have wider coverage. A platform like OurLeague could bundle these an other comps and sell through subscriptions. I don`t think we don`t take enough advantage of how widely our game is played and especially given the level it is played at these days.
  9. Pretty funny really wasn`t it. Gould bigging them up. Johns telling them what to do, God help them, and Freddy sulking on the sidelines. All to no avail. Probably not much different to most people at home though, I know was going for the Panthers. If only they could have converted a couple of those early chances the whole thing might have been different.
  10. The last 20 minutes of the first half when the Roosters got back into the game was definitely high quality, entertaining League, just a few too many mistakes by the Roosters in the second half to really make it a really top quality encounter. Insult to the Women this four team, three round comp, however I understand the NRL want to get it right and not end up like the afl, trying to please everyone, with way too many teams, not enough talent and a really low quality spectacle. All the signs are there though that the womens comp has the talent to certainly grow to 6, for starters, and have home and away. No question it has been a game changer for League, who would have thought we would see women running out for their GF the same day as the mens. Such a positive for the image of the game.
  11. https://tvtonight.com.au/2020/10/nrl-grand-final-2020-guide.html At the bottom of this article there is a list of all the places you can watch the GF around the world. I thought it was pretty comprehensive. C`mon Panthers.
  12. He reminds me of Albert Kelly and Tyrone Peachy at the Gold Coast, who by the way are at the Gold coast for a reason, both of whom can do some magical things but have too many mistakes/brain explosions in them. Centres in the NRL have to be pretty big these days as well or at least very robust. With all due respect the bit I have seen of SLE is that it is considerably less intense than NRL, his price tag might help though if what you are saying is correct, that sort of price tag is chicken feed over here and someone might take a gamble on him. Is he fast enough for wing at Storm? He`s not the sort of player Storm normally pick up. Not sure how old Hastings is but I would have thought he may be more likely to be picked up, I think he only ever really left because there was those episodes of fighting with team mates, first at Roosters then at Manly. I gather he has gotten over that and looked a pretty talented half to me. Big ask to come back here and steer a team around but It can be done, Bulldogs might be a nice fit for Hastings, there`s not exactly a surplus of quality genuine 5/8`s floating around.
  13. From what I remember of French was that he left for a reason, and that was that nobody really wanted him. He was just another talented attacking player who was flaky in defence and could go missing in attack. If Brad Arthur is after him it will only be further evidence that Arthur is not the man to deliver the Eels another premiership.
  14. U.P. my children are home for the weekend and I am sitting in the lounge room listening to the happy sound of a house full of kids again as I was this time last night when you were alternately trying either bait or embarrass me and now once again you want me trawl through one of your extended posts looking for some sort of response so that the cycle can be repeated. All the while your two mates snigger at everything you post. Rhino expressed an opinion as have I, that you don`t seem able to concede may have some credence in any way shape or form, that`s your prerogative. I suggest that you go back and read the thread carefully from beginning to end. I`ve had enough with this thread now and won`t be reading anymore posts on it as it seems to have degenerated into a very petty us versus them scenario. Goodnight.
  15. Your description of the Storms tactics in defence sum it up to a tee. And Smith was the worst. It was horrible and the phrase I keep on wanting to use is "against the spirit of the game." It was widely known at the time that it was almost impossible to score against them from anywhere in side the 10. No one denies they could play exemplary attacking League though. It`s interesting to compare them to Ricky Stuart`s Roosters of the early 2000`s. I can`t remember anyone criticising their rushing gang defense because I don`t remember that being anything but tough driving defense that was much admired at the time , not to mention being very hard to make ground against. I think there are signs that the Panthers are adopting similar tactics to the Storms, with no intention of getting players to the ground but more interested in delaying the play the ball. Another successful team that was renowned for their tough defence was Manly under Bob Fulton in the late 1980`s. I think they had the best defence, as in points conceded per game, until Ricky`s Roosters already mentioned. If I remember correctly I think I can recall Paul Vautin saying that Fulton made it a point of honour amongst his team that no opposing team would be allowed into Manly`s in-goal area.
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