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  1. Hardly a post where the other "code" isn`t mentioned, but that`s fumbleball fans for you, like Seven Day Adventists they have a compulsive need to tell everyone how good things are inside the cult.
  2. Yeah, I`ve heard of people using similar reasons for reading Playboy.
  3. I tell you one thing that is a dead eye cert , a lot of their sports `chat` shows on our national broadcaster the ABC are definitely fumbleball centric, some of the hosts seem to even have a hard time saying the words `Rugby League`, it`s like asking them to say a dirty word. This latest show `Monday Experts` on prime-time monday nights is hosted by the ever politically correct and pea-brained ex-fumbleball player somebody Armstrong, it`s fumbleball this and fumbleball that, any angle they can bring it in on. I gave it one episode. Thank god no one watches the ABC.
  4. I think we can expect to see a lot more stuff like this. A couple of kids signed from last year`s tour and a couple more this year. What a great opportunity to come over not only for the League opportunities but for the educational opportunities as well. Great to see the girls` team do so well, winning all three of their matches. NRL clubs eye Tongan talent as schools tour inspires participation explosion | NRL.com Would be great if we could start to see the same sort of thing coming out of Ghana and wherever else your clubs have ties with.
  5. It`s absolutely not true that V`landys is obsessed with getting the Bears back, he has made it clear several times that he likes the idea but at no point that it is a must have for the Perth bid. On top of that several people involved with the Perth bid have made it clear that they would rather be a stand-alone entity, but are sensible enough to see what the Bears can bring to the table. A lot of it is a media beat-up, V`landys has fuelled this because he knows it`s a headline grabber and a t no point has he said a must have. Having said that if done right the Bears do have things they could offer a new team. They have existing full pathways, juniors, a League`s club and other businesses and are based in a wealthy part of Sydney with a large central business district that could provide sponsors. The socio-economic profile of the North Sydney region could provide that hipster type of fan-base that would get behind some sort of retro-team and as much as this type of fan is criticised we don`t have enough of that type of fan in the game. All this working though depends on the Bears knowing their place in this proposed merged entity and getting the balance right in retaining those fans with out necessarily playing any regular season games at North Sydney oval. This could be tricky but if I think if done right could be done.
  6. I think fumbleball`s most recognized image is pale skinny white blokes with pencil necks and arms.
  7. For someone who can`t stand the game you seem to watch an awful lot of it. I can take about 20 seconds and am reminded that it hasn`t improved.
  8. That`s what I read and it would certainly be V`landys style to if not own the thing, then certainly to own parts of it. This is not a one-way street in New Guinea, the NRL would be telling the Gov`t we are doing you a massive favour even contemplating a side based out of that country. Hence I expect they are demanding plenty of sweetners, having a stake or owning the compound maybe be part of that.
  9. If there is one saving grace from this madness that is the P.N.G. franchise it is that the NRL will own the multipurpose compound being proposed and it will include a hotel amongst other things, all paid for by the Federal Government I believe. If the Franchise folds or whatever this has to be worth money especially with the large mining operations and such operating out of P.N.G. these days and certainly something which is only going to get larger and provide further income for the NRL. So not all bad.
  10. I still like Perth or W.A. Reds with the iconic Red Kangaroo as their emblem, also ties in with the red of the deserts over there.
  11. By yesterday Sydney had received the equivalent of its` usual entire average annual rainfall for the year. The fact that crowds have held up like they have is remarkable really. Cruelly though the southern latitudes of the nation remain in one of the worst droughts in living memory.
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