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  1. I`ve heard about those rule changes from afar and that they were specifically driven by an attempt to clarify that their Touch originated from union. It made me wonder at the time whether there had been complaints from the ` rugby` fraternity that what they were playing resembled too much that other code. It also suggests to me a lurking fear of League and the desire not to give it any chance of a leg-up at all. Either way, there are moments in life when opportunities arise that can offer disproportionate rewards for the effort put in, in this case where the audience would be most receptive to their message. From what you are saying is happening on the ground, this is one of those moments.
  2. No it does matter, in fact in a country like yours where League plays second fiddle to union it matters enormously. Pages and pages and countless threads on this forum talk about Leagues struggles to break-out of its` Northern working class demographic, Touch/Tag Rugby League one of the most accessible forms of the sport for breaking out of that stereotype into new regions failure to properly identify itself as an off-shoot of League would not only be criminal but sheer lunacy. I imagine a lot of people who play probably wouldn`t know what code their Touch/Tag originates from, it would be the same here in Oz, letting them assume it`s union, by referring to it as rugby would be sheer folly.
  3. Good point, but it would seem that the ability to convert passes into points is paramount, both those teams had pretty average defensive records as well.
  4. Interesting though when you look at ` total receipts ` as opposed to ` average receipts ` the correlation with winning is much stronger. It would seem that the Sharks and Knights are certainly throwing the ball around, something O`Brien would have learnt the benefits of from Robinson, but also that they are not very good at converting it into points. This is reflected in their `points for` this year which is a fairway off the pace from the top teams. It would seem though that the Knights and Sharks have been trying to throw the ball around, albeit unsuccessfully, and have snuck into that 3rd and 4th `average receipts` position and have mucked up what is otherwise quite a strong correlation between passing and winning.
  5. I think I must have read this differently. I thought it meant that the difference was basically in the number of passes you throw, i.e possessions, for example, you might lose the ball on the fourth tackle, but for those four tackles the ball was passed from player to player more, registering possessions. Like the Roosters must have in 2019 with their 300 errors, a proportion of those being dropped ball. Unlike Canterbury this year, held the ball for more tackles i.e. more possession, threw less passes, i.e. less possession `s`. If you get my drift.
  6. You had me second guessing myself there for a minute so I went back over the France vs. England TV thread. This was posted by Atlantisman on Saturday 8p.m. Latest news is that maybe just local TV but at least one will be able to watch online Crowd prediction is 6/7000 however if the Dragons get to the SLGF and win it I think personally it will have a real positive effect. Paul Atlantisman generally seems to be on the money with the French stuff, I think I must have been taken aback by his first estimate and that`s why it stuck, hopefully the second part holds true. I wasn`t deliberately being a misery guts mate.
  7. Thanks Audois, after reading about the lack of TV coverage for the Test match, the predicted small crowd and that alarmingly small number of referees it`s great to see it`s far from all bad news.
  8. Not sure there`s a whole lot more in there about that topic, I did like Master`s remark though about young blokes contacting him wanting to learn more about the game. NRL 2021: Manly Sea Eagles’ Des Hasler on cusp of grand final glory (smh.com.au) Late edit: there`s a post in the comments section by ` Jessie ` who makes a point about tries scored by overlaps this year with the wingers being untouched, had noticed the same thing myself, had noticed that in the last few weeks that it wasn`t occurring as much as teams were finally getting their inside defenders to slide out better, one consequence though is that we seem to be seeing attacking teams having more problems with block runners and obstruction infringements though, the wheel turns.
  9. It`s official. This year, the Bulldogs, came last, yet had the highest completion rate in the NRL. The 2019 Roosters won the premiership, yet amassed a whopping 311 errors through the season. The 2021 Bulldogs did little with the ball, opting for conservative play, whereas the 2019 Roosters embraced risk. The better teams play more expansively, passing the ball more often, leading to more errors and lower completion rates. Haidar reached this conclusion after being tasked by Hasler to feed multiple statistics into a computer, such as metres gained, line breaks, tackles made, penalties, and isolate the most significant factor in a win. Haidar found that in the period between 2017 and 2021, across the NRL, the correlation between “possessions” – the number of times the ball is received in hand- and win percentage was 0.76, a close relationship. Yet over the same period, the correlation between the standard “completion rate” and win percentage, was a negative 0.27, an inverse relationship. That is, teams with higher completion rates tend to lose more often, while those who use the ball, win. So, for a man who obsesses about small things, the fifth “s” in possessions is very important. According to Haidar, “possessions” is the amount of ball receipts, whereas “possession” measures total time with the ball. A small but significant difference.
  10. There was a study done in 2017 which showed that the published TV ratings figures vastly underestimated the amount of people who actually tune into the Grand Finals of both codes. For League despite that year there being a national metro and regional figure reported as 3.36m it was estimated that the amount of people actually watching at home was closer to 4.8m with a further 1.6m watching either at friends house, pubs/clubs, apps/website, at the ground and with a significant number, almost 1m, reporting they watched but not stating where. Therefore the total figure actually being closer to 6.5m Therefore based on that survey for every 3 people watching at home 1 was watching it elsewhere or alternatively for every one official viewer there was another unrecorded. It was estimated that another 1.6m people only watched the highlights. As an aside, interesting to note that the last time we had two Sydney teams in the GF was 2014 when the Bulldogs played South Sydney, this game captured an official national metro and regional audience of 3.98m. Maybe not beyond the realms of possibility that we may exceed the afl figure again this weekend.
  11. Sounds like they could do with a bit of help from across the channel, Christ Trent Robinson and the NRL might be worth giving a ring, it`s off-season over here now maybe a few junior Aussie refs might like a working holiday for free-board and a feed.
  12. I was going to put this up any way but saw your post and thought you might be interested. Half way through the article there is a prelim highlights reel, it`s a little different from the other highlights reels I`ve seen, has a lot of close-ups and the crowd noise is, well some of it feels like your on the field watching, let`s put it that way. NRL 2021: Blake Taaffe, South Sydney Rabbitohs fullback to break grand final record for fewest games - NRL For anyone interested have a look at the highlights reel halfway through the article, lot of it shot in close-up. Late edit: the highlights reel was changed, no longer in close-up. Sorry.
  13. Figures are out now so we can compare the week 3 preliminary finals ratings between the two codes. Frankly I didn`t give the NRL a snowballs when I saw the afl preliminary figures a fortnight ago, but once again it turned out to be probably decided by the streaming figures. afl: Game 1 Friday 11th September: 1 300 000 ( Metro 1 012k. Reg. 288k) Fox. 428k Total: 1 728 000 Game 2 Saturday 12th Sept: 1 180 000 ( M 920k. R 260k) Fox 384K Total: 1 564 000. NRL: Game 1 Friday 24th September: 1 083 000 ( M706k. R 377k ) Fox 428k Total 1 512 000 Game 2 Sat. 25th Sept: 1 270 000 ( M 810k. R 406k.) Fox 462k. Total 1 678 000. afl : 3 292 000 NRL: 3 190 000 If we use the SportsIndustry estimates for streaming at 200 000/game f-ball and 300 000/game League that erases the 100 000 deficit on linear Tv and puts the League up by 100 000 over the course of the weekend. Quite incredible. I imagine head office will be absolutely over the moon because leading on that headline figure, as is shown on general TV ratings, gives networks major bragging rights and is the figure that captures all the headlines. All though of course that is questionable in this case with the f-ball bias of our main TV ratings measurement and analysis outlets. @Sports Prophet noticed in the last couple of weekends that the main sponsor on the electronic hoardings at all the NRL games has been the Insurance multinational Gallaghers, same mob who are the naming rights sponsor of the premiership union competition in England, wonder if they could be angling for a naming rights sponsorship in the future, they already are the jersey sponsor for the Kangaroos. The f-ball continued to have their no doubt very lucrative sponsor Coles prominent at their games. You mentioned the other day car sponsors, while we have several at club level nothing like the competition wide deal that f-ball has with Toyota, same with the National Bank unfortunately. It is something that does give me optimism though because there appears so much room for growth domestically for League, especially in regard to the barely tapped markets of Adelaide and in particular Perth and the corresponding nationwide sponsors that can attract.
  14. I would have thought if people pay to go to Magic Round they are paying to see all the teams in the competition. Saw an interesting graph here a while back which showed how throughout the year there is a steady decline in TV audiences, probably a reflection of how some teams supporters realise their team isn`t competitive and stop watching or who knows for whatever reasons, maybe they aren`t that committed fans to the sport in the first place. But this leads me to something the graph revealed, by having regular `events`, we have ANZAC round, rivalries round, Magic round(one of yours), indigenous round amongst others there is a mini-spike in viewing associated with each event, naturally viewership continues its` decline after that, but does so off a slightly higher base. I`d be saving a Toulouse/Catalans game for a rivalries weekend rather than wasting it on Magic. Alternatively though I suppose you could always put Cats up against whoever they beat to win the CC a few years back if you did have such a thing as rivalry round. Any way just thought I`d mention it.
  15. I have sometimes wondered if the large amount of kids playing in Oz has in some ways made junior development in this country complacent. It seems to me that it often consists of just picking up that stand-out 14 year old and taking him to Sydney or wherever on weekends and if they make it great if they don`t there are plenty more we he came from. I see an awful lot of kids who I think with a bit of nurturing at the right age might make fine footballers, however they are often overlooked because it is easier just to pick up the stand-out kid. Read something a while back about the Panthers invest heavily in their junior coaches and seeing the potential in all kids. So I agree numbers are obviously important, up to a point, but recognising and developing the potential of the kids you have I think is just as important. Found this article a couple of days ago, it`s an interesting insight into a club that will have 11 of its` juniors in this weekends GF. Panthers' vast, painstaking NRL pathway | The Canberra Times | Canberra, ACT
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