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  1. On 28/05/2022 at 23:45, AmigoTopping said:

    If the current club folds then that is it. It is time for the fans to group together and buy a stake in the club

    Good luck with that idea. Years ago, a well known and respected local Businessman wanted to invest in the Club and asked to see the elusive accounts books to see if it was viable. 3 times he was fobbed off with all sorts of excuses. In the end, he gave up asking. 

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  2. On 15/05/2022 at 15:55, AmigoTopping said:

    He is the vice chairman and main club sponsor

    So he's become Vice Chairman of a Rugby Club controlled by one man? 

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  3. On 13/04/2022 at 21:31, ArthurO said:

    (Quote)   "It was a freezing cold day and there was about six inches of snow. There was an altercation just before half-time. I was fighting with a Batley player. I was up against a fence, and someone grabbed me by the hair. I got out of the fight, turned around and a woman was laughing, still grabbing my hair. I can’t remember what I said" (Unquote)

    Crown Flat. I was there. It all happened in the covered stand about 10 feet directly in front of me. What he said isn't repeatable here. The players got involved and the crowd rushed forwards to the barrier and got involved. All slapping and shouting. It was a complete 'melee'. Nobody seemed to have a clue what was going on. Or why. It all happened really quickly. Bottom line is, he got sent off.  To make matters worse, Batley played down the slope in the second half and we lost. 

    John Cogger was a great player in a team that was always a 100% pleasure to watch.  Thanks for the memories, John.

    We were so near, yet so far, from Wembley. I still 'dislike' Holdsworth. With a passion !

    I was there, with my Sister, that day. We were making our way through the Stand when it all kicked off near us. Think Roundy was involved in the Fracas too and got sent off for his troubles. Isn't Mount Pleasant the name of Batleys Ground and Crown Flatt is or was Dewsburys? 

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  4. On 23/11/2021 at 09:28, WATERSHEDDINGS_ORLFC_1972 said:

    I thought we had a long term  rental agreement with OMBC. How is it Avro United are the main tenants. Didn't we keep up with the rent or something. I agree White Bank had lots of potential at the very beginning. Having a synthetic pitch is no good for RL you need grass. White Bank has loads of ground which wasn't utilized. We could of totally redesigned White Bank. Wider Pitch, Seating Stands, Developed A larger Car park, Main Pavilion, Training Pitch, Bar, Function Room, Proper scoreboard. We could have developed White Bank long term to a 15000 seater stadium it had loads of land. Couple of old tennis courts etc.. Another wasted opportunity.

    All the land around Whitebank has either been built on or is owned by others. 

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  5. On 23/11/2021 at 13:54, WATERSHEDDINGS_ORLFC_1972 said:

    In 24 years can you honestly say hand on heart that we have progressed under Hamilton's Leadership. Seriously their are people out there who would be willing to buy the club! If you intend to commit, do it BIG, not small  you may as well not commit at all. If your ambition is to remain in league one with no ground and hardly any support back the same horse! Why have we never expanded the club beyond Mr Hamilton's ownership! Why have we never expanded the boardroom until now. We have two people running Oldham RLFC, The owner (Mr Hamilton) and his mate. Who is to say he's running the club for his own benefit and not for the benefit of the people of Oldham. Why is Oldham RLFC registered opposite Boundary Park. Why do we play at Stalybridge. When we have a perfectly good Stadium Opposite where the Club is Officially registered. 

    The address on Furtherwood Road is Hamiltons House. 

  6. 5 hours ago, RoddersRL2022 said:

    Hello to all, since becoming a supporter and sponsor of the club, I have always checked into this forum, to read the reviews on individual games and club matters - I have always enjoyed the read.

    I just wanted to let you know that the club is organising a supporters forum ASAP, we hope to see you all there. (Tbc shortly)

    In advance of the forum, I have put together a short survey for supporters (New/old/former) to complete - please email me on jr-oldhamrlfc@mail.com so that the survey can be emailed out to you..... Rest assured we are going to give it everything we have to do well next season.

    All the best,


    Best looking on here to see what the Fans think. So many ideas have been ignored over the years. CH doesn't give a stuff about the fans and couldn't care less what they think. Have you had a shufty at the elusive accounts books yet John?. 

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  7. 22 hours ago, AmigoTopping said:

    He is football reporter and apparently CH is in the running for the vacant Chief Executive role at Latics

    At least he won't have far to travel to work. He's got a house across the road from Latics. 

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  8. 20 hours ago, Hollinwood said:

    This club if it is to survive at all. Needs a home, in Oldham, doesn't need to be big but needs a little stand to meet championship requirements so no fannying about when they get promoted. And give the kids in the schools free tickets like latics did when I was at school. Get them used to watching live rugby league with their dads, brothers, uncles, mates. Thousands of kids in Oldham like and follow rugby. For gods sake give them a team and a sense of pride in a team they can call their own.

    The Club had a chance to engage with the kids from Limehurst Lions. 

  9. 1 hour ago, Eddie said:

    If someone with a few quid took over and things improved, do you think there’s enough latent interest for people to get interested again? 

    No. People have tried to invest in the past but have come up against a brick wall time and time again. It's like the man in charge doesn't want anybody else to see what a John Halls he's made of his running of the once great Club. 

  10. 3 hours ago, sheddingswasus said:

    Well Mike Ford said he wanted to take a club from the basement and build it up - here is his chance.

    No thanks. He's left us in the lurch twice. 

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