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  1. Remember when they were asking for volunteers to help get Whitebank ready?. People turned up and worked hard with limited materials. Did they get thanked for their efforts from him in charge? The answer was a big fat NO. At the first game at Whitebank, some were still there doing finishing touches and they were made to go out and pay to go through the Turnstiles!
  2. None of the People who volunteer on match days get any recognition and it's been like that for years. Those who helped to get Whitebank ready didn't even get a thank you. When Rachel was the Commercial Manager, it was mentioned to her that all the helpers should get a free season ticket for their efforts and she thought it was a great idea. Guess who thought it wasn't?. He even made them pay at the Turnstiles at the first game.
  3. He'd have to have a shufty at the legendary books first
  4. An old School friend of mine works at BP and has told me that the Rugby isn't welcome there
  5. Think you spoke too soon
  6. Good luck with that idea. Years ago, a well known and respected local Businessman wanted to invest in the Club and asked to see the elusive accounts books to see if it was viable. 3 times he was fobbed off with all sorts of excuses. In the end, he gave up asking.
  7. So he's become Vice Chairman of a Rugby Club controlled by one man?
  8. So what is Roddy's role in the Club?
  9. Asked Tony Barrow, over 30 years ago, for help in setting up a Women's RL team. He immediately said no
  10. I was there, with my Sister, that day. We were making our way through the Stand when it all kicked off near us. Think Roundy was involved in the Fracas too and got sent off for his troubles. Isn't Mount Pleasant the name of Batleys Ground and Crown Flatt is or was Dewsburys?
  11. On Tuesday it will be 25 years since Sheddings closed
  12. All the land around Whitebank has either been built on or is owned by others.
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